Your Guide to the Best Standing Desk

Did you get tired of the back pain? Was your office chair breaking the last straw? Maybe you just wanted to burn some extra calories while you worked. Whatever it was that made you look into standing desks, rest assured you’re making a great choice.

No doubt you have a lot of questions but luckily we have a lot of answers. We can help ensure you make the best decision for you or your office when selecting a standing desk. 

We’ve broken down the essential info on our 6 desks, revealed the ideal users and provided ideas for accessory pairings!     

The list is also organized with best sellers at the top so you can see the most popular options. Keep reading and you’ll be matched with a standing desk in no time. 

The Effortless 

Electric Starter Desk 

If a desk with lots of buttons and functions sounds overwhelming, this is the desk for you. Reaching the perfect desk height couldn’t be easier than using the simple up and down buttons. Order the starter desk in black during our Spring Sale for a FREE programmable upgrade (read The Personalized below for details)! 


Height adjustment: 27.95" to 47.6" (71cm - 121cm)

Weight Capacity: 154lbs (70kg)

Speed:  25mm/s 

Warranty: 1-year warranty on all components with customer service from AnthroDesk

Choose me if: You want the easiest standing desk to use. This is also a great option for seniors or anyone who isn’t tech-savvy.

Accessory Idea: Egofit Walker Pro- Stay active at your desk and prevent sitting disease with a treadmill. Simple controls on the remote let you control this treadmill just as easily as your new desk. 

The Personalized

Programmable Single Motor

The single motor is perfect for anyone who needs their standing desk to be tailored to their usage. The handset on this desk comes with four programmable buttons to store your perfect desk height. Anti-collision detection will stop the desk from moving if it encounters any resistance so your desk isn’t damaged. 


Height adjustment: 27" - 46" (69cm - 117cm)

Weight Capacity: 220lbs (100kg)

Speed: 22mm/s 

Warranty: 7-year Canadian warranty on ALL parts (electronic and mechanical)

Choose me if: You switch between standing and sitting frequently— the memory keys will save you time. Also great for when desks are used by multiple people such as reception areas.   

Accessory Idea: Wobble Chair- Wheeling a large office chair out of the way every time you want to use your standing desk is not ideal. Some offices might not even have the space. Wobble chairs are height adjustable and can be easily tucked under your desk or put to the side if you stand often.

The Heavy Lifter

Programmable Dual Motor

The dual-motor desk is the powerlifter of standing desks. When it comes to lifting capacity, this desk simply can’t be beat. Two powerful motors operate together so they don’t have to work too hard at lifting your desk quietly. Since the legs are connected, this is one of the quickest frames to assemble. The handset also has memory keys so you can save two heights. 


Height adjustment: 24.5" - 50" (62cm - 127cm)

Weight Capacity: 300lbs (136kg)

Speed: 25mm/s 

Warranty: 7-year Canadian warranty on ALL parts (electronic and mechanical)

Choose me if: You want to use a heavy tabletop or have heavy equipment to place on the desk. The motors are also completely hidden unlike other standing desks if you want a sleeker look. 

Accessory Idea: CPU Holder- Safely secure your CPU to the underside of your tabletop. The dual motor can handle the extra weight, creating more space under your desk  

The Classic

Manual Crank

The first iteration of standing desks is the only desk not powered by electricity. Height is manually adjusted on these desks with a simple cog and wheel system that turns a drive rod. Since there’s no wires this is also the most portable standing desk. 


Height adjustment: 27" - 46" (69cm - 117cm)

Weight Capacity: 200lbs (100kg)

Speed: 5mm/turn 

Warranty: 7-year warranty

Choose me if: Electricity or outlet access is unreliable/scarce where you’re working. Also great for open floor designs where people are mainly working on battery-charged laptops.  

Accessory Idea: Ergonomic Vertical Mouse- Your arm will get a bit of a workout between turning the crank and your typical office duties. Avoid repetitive motion injuries in your wrist by using ergonomically designed products. 

The All-Inclusive 

A3 Desk

What makes this desk so unique is that it’s a one stop shop. You won’t have to shop around for a tabletop, everything you need is already in the box. The A3 is great for people who like to have their tech working together. The height can be adjusted with the programmable handset or your phone via bluetooth!  


Height adjustment: 27.6" - 45" (70cm - 114cm)

Weight Capacity: 176lbs (80kg)

Speed: 22mm/s

Warranty: 1-year warranty on all components with customer service from AnthroDesk

Choose me if: You don’t want to waste time searching for a tabletop. If you don’t want the handset to be visible, tuck it away and adjust your desk height with the app.

Accessory Idea: Desktop Power Station- An all-in-one tool for an all-in-one desk, with 2 power outlets and 3 USB ports to charge 4 devices simultaneously. The power station also has a Qi phone stand for wireless charging; perfect for keeping your phone charged when using the app controls!  

The Perfect Fit


What makes an L-Desk The Perfect Fit? This is the only standing desk that is height, width and angle adjustable (90° to 180°). It’s also the only desk frame that supports two tabletops, giving you lots of room to work. Perfect for fitting a desk in tight corners too. 


Height adjustment: 28.3" - 50.8" (72cm - 129cm)

Weight Capacity: 300lbs (136kg) 

Speed: 30mm/s

Warranty: 7-year Canadian warranty on ALL parts (electronic and mechanical)

Choose me if: You need to put a lot of equipment or supplies on your desk, especially if it’s heavy. Can be great for workers that need a big desk but don’t have a lot of space to put one.

Accessory Idea: Heavy Duty Triple Monitor Mount- This monitor mount keeps your desk clear by elevating multiple screens and holding monitor cables. It has full articulation so you can view your monitors ergonomically with any L-Desk angle. 

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