Adjustable CPU Holder for Under Desk Mount

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Customer Reviews

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Owen Sinclair
Significantly improved the organization of my workspace.

It effectively holds my CPU securely beneath the desk, creating more space on the surface. With its adjustable design and convenient accessibility for maintenance, it offers a practical solution for enhancing efficiency and maintaining a tidy work area. It's an essential accessory that has made a noticeable difference in optimizing my workspace and keeping everything in order.

Daniel Gagnon
Great product at a great price

It feels sturdy and durable, thanks to its all-metal construction. It instills confidence that it can safely hold your computer tower. The adjustment mechanism, which uses hooks and notches, is intuitive and makes it easy to position and secure the tower.

Isabella Lefebvre

This holder keeps your CPU securely tucked away under the desk, freeing up valuable space and maintaining a clean and organized workspace.

Roberta Norman
AnthroDesk nailed it with this design!

Great product overall, would highly recommend for anyone with a standing desk or if you just want to free up some space under your CPU.

Quinn Lane
Overall excellent product; I heartily recommend it to anyone who uses a standing desk or who simp...

I bought this CPU holder to go with my new standing desk, and it is Amazing! It is incredibly well designed and constructed. Although installation might be need a help to instal, their customer service was exemplary and answered everything!