Manual Crank Desk with Table Top Options

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Customer Reviews

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Jameson Brooks
The desk arrived on time and is well-built and very sturdy.

The only thing I didn't like is that there are only six holes to attach the top of the desk to its base. It would feel better if there were more holes in the middle for extra security. Overall, these desk legs are a great deal at a really good price.

Ethan Singh
Awesome features!

I love the manual operations! "Handy Crank Desk" - This manual crank standing desk with tabletop options is a perfect fit for my small workspace. It's easy to adjust and has a clean, modern look that I love.

Wm Willis
Really good desk-frame, and even better company

I looked at various height-adjustable desks, and finally settled on this one. But there is one thing that strongly overrides these hassles: this is a company that stands 100% behind their product. I contacted them by support email about the crank issue and got an immediate response and followup phone-calls and personalized youtube videos, and the problem was solved quickly.

Ella Gagnon
If you are going to stand most of the time, this is the best frame!

I have had it for 6 months, so far pretty good and sturdy! Nothing comes close that I could find with the same local warranty and support, as in not even within 50% of the price. The build overall is nice, and the metal is heavy which is good.

Amelia Li
I've had my Anthrodesk manual crank standing desk for 3 years and a half and I love it!

This made a difference because it enabled me to set the desk's height to what I find most comfortable. Rises to a standing position in under a minute. Now that I know how robust the desk is, I'll probably get a few additional extras like monitor mounts. Currently use two laptops, a Yeti microphone, and two 20" displays.