AnthroDesk Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Programmable Standing Desk Workstation with Table Top

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  • $179.99

Customer Reviews

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Maya Donovan
The assembly process was straightforward

I managed to complete it by myself in roughly half an hour. While the motor noise seems to have a slight grinding quality as it raises, it's possible that this is just its normal sound. Considering the cost, it's a fantastic purchase. Here's a useful tip: if you encounter an error message after setting it up and connecting it, try this sequence: disconnect from the power outlet, unplug and then plug back in all the electrical connections, and finally, reconnect to the power outlet. This method worked perfectly.

Levi Gallagher
II was amazed at how such a compact package contained everything I needed.

It was incredibly convenient to carry, considering the size of the desk. The instructions were precise, and even included a few extra parts. Despite having limited mobility in my left arm and hand due to neck pain, I was able to assemble the desk predominantly using my right arm. I was particularly impressed that a set of screws for securing any table top was included, alleviating my initial concerns. Although I had intended to document each step with photos, the assembly process was so smooth and effortless that I completely forgot. I couldn't be happier with the desk.

William Roberts
This desk is a true game-changer for productivity and wellness.

The height-adjustable feature allows me to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions, preventing the discomfort of prolonged sitting and keeping me energized throughout the day. The programmable memory presets make it easy to find my preferred heights for different tasks, saving me time and hassle. The sturdy construction and spacious table top provide ample space for my work essentials. I highly recommend this desk to anyone seeking a versatile, ergonomic solution that promotes both productivity and well-being.

Liam L

This standing desk workstation combines sit-to-stand functionality with a spacious table top, providing a dynamic and adjustable workspace.

Emily McIntyre
A Great Addition to Your Workspace

It's indeed a great investment for anyone looking to improve their workspace and their overall health. The ability to switch between sitting and standing positions can help reduce back pain and improve your posture, and the programmable height settings make it easy to find your ideal position.