You Might Be Missing these 8 Accessories for Your Standing Desk

So, you've decided to use a standing desk in your office. Definitely, you've made the right decision. Standing desks are known to provide various benefits to workers. That is why these ergonomic equipment are becoming common in workplaces, both in companies and at home. They primarily promote proper posture and help workers easily alternate between sitting and standing, thus preventing a sedentary lifestyle.


Consider Using These 8 Ergonomic Accessories with Your Standing Desk

We've already published several articles sharing the benefits of standing desks to office workers, entrepreneurs, students, work-from-home individuals, and other professionals.

However, using a standing desk can be more effective if you utilize some ergonomic accessories to make your job easier and comfortable. Here are some of these desk accessories:

#1 Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

According to Mayo Clinic, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS) can interfere with the usual activities and sleep patterns. It can be because of the following factors:

- Workplace factors, such as prolonged hours of typing, repetitive wrist flexing, and working with vibrating tools.

- Inflammatory conditions, usually caused by illnesses like arthritis

- Weight issues

- Conditions that may damage the nerves

- Certain medications such as kidney problems and thyroid disorders

One way to prevent the risk of having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is by using an ergonomic mouse instead of a traditional mouse. This can keep the normal position of your wrist while you're working on your computer job. It can cause less strain on your arm and wrist. Aside from that, a wireless ergonomic mouse will help maintain your standing desk to be clean, tidy, and organized. AnthroDesk's wireless ergonomic mouse provides a long-lasting rechargeable battery, thus, no longer required to switch its AA batteries.

#2 Anti-Fatigue Mat

Since you will shift from sitting to standing from time to time, you may be thinking that experiencing fatigue while standing can be possible. To avoid that, using an anti-fatigue mat is recommended. AnthroDesk's anti-fatigue mat reduces fatigue while standing, especially if you have a laminated, tiled, or wooden floor. It is made with top-notch and high-density polyurethane. Its extreme cushioning comes with an ergo-foam core for better comfort. This specific anti-fatigue mat measures 30" x 18" (75cm x 45cm) size.

#3 Ergonomic Chair

To ensure that you will be free from a sedentary lifestyle's adverse effects, you will need to have an ergonomic chair with your standing desk. AnthroDesk's high-back ergonomic chair is one of the best ways to lessen the negative effects of sitting on your health. It provides its users with proper balance, support, and comfort. It also has features that allow the user to move the head, back, and back supports. Not only that, but it also provides a mesh backrest to let the user stay cool and stay comfortable while working even for several hours.

The main features of AnthroDesk's ergonomic chair are the following:

- Adjustable height and angle

- Adjustable armrest and headrest

- Nylon back frame + mesh back

- Multi-functioning mechanism for locking and reclining

- Comfortable fabric padded seat


#4 Cable Management Spine- Wire Organizer

Your office desk is where you usually spend most of your time working and brainstorming ideas. However, you can't entirely focus if there is a mess and clutter all around you. Besides, cables and wires can also cause injuries and accidents when not properly kept and organized. AnthroDesk's cable management spine- wire organizer, helps to neatly organize the route cables from the floor and keep them to the bottom or surface of your desk. Using this accessory is a smart way to keep your workstation safe from possible injuries due to messy workstation cables and wires. Its weighted base lies on the floor to give a stable base to hold your cables. All you need to do is to easily slide each cable from the slot into each of the four channels within the cable manager. This cable management and organizer is flexible and can be bent and moved, giving protection and strain relief for wires and cables. Another great feature of this desk accessory is its modular design with segments that can let the length be adjusted for better functioning to your needs.

#5 Desktop Power Station

Most of us can't work without our phones near us. This is because it is also a device used in taking calls from clients or a means of communicating with your team. It would be difficult and time-consuming if you will need to go to another room just to charge it. AnthroDesk's wireless charging station is the best item that can help you with that. It has two power outlets, a qi charger, and three USB ports. You can recharge up to four devices simultaneously using this device. This device is safe to use since it has built-in surge protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, and even temperature protection.

It is also convenient to carry whenever you're going for a trip or working outside your home. Besides, this is also a perfect gift item for your loved ones.

#6 Walker Treadmill

You can stay active and healthy while working on your desk by using a walker treadmill. AnthroDesk's Egofit walker treadmill provides the following features:

- Ergonomic fixed incline remote control power

- Digital display of the speed, time, steps and calories

- Patented walking traction program system

- Quiet to use

- Holds up to 118kg weight

- Compact (can be easily put under your desk)


#7 Adjustable CPU Holder for Under Desk Mount

Who says you can't keep your standing desk tidy and organized? It's possible by using an adjustable CPU holder for the under desk mount. It is sturdy and fits almost all CPU towers. It saves space and keeps dust damage away, thus, making your office clean and organized. With this CPU holder, there's no need to place your CPU on top of your existing desk, thus, giving extra space for other essential items for you to use.


#8 LED Desk Lamp

It's time to use more efficient and natural lighting that will look perfect on your desk. AnthroDesk's LED desk lamp is rechargeable using USB devices. This is 80% more efficient to use compared to the traditional fluorescent and incandescent light. It's also environment-friendly and has a longer life-span of over twenty years.


Final Thoughts

There are other desk accessories that some of us choose to have in our workstations. They can be fancy or minimalistic, and they give our desk a more personalized touch. What's important is how we use them and how they can be beneficial in creating better work results.