ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Ergonomic Comfort Floor Mat

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Customer Reviews

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Jackson Mercer
Exhibits a sensation of high-quality craftsmanship

Having acquired a standing desk, I find myself stationed there for numerous hours. This anti-fatigue mat provides an incredibly pleasant experience. Its versatile design allows for usage in either orientation, adapting to personal comfort. I'm truly pleased to possess this addition!

Isaac Reed
A must-have for sit-stand desk owners!

Using this product feels amazing, providing a high level of comfort when standing on it. Previously, I could only stand for around 15 minutes before experiencing leg strain. The weight on my heels would become overwhelming, making me quickly seek a seat. However, this product has made a significant difference by allowing me to stand comfortably for extended periods of time.

Quentin Gauthier
Perfect with standing desks!

As someone who spends a lot of time at my standing desk, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the ErgoSlant anti-fatigue mat as a gift. Not only has it made standing for extended periods much more comfortable, but its ergonomic design has also helped alleviate any strains on my feet and legs. I'm grateful for such a thoughtful and practical gift that has made a noticeable difference in my workday comfort.

Great product, poor packging

Wide enough to move your feet around the mat. It certainly reduces hip and lower back pain but don't forget to keep changing postures while you're working. It's one of the tool not the solution.

Only minus is delivery packaging. It came in single plastic wrap no box or solid cover. Mine got a couple scratches upon delivery but I decided to keep it because it won't affect to quality.

Very Comfortable

Wonderful on my feet when working at my standing desk. I literally LIKE standing with this mat.