Standing Desk Benefits: How Bloggers Can Stay Healthy and Productive

Blogging is now a popular and exciting trend online. Each day, a new blog site is created, and more individuals share their expertise with their audience. The online world becomes a haven and a productive place for many bloggers who want to establish their brand and online presence. However, it takes effort, energy, and dedication to become a successful blogger. Taking care of their health should also be a top priority. Of course, a lot of them spend time sitting while working on creating content, editing their materials (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.), and uploading or publishing them online to reach their target audiences. This can cause them to be at risk of having a sedentary lifestyle. It’s a great news that standing desks, along with other ergonomic products, can help bloggers to stay productive and healthy.


What Does a Blogger Do?

A 'blogger' is defined as a person who regularly creates and publishes content for a web blog. The main purpose is to share information to a specific audience. Previously, this was done by sharing a blogger’s day to day activities. As technology innovates and online trends develop, blogging also becomes a source of living. A lot of bloggers nowadays are earning a good income by sharing tips, advice, and new knowledge to their readers. For instance, chef bloggers can showcase recipes and share some tips on how to preserve food properly. A writer, painter, and people who love to create DIY crafts can share their masterpiece. They are paid through advertisements placed on their chosen platform, whether it’s a website or social media accounts.

According to a post published by Career Explorer, there are five traits that a blogger should have to become successful. You should be a dreamer, a storyteller, a teacher, a curator, and a persuader. It is said that bloggers have distinct personalities. Most of them are creative, energetic, compassionate, adventurous, optimistic, articulate, and expressive.

Aside from generating content for their users, there are other things that bloggers do. These may include establishing their social media presence, regularly brainstorming new topics, optimizing their content, guest blogging, finding new opportunities for promotion, monitoring traffic analytics, managing comments and inquiries, building relationships among other bloggers, and other tasks.

Advantages of Working as a Blogger

What are the benefits that you can gain from being a blogger? Aside from the fact that it is a channel to express feelings and share expertise with others, blogging can also provide various benefits such as the following:

- Learning new things

- Establishing your brand and build trust

- Improving writing skills

- Becoming proficient in new skills and expertise

- Gaining new technical competencies

- Becoming an expert in your field

- Becoming an author and compiling an amazing portfolio

- Receiving new job offers

- Starting a new business venture

- Creating an effective channel to sell or promote products and services

- Earning more income

- Creating financial freedom

The vast range of benefits that you can have with blogging is impressive. As long as you are keen on enhancing your skills and knowledge in the niche that you are in, you will be successful and earn more.


How Can Standing Desks Help Bloggers Stay Healthy and More Productive at Work?

There are various things that bloggers can do. They can work in a kitchen preparing some recipes, go outdoors to take photos if they’re into photography, or stay on their desks to create content using their computers. And the list goes on.

Bloggers, just like any other workers, can experience pain and fatigue due to poor workplace ergonomics and an unhealthy work lifestyle. It is a must for every blogger to still promote proper posture when they are working. A blogger who is not feeling well can have a hard time focusing on effective strategies to promote content. Regular posting of information they would love to share with their readers and followers will be affected.

Bloggers should have an ergonomic workstation that is properly set up. The traditional desk we are used to can be the cause of an aching back or having a stiff neck. This is because its height is not right for us. The great news is that we are now becoming aware of how we can stay healthy and productive at work. We should utilize high-end products that can help us stay away from posture-related problems.

Standing desks are known to be helpful for people who work mostly on their desks. Typing, creating graphic designs, data entry, and working on online marketing strategies can be overwhelming. When you work while sitting for long hours, you are already putting yourself at risk. Make sure to use standing desks so that you can produce quality work results.


AnthroDesk’s Standing Desks and Desk Converters

Below are some of the top standing desks and converters that can help bloggers in keeping their health and productivity at an optimum level. If you’re a blogger or a worker who wants to promote healthier work, then you should consider using a desk converter or a standing desk.

#1 Manual Crank Desk with Table Top Options

This standing desk is easy to set up, so you’ll not have to worry about assembling it. Move from sitting to the proper standing height with a smooth and functional operating hand crank. You can also choose from the different tabletop options that we have.

#2 L-Desk Standing Desk with Programmable Adjustable Height Controls

Create a working space where you can move freely and comfortably. AnthroDesk’s L-Desk standing desk is perfect if you need to use another computer monitor for your work.

#3 Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

Set up, press a button, and you’re good to work. This is easy to use and helps you avoid the drastic effects of sitting for long hours.

#4 Electric Starter Desk with Easy Up/Down Controls

Our electric starter desk is highly adjustable in width to fit various ranges of desktops. It also has reversible laminate table tops that you’ll surely love.

#5 Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk

It's time to shift from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. It contains four programmable presets to use in adjusting to your preferred desk height.

#6 Sliding Standing Desk Converter

Attach our sliding standing desk converter to your existing desk and enjoy the benefits of working while standing.

#7 Laptop Stand with Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Design Stand for Ultrabook, Netbook, or Tablet

Using a laptop or tablet for your blogging works? Then this laptop stand can be your perfect partner.

#8 ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter - Extra Wide

Its height adjustment is powered with the new Gas Spring technology. Easy to set up and can hold up to 33lbs.

AnthroDesk also offers various ergonomic accessories that will help bloggers to work more efficiently while avoiding health-related issues. Our vertical mouse, for instance, can be used to avoid the risk of having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our anti-fatigue mat is used with standing desks to prevent feeling uncomfortable while working.  It significantly reduces fatigue, thus, making the transition to a standing desk becomes much easier.


Blogging is considered to be one of the happiest and rewarding careers nowadays. Bloggers share information, fun, laughter, entertainment, and new opportunities to their audience. In return, they can build their reputation and build their brand. Not only can they make a good income from blogging, but it serves as a fantastic channel to enhance their skills and expertise.