Looking for Gift Ideas? Check Out These Items for Gaming Needs

Nowadays, online games are not only for recreational and entertainment purposes only. Amazingly, many gamers nowadays are also making money from playing online games. You may already hear about game streamings and paid ads for them. Indeed, today's online gaming industry is one of the most active and largest industries in the online world. Gaming is now an emerging opportunity for business branding.


Here are the reasons why gaming is said to have a goldmine when it comes to creative and efficient marketing opportunities. 


#1 Games are on the lead of advertising

Most gamers allocate and spend money on advertising to promote content and engage their target audience. Interacting with other gamers and doing a collaboration with influencers give them more success online.


#2 Games help in making brands stand out from their competitors

You can start by determining which games can be related to your brand. As long as you are creative with the ideas on how to promote your brand, you can use games for content and advertising.


#3 Games can help improve your social media exposure

Since more and more online users are now getting interested in exciting online games, these games are also helping to gain social media exposure and online visibility. Not only that, but they can also help find an engaging audience for your products and services.


#4 Games are a lucrative platform for content and media

Some brands are finding success with gaming platforms when it comes to their promotions. Online gaming is actually a new channel that provides brands with a new and creative way to showcase their products. You can also target younger audiences since they are the ones who composed the majority of the online gaming world.


Gift Items That Can be Used in Gaming

AnthroDesk offers various items that are perfect as gift ideas for a gamer. These are all made from high-quality materials and will help them to create a better gaming experience.


#1 Ergonomic chair

Our ergonomic chair is probably one of the best ways to lessen the negative impacts that sitting can have on your health. It provides you with the right balance of comfort and support. It has fully adjustable settings that make this chair ideal for you, allowing you to move your back, head and arm support. Its mesh backrest lets you stay cool, even if you sit for many hours at a time.


#2 Standing Desks

AnthroDesk provides high-quality standing desks that can help workers work more comfortably. They can easily shift from sitting to standing, thus, helping you to get rid of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

You can choose from the following selections:


#3 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Do you spend most of every day's hours at work on the computer? You may be feeling some pain and strain on your wrists, arms, and hands. AnthroDesk's ergonomic vertical mouse can help prevent injuries due to the continuous use of a mouse as it allows your arm to stay in a more natural position. The use of a tempered ABS material makes the mouse more durable than other plastics used on traditional mice.


#4 ErgoActive Mat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

With an elegant and durable design, the ErgoActive Mat can change the way you do your tasks. It assists you to stay active while focusing on your daily routines and tasks. The natural movements of your body while balancing help activate both small and large muscle groups. The ErgoActive Mat also aids in preventing any injuries associated with an inactive or sedentary lifestyle.


#5 Standard Dual Monitor Mount, Oversized for 2 LED/LCD Computer Monitors Up to 32"

Make sure to set up your monitors properly for ergonomic benefits. Get an increased viewing comfort, help reduce eye, back and neck strain while you're playing any online game. Get a more ergonomic and comfortable viewing experience with these monitor mounts. This is perfect for most desks with adjustable clamp height (normally any desk at least 1" in thickness will be sufficiently reliable. Cable management features routes under the arm and down the pole, out of the way to allow you to keep your desk clean and tidy. It provides an oversized, heavy-duty mount customized to fit ALL sizes of monitors: 13-32 inches, as long as they are VESA compatible (the standard bolt pattern on the back of the monitor)


#6 Desktop Power Station (Power outlet, USB, and Wireless Qi Charger)

Here's another gift idea your loved one truly appreciates. No need to worry about finding and using various items on your desk to make sure your power supply will not let you down. The AnthroDesk Wireless Charging Station has 2 Power Outlets + 3 USB ports + Qi Charger and can charge four devices simultaneously. It is convenient to handle, perfect for work, travel or home, and it is also great for gift giving.


#7 Clamp-On Power Bar Holder

Below are the features of this item:

It will help you get more organized while enjoying the game. Remove all the clutter under your desk and keep any outlets at reach.

It provides adjustable width settings. You can utilize almost any power strip with the holder.

It also has protecting pads to prevent any scratches or damages to your beautiful desk.

It offers built-in cable management to keep the power cord away from your desk, making it more organized and tidy.


#8 Egofit Walker Treadmill

Some features of AnthroDesk's Egofit Walker Treadmill include the following:

It will not distract you while playing since it is quiet with a noise level under 70DB.

It can hold up to 118kg of weight – a powerful tool to use to stay active while playing.

It is reliable (patented walking traction control increases the lifespan up to 5 times).

It has adjustable settings that can be adjusted from walking to jogging speed control 1km/h - 5km/h)

It does not require a large space because it is compact (fits under desk, sofa or bed).


Final Thoughts

You can always level up the kind of gifts you can give to your friends and family. And if they're into gaming, then the items listed above can be the perfect gifts for them to achieve a more improved gaming experience. Who knows, they will be the next gaming advertiser or a gaming influencer?