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Egofit Walker Treadmill

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Regular Price $899.99 Special Price $699.00
Availability: Out of stock
  • Quiet (noise level under 70Db)
  • Powerful (holds up to 118kg of weight)
  • Reliable (patented walking traction control increases the lifespan up to 5 times)
  • Adjustable (walking to jogging speed control 1km/h - 5km/h)
  • Compact (fits under desk, sofa or bed)
  • Item dimensions: 75*50*17cm (L*W*H)
  • Item Net weight: 19.5kgs
  • Max Capacity: 118kgs
  • Speed range: 0.5-5 km/h
  • Ergonomic Fixed incline Remote control Start & off.
  • Maneuverable wheels.
  • Comes fully Assembled.
  • Digital display (Speed / Steps / Time / Calorie)
  • Patented walking traction control system.
  • Recommended user height: less than 185cm / 73 inch (otherwise big step may stride out the treadmill).
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I can't find the instruction manual, where can I get it?

You can find them here: Egofit Walker Treadmill (PDF)


Can the Egofit Walker be used on a rug or carpet?

Due to the Egofit's low-profile design, the treadmill belt can rub against anything other than a hard, flat surface. This can result in marks on your rug or carpet.


What is the weight capacity?

The Egofit Walker is rated for up to 260lbs (118kg)


What is the maximum speed of the Egofit Walker?

The Egofit can reach a speed of up to 5km/h


There is noise coming from my Egofit Walker, is this normal?

If working properly, the Egofit Walker is nearly silent. One possibility is that the belt is rubbing against one of the sides of the Walker. To fix it, follow the steps on how to adjust the belt.


How do I adjust the belt?

Step 1: Assess if you need to adjust the belt.

You will notice an obvious gap, on either the right or left side of the running belt. You might also hear noise coming from the Walker if the belt is rubbing against one of the sides.

Step 2: Set the Egofit walker's speed to 2km/h and use the screw adjustments on the back of either side of the treadmill.

Utilizing the allen key that was included with your Egofit Walker, adjust the screw on whichever side of the Egofit where there was a gap (e.g. if there is a gap on the right side, adjust the right screw, turning the allen key clockwise by 90 degrees. If there is a gap on the left side, adjust the left screw turning the allen key clockwise by 90 degrees) For a gap on the right side, turn the allen key clockwise by 90 degrees.

Step 3:  After making the adjustments, walk on treadmill and check to see if the gap corrects and disappears. If the gap does corrects and disappear, the running belt has been correctly adjusted.

Step 4: If the gap narrowed but did not disappear, repeat above steps. Using the allen key to adjust the side with the gap that has now been narrowed. Again, walk on the Egofit Walker and watch for the belt to correct and go back to center.