Best Standing Desks in Canada: The Perfect Gift for Father's Day

It's the special event of the year again to honour our Dads. This can be done by showing how grateful we are for everything they do for us. Although there is no material thing that can reciprocate their sacrifices for us, it's still a fantastic idea to give them something special they can cherish forever. As the famous saying goes, "it's the thought that counts..." In choosing a gift for your father, you should consider some factors, such as how the gift will have sentimental value to them. Of course, it is also important that the gift will be beneficial to them. If your Dad is working in an office or at home, you can consider giving him one of the best standing desks in Canada. With the myriads of benefits this ergonomic equipment can provide, this is the perfect gift you can give this Father's Day.


How to Make Father's Day Celebration More Special?  

A simple gesture of love and appreciation will surely make your father delighted and grateful. And now that most of us are encouraged to work at home, a gift that can help in providing comfort and health benefits will be the perfect gift for someone you love. Your Dad, for sure, will love having standing desks as part of their workstations. This is because this ergonomic equipment can help them promote proper posture and avoid the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays, standing desks are innovative and customized to meet the requirements of a healthy and active work environment. You can make Father's Day celebration a more meaningful occasion with an ergonomic standing desk.


Amazing Benefits of Standing Desks

An article published by mentioned several benefits, including the following:

- Standing desks aid in lowering blood sugar levels

- Using a standing desk helps in reducing the risk of being obese and other weight issues

- Standing desks decrease the risk of acquiring heart problems

- Using standing desks aid in improving the mood and level of energy

- Standing desks help alleviate chronic pain such as back pain and neck pain

- Standing desks are proven to enhance productivity at work since workers are comfortable and perform their jobs with ease and efficiency

The article also mentioned:

"Reducing sedentary time can improve physical, metabolic and even mental health. This is why sitting less and standing more is such an important lifestyle change."

As we all understand, a sedentary lifestyle can cause several negative health effects. Prolonged sitting is often the reason why workers experience conditions related to musculoskeletal issues.

WebMD also published an article entitled "Standing Desks: How They Help You Beat Inactivity, " which included a vital research result. It mentioned:

"Studies have linked sitting a lot to these and other health problems. Even people who exercise most days face health risks if they sit too much. Standing desks raise your computer high enough for you to work and stand at the same time. This keeps you on your feet for more of the day."

The article also discussed different types of standing desks and the benefits each of them can provide. As per their findings, standing desks can help burn calories while at work, lower the risk of having back pain, and also improves productivity.


Introducing the Best Standing Desks in Canada

Anthrodesk offers a wide array of quality standing desks and desk converters. Here are several types of standing desks that you may consider:

#1 Programmable Single Motor Standing Desk

Dads and Dads-at-heart will be happy using this ergonomic equipment. AnthroDesk's programmable single motor standing desk provides features that will give comfort, convenience, and efficiency. It allows its user to shift from sitting to standing, thus, helping to avoid the effects of prolonged sitting. It is innovative and is a practical alternative for his existing desk.


#2 Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

Working can be more fun and comfortable when you choose to gift this programmable dual-motor electric standing desk. Unlike other desks offered in the market, it is easy to assemble and provide a home button for a standard sitting position. Dads will not have a hard time adjusting to its proper height since it provides buttons to manage the desk easily.


#3 Electric Starter Standing Desk

This standing desk has smooth up and down controls that provide its user flexibility and comfort. It's ergonomically-designed, making it an ideal desk for anyone who wants to prevent the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle.


#4 L-Desk Standing Desk with Programmable Adjustable Height Controls

For fathers whose tasks require multitasking or need to use several computer monitors, then this L-Desk standing desk can be the perfect one for them. It can be adjusted to accompany a range of monitors that you will use. Its shape lets you move more comfortably, thus promoting a higher level of productivity and efficiency.


#5 ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter - Extra Wide

Here's a desk converter every Dad will love to have and use at work. Especially now that most workers are working at home, this ErgoSpring standing desk converter will be a great help. It's easy to assemble, no need to have sophisticated tools and processes. This can help working fathers to stay healthy while working because it aids in preventing a sedentary lifestyle. It can accommodate two monitors, a computer mouse and a place to organize wires and cables.


#6 ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter

For dads who already have their existing desk, then they will just need to attach it and convert their table into an ergonomically-designed workspace. Users can quickly shift from sitting to standing with the help of its innovative Gas-Spring technology. It's definitely a perfect gift for someone always busy with his desk job. It can help in alleviating the adverse effects of sitting for long hours while working.


#7 Laptop Stand with Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Design Stand for Ultrabook, Netbook, or Tablet

For a dad who uses a laptop for his work, this laptop stand will be an ideal gift for him. This AnthroDesk Laptop Stand permits a laptop user to work just about anywhere while providing flexibility with its ergonomic positioning features. It is also convenient to handle since it fits into a bag or a briefcase. There's no need for assembling methods, just unpack and use it to start a healthier work lifestyle.



Final Thoughts

This Father's Day celebration, there's nothing more important but to make all the fathers and fathers-at-heart feel that they are recognized and appreciated. Giving them a gift, whether simple or luxurious- can make a significant impact on their hearts. To make them feel valued and loved, choose to provide them with the gifts that they can also use in their daily activities. Consider one of the best standing desks in Canada as a perfect gift for this special Father's Day celebration.