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Working from home has definitely inspired most of us to find home office setup ideas that could boost productivity and efficiency. As we are spending the foreseeable future working from home, our home office setup has definitely required us to level up. What used to work before, perhaps a functional table and an uncomfortable chair, do not suffice anymore.

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Posture problems are just some of the many challenges that arise from a work from home setup. Since moving our offices into our homes' comforts, the boundaries between home and office have been blurred. Bringing your work to your home also required adjusting our bodies to cope with this new change. Suddenly, our homes had to function as workspaces.

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Proper breathing, Stress Reduction -

A familiar feeling people feel is stress. Our health can be at risk when we worry too much, causing a lot of tension in our bodies as well. Although stress is a normal reaction to life, it is vital to have a stress-reduction technique to keep your health in good condition.

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Work can be tiring yet fulfilling. Being able to provide for your family, be financially independent, and have more career opportunities can give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction. To achieve this, however, it requires you to work for several hours. Doing so can be tiring and may cause strains and pains in some parts of your body. This may also cause muscle fatigue and joint pain.


Muscle fatigues and joint pains are not the only factors to worry about in the workplace. Your job may require you to lift objects that are heavy such as piles of documents or a big box. You can experience back pains when lifting heavy objects, especially if done too often. Another factor that can cause back problems is sitting or standing with poor posture.

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt, APT -

Most office jobs require people to work on their desks, sitting down for a certain period of time. In a lot of cases, this process is repetitive, happening almost every day. With the focus solely on work, people may neglect how their bodies are positioned while sitting. This can cause bodily pains, and one of them may be an Anterior Pelvic Tilt.

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