Ergonomic Home Office Design: How to Level Up your Home Office

Working from home is now a reality happening for a lot of people. This work style can also pose better ways to become more productive. However, working from home can also have some challenges. That is why if you are one of those working from home, it would be great if you learn how to create an ergonomic home office design that can contribute to success in your career. Hubspot published some interesting remote work stats this 2020, proving that most workplaces will be preferring remote work options as compared to before. There are some tips on how to level up your home office to create productive and amazing work results.


Why Do People Choose To Work in a Home Office?

Convenience, comfort, and efficiency are the top reasons why more and more people are choosing to work in the comfort of their homes. You, too, can be one of them. Summarized below are the benefits of working at home and why a lot of people are choosing this type of work setup.

#1 You can have your own schedule

#2 You can set up and customize your own office

#3 You can work anywhere, as long as you

#4 You can learn more skills and competencies

#5 You can save money

#6 You can have a fun and enjoyable work experience

#7 You can stay more focused and concentrated

#8 You can avoid gossiping and office politics


Important Things Consider When Setting Up an Ergonomic Home Office Design

Every home-based worker should have a designated working area to ensure that there will be no distractions while working. However, that doesn’t mean that your workstation should be boring. You can always level up your workplace by turning it into a place where you can do more, plan more, and achieve more. It’s time to have an ergonomic home office design that can leverage your ability to become more productive and successful at work.

First off, we should know the five most important things or factors that every home office should have.

#1 Equipment. What are the equipment, furniture, accessories, and tools that you should include in your workstation? Make sure to choose the items you will buy based on the quality and features that they have.

#2 Lighting. Proper lighting is vital in every workplace. Although experts advised that natural lighting is ideal, there are still lighting solutions that you may consider. What’s important is to choose quality lighting that will not distract the quality of work you will have.

#3 Ergonomics. In any type of work, an employee’s safety and health should always be on top of priorities. One way to achieve these is to incorporate equipment and tools that are ergonomically designed. Nowadays, there is various equipment that aid in making tasks easier and more effective. These include standing desks, desk converters, ergonomic mouse, ergonomic chair, monitor mounts, and other equipment. 

#4 Privacy. We all know that it’s hard to work in an environment that is noisy and full of distractions. There should be a sense of privacy so that a worker can focus or concentrate on tasks that need to be completed. However, there are workplaces where noise, such as the sound of working machines, can’t be avoided. There are headphones with a noise-cancelling device that can be used to prevent being distracted with unnecessary sounds.

#5 Workplace layout. The layout of your workplace can significantly impact the way you work and create amazing results. Evaluate your workstations to find out storage requirements. Your desk should be organized and clutter-free, as well as the whole homework office.

Items You Should Have to Create an Efficient and Productive Home Office

Just like in typical office design, there are important items that should be present in your workplace to achieve an ergonomic home office design.

#1 Computer. Choose a computer that you will use at work. You can go to a desktop computer or a laptop that you can bring if you need to travel while working. Of course, you will need to do your research so you will find a computer that can meet your needs.

#2 High-speed internet access and a network router. Since working from home will require more virtual communications and online task delegations, you should have high-speed internet access. Find a reliable internet service provider, so you’ll have seamless online access.

#3 Monitor. Monitors can vary in types and styles. Make sure to find a brand that provides high-quality monitors. There are also monitor mounts that you can include in case you need to adjust your computer monitors in your home office. 

#4 Desk. Your desk is one of the essential items you should have in the workplace. You can consider buying a standing desk that will help you prevent the effects of prolonged sitting. If you're not planning to replace your current desk, you can go for a desk converter. A live edge desk can also be a smart yet stylish way to leverage your home office design. 

#5 Chair. An ergonomic chair should also be included in your workstation. An ideal chair for an ergonomic home office design is the one with lumbar support, armrests, and other features, an ergonomic chair must-have.

#6 Telephone. Telephone, mobile phone, and other gadgets for communication must also be present in the workplace. 

#7 Proper Lighting. As previously mentioned, proper lighting is vital to have in every workplace. This will ensure to have comfortable and efficient work experience. 

#8 Printer and Scanner. Some documents need to be printed and sent, so your office should have a printer or scanner.

#9 UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). It’s frustrating when you’re in the middle of your work, and then suddenly, there’s a power interruption. That’s why you should always have a UPS to avoid losing your work.

#10 Storage. Having specific storage for all your things in the workplace will help you become more organized and productive. You should have a proper container or storage for all your sticky notes, papers, folders, business cards, and pens so that they won’t mess up.

#11 File Cabinet. File cabinets are important to store hard copy documents. It will be easier to find a document that you will need if they are correctly labelled and organized in a file cabinet.


Tips on How to Level Up your Home Office

You can always level up your home office and turn it into an amazing work haven. It’s more fun and exciting to work in a workplace that can provide you comfort, convenience, and efficiency towards work.

Here are some tips to consider on how to turn your workspace into a stylish, ergonomic home office design.

#1 Separate your workspace from your living space. A dedicated area for your home office is needed to minimize distractions at homes such as television, pets, kids, and others. There should be a physical boundary from those distractions so you can focus effectively on the tasks.

#2 Keep your home office clean. An unorganized home office can cause mental clutter and physical stress, as well. Various distractions can leverage your stress levels. To reduce stress and avoid distractions, you should be able to keep your home office clean and clutter-free. It would be an exceptional idea for you to have a weekly or daily schedule of cleaning or tidying your home office.

#3 Let the natural light to come in. It would be helpful if you let the natural light allow it to enter your home office workspace. Natural light can help reduce the risk of having headaches and fatigue to increase productivity. 

#4 Get some indoor plants. You can level up the style and aesthetics of your home office by adding greenery or touch of Nature in it. Some studies prove that adding indoor plants in the work area can promote happiness and productivity. They can bring fresher air and clean the air from impurities. Add potted plants on your desk or beside the table. Looking at them can make you feel relaxed and refreshed. They can also boost your mood and encourage you to become more active at work.

#5 Consider ergonomics. Several research and studies have conducted and revealed that proper posture and ergonomics can both result in a notable increase in productivity. Ergonomic equipment is not only for office-based employees. You can also incorporate them into your home office.

Anthrodesk offers the following ergonomic equipment and accessories that will help you turn your workspace into an ergonomic home office design.

While you may not have a luxury of items that you can add to your home office, you can still make it ergonomic by choosing the things that will make your work easier and make it more comfortable. Declutter your home office by discarding the things you don’t need and adding the items that will be helpful to your work.