Best Standing Desks for Office Design Improvement

Are you planning to improve the design of your workspace? Do you want to have it more modern or minimalistic? Or, do you plan to make it more stylish yet ergonomic? It's always exciting to do a makeover of a particular area where you can apply your creativity and skills. However, there are also some interesting factors to consider, especially if you plan to buy new equipment and supplies. For instance, nowadays, the working trends are continuously emerging; thus, you need to make sure you're always updated with them. One of the common inclusions in today's workplaces is ergonomic products such as standing desks. We've compiled the best standing desks in this article that you can consider for your office design improvement.


First, what are the things to consider when designing an office setup?

Every project requires several factors to consider to ensure that an office will be designed into a space that will promote productivity, creativity, and comfort. Some of these include:


#1 Feel and Vibe

Let's admit it. First impressions can always have a lasting effect. When you're planning to redesign a working space, you should consider the style and the vibe you want to achieve. It's vital to remember that to achieve a comfortable and happy work experience, and your office should have a fresh and comfortable feel and vibe. It's stressful to work in an environment where flexibility and comfort are both absent. Start with a plan and finalize the details you want to include in redesigning your work environment.

#2 Furniture Choices

Picking the best furniture for your office is a significant step in creating a new design for your office. Indeed, there are various stylish furniture that we can find in the market nowadays. However, we should be circumspect in choosing the best ones to use in our workstations. As much as possible, select ergonomic equipment and furniture such as standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and desk converters. Always consider quality, affordability, and the features they provide. Check also some reviews of their products and the recommendations from their previous customers.

#3 Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation provides a profound impact on creating an ideal workstation. If possible, let the natural lighting in your office. Or use an LED desk lamp instead. Poor lighting in the workplace has been proven to cause headaches, migraines, and eyesight problems.

#4 Branding

When choosing a design for your office, it will be a great idea as well, to use the colour theme and style of the business to keep its branding. This will help in promoting the business and build its reputation and identity.

#5 Overall Working Environment

When you have laid out your plan and are ready to implement the design you want for your office, evaluate the overall working environment's overall effect. Check if the working space evokes a feeling of comfort, convenience, flexibility, and happiness. A happy workplace will always help in producing great work results. You can always customize your office design and have it tailored according to what will make you inspired and motivated. Add some decorations for a more aesthetic look. Use tools that will help you become more organized. Put some indoor plants to keep your place more refreshed and energized.


Best Standing Desks You Can Choose From

As previously mentioned, there are various ergonomic products available nowadays. When choosing the best standing desk for your office, make sure first to check AnthroDesk's ergonomic products.

We've listed the top standing desks we offer and the features they provide. These will help you decide which ones you can include in your office space.


#1 L-Desk Standing Desk

Studies reveal that sitting the entire day has worse effects than smoking. Standing desks aid in the following:

- Reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes

- Reducing neck pain and back pain

- Improving oxygen flow and overall circulation

- Increasing productivity and energy levels

- Burning more calories

L-Desk standing desk is an ideal desk for your office design. Its width and height are both adjustable. This is ideal if you use multiple monitors at work. When using L-Desk, it is advised to use two abutting 30 "x60" tabletops to form the 'L' top (or use a 30 "x60" and a 30 "x72" if you want an even larger surface).

#2 Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk

Shift from sitting to standing easily and conveniently with AnthroDesk's Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk. You just need to press its button to adjust to your desired height. It contains four programmable presets to save your perfect height settings. You can also choose your preferred tabletops from among the colours available in our list. What makes this desk a bit more exceptional, among others? It contains a powerful yet quiet electric motor that lifts the desk to the height you want for optimum health and productivity.

#3 Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

Here's another top standing desk from AnthroDesk – the Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk. It has a powerful lift system and is designed to operate more quietly and smoothly. It has a desk capacity of up to 300 lbs, which is higher compared to other desks. It can easily conform to your needs since it is adjustable to fit various desktops. Not only that, but it also has two programmable presets to keep the ideal height settings. This standing desk will help you work more comfortably because it aids in preventing the adverse consequences of prolonged sitting. Using this properly will help combat a sedentary lifestyle.


#4 Electric Starter Desk with Easy Up/Down Controls

This standing desk model provides the flexibility and other features an electric standing desk should have. With its easy up and down controls, you will adjust its weight and height to the ideal position you desire. Make your desk naturally look good by choosing a genuine wood veneer top – oak or walnut veneer are both available!

#5 Manual Crank Desk with Table Top Options

This Manual Crank Desk by AnthroDesk is simple, clean, and highly functional. You'll love its features that other desks can't provide. Its width and height are adjustable, so you can smoothly shift from sitting to standing anytime you want. We also have various selections of the tabletop and frame colours so that you can choose the perfect one for your office.


Final Thoughts

Improving your office design doesn't need to be daunting and stressful. With the right tools and design idea, you will create the ideal working space you want. When choosing the right equipment and accessories, make sure to consider the quality and the features they can provide. At AnthroDesk, we always aim to deliver quality and excellence when it comes to our ergonomic products. From the standing desk, desk converters, and ergonomic accessories, you will have a well-improved office to boost productivity and efficiency.