8 AnthroDesk Ergonomic Products to Increase Productivity

To stay productive at work, you definitely need tools and equipment to help you accomplish tasks efficiently. Although there are various tools available now, it is still confusing to find the best one that can help you to be productive and efficient in the workplace. AnthroDesk provides a wide range of ergonomic equipment and accessories for office and remote workers. They are not only helping with productivity but also aid in promoting improved overall health.


8 AnthroDesk Ergonomic Products Every Workstation Should Have

At AnthroDesk, we always aim for quality and excellence. We want to help workers to stay healthy and combat the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Here are 8 of our products that will help every worker to be productive in their workstation.

#1 Sliding Standing Desk Converter

Worry no more on how to switch from sitting to standing anytime. You can do it now using a desk converter. Our sliding standing desk converter is easy to use and works with your current desk, so there’s no need to buy a new one. It’s also easy to assemble and can be assembled in 15 minutes. It can be used with your laptop computers or even with a separate monitor mount. This is also hassle-free since there are no clunky springs that may affect its elasticity. Its height can be adjusted using the simple sliding "lift and lock" mechanism. There is also a support tripod that is included which can hold up to 20 lbs less than the support.

#2 Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk

Standing desks are now a common inclusion in various workstations. They are utilized to promote better posture and healthier work lifestyles. AnthroDesk’s programmable single motor electric standing desk is automatic and affordable. In just seconds, you can switch from sitting to standing by pressing a button. Its programmable features help every worker to adapt to their needs. With its four programmable presets, you can set this standing desk into your desired height. Its width is adjustable and can fit several types of desktops. On the other hand, a quiet electric motor is used to adjust the desk’s height. You can freely choose your desired table tops which are water-resistant, reversible and durable.

#3 Desktop Power Station      

This AnthroDesk’s Wireless Charging Station provides 2 Power Outlets + 3 USB ports + Qi Charger. It can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. Perfect to be used during travels, it is convenient to carry at work or anywhere you will go. Of course, it can be also an ideal gift for your loved ones.

This desktop power station has built-in surge protection as well as a short circuit protection feature, so safety is ensured. Included as well are overload protection and over current protection. It has a unique design perfect for small spaces because it is space-saving while charging, thus, reducing mess or clutter.

#4 AnthroDesk Wired Ergonomic Mouse

The long hours of computer use also require us to use the mouse and keyboard in a prolonged period. This may cause discomfort or strain on our hands, wrists, and fingers. Worse, it can lead to other health conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries. How to overcome or prevent these? It’s all about using the right tools and devices. For instance, AnthroDesk’s ergonomic vertical mouse helps prevent injuries that are related to prolonged usage of a mouse. Unlike the traditional mouse we use, a vertical mouse lets the arms stay in a more neutral position. Using a tempered ABS material helps the mouse to be more durable compared to plastics that made up a traditional mouse. It also has a DPI button that allows configurations of 1000-1600-2400-3200 DPI. You’ll love its LED light indicator that changes colour based on the selected DPI.

#5 Ergonomic Chair

The goal of using ergonomic products is to feel comfortable and safe in the workplace. The more comfortable your work is, the more productive you can become. One way to achieve that is by using a quality ergonomic chair. Nobody wants to work with an aching back- so here’s AnthroDesk’s ergonomic high-back office chair to the rescue!

This ergonomic office chair is one of the most effective ways to lessen the adverse impacts that sitting can pose on your health. It helps in providing workers with the right balance of support and comfort. Its fully adjustable features and settings make this ergonomic chair perfect for your height, thus, allows you to move the head, back, and arm supports. It has a mesh backrest that allows you to stay cool, despite the long hours of sitting at work.

#6 LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Good quality and affordability- two factors that can define AnthroDesk’s LED Desk Lamp. It’s time to be more energy-efficient and have a dimmable natural light in your workstation. According to experts, fluorescent and incandescent lights can cause eye strain that may hamper comfort and productivity at work. Not only that, but you can also save money of up to 80% more efficient using a 10W LED lamp. Of course, this can charge your USB devices.

#7 Egofit Walker Treadmill

Need to ensure that you stay active even while sitting on your desk? Or, try to burn some extra calories while working on your office tasks? Here’s our Egofit Walker Treadmill that can be adjusted from walking to jogging speed. It is compact and can be placed under your desk or even under a sofa or bed. It also has a display for you to see the speed, calorie, time, and steps you made while using the walker treadmill. See the complete features of this product here.

#8 Cable Management Spine

Have you ever experienced being distracted because of the wires and cables on your desk? It’s actually one of the common problems faced by workers nowadays. They tend to spend hours cleaning and organizing them instead of focusing on their jobs. The good thing is that there are tools and accessories nowadays that can help keep your desk free from cluttered cables and wires. AnthroDesk’s cable-management spine can help you keep your desk cleaner and more organized.


Final Thoughts

Every workstation deserves to have the right tools, devices, equipment, and accessories. It should be well-organized as well to make sure it can be a place for efficiency and productivity. Make sure to include these 8 ergonomic products from AnthroDesk to make sure your tasks and assignments will be done properly and more productively.