Using Treadmills in the Workplace - The Benefits You Should Know

Today, wellness in the workplace continues to become a priority. Most companies nowadays are creating and implementing programs that are beneficial for all the members of the organization. We are all aware that most of today’s tasks in offices are done using a computer. A lot of us stare on the computer screen the whole day. Aside from that, we often sit for long hours. We tend to forget to move and keep ourselves fit and healthy. We fail to maintain good posture at work. The results – we become the victim of a sedentary lifestyle.

However, as innovating work trends become more vivid, health and overall wellbeing have been two of the most significant objectives in the workplace nowadays. It can start with using the right equipment, tools, and ergonomic accessories. One of these ergonomic equipment is the treadmill desk. Treadmills are now becoming a part of every workstation since this can help workers to stay fit and healthy while working.


Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Experts recommend us to walk 10,000 steps every day if you want to stay fit and healthy. However, for most individuals who are working eight hours or more each day, achieving that goal can be difficult. As we all know, prolonged hours of sitting is dangerous to health. Introducing the treadmill desk. Today, it’s fantastic to know that a device like this can also help workers choose to be healthy despite the demanding work lifestyle.

Treadmills are now becoming a vital inclusion the workstation since they can provide various benefits, such as the following:

#1 Treadmills can effectively let office workers get more exercise to be healthy

Mayo Clinic, a leader in medical advice and tips, shared that they conducted a study about using treadmill desks in their workplace. They have found out that those who joined the study, which includes assistants, secretaries, and nurses, did more than two thousand more steps. Besides, they have also burned 100 more calories each day. That is a great way to work while doing exercises.

#2 Treadmills in the workplace can help reduce weight problems

Choosing a more active lifestyle, even at work, can be an effective solution for the issues related to a sedentary lifestyle. Some diseases obtained due to an inactive lifestyle can be avoided if we can have some tools or equipment to make us do some movements. Undoubtedly, a treadmill is an answer to this issue. Since it can help people burn calories, weight problems will not be a problem.

#3 Treadmills aid in improving blood sugar levels, thus reducing the risks of having diabetes

Diabetes has been one of the deadliest diseases that affect millions of people today. Since medical experts stated that exercise is one of the most essential factors to fight diabetes, you need to be active even at work. Workers should strive to invest in a treadmill desk. It will help you maintain the right blood sugar level. Exercise can also help reduce the risk of acquiring complications due to diabetes. This can also be a smart decision to prevent being stagnant the whole day, which may lead to a lesser productivity level.

#4 Treadmills encourage physical activities that will increase mood and comfort

Some studies have revealed that walking daily on a treadmill can help increase comfort and improve mood in the workplace. Regular exercise is proven to be a natural antidepressant, energizing workers to keep them motivated while performing tasks.

#5 Treadmills provide a good space in creating a more energized environment

Since treadmills help you do movements, you can be more alert and active. Also, your concentration and focus will be improved. People who are often nailed on their chairs are often feeling lethargic and lousy. That is why it will be a big help if you will include a treadmill in your workplace. You can perform effectively as you walk on the treadmill and get more creative at work since your brain stays alert.

#6 Using treadmills can help maintain strong and healthy bones

Staying upright can also have some bad effects, especially when done for long hours. You can have a solution for this by doing some low-impact or high-impact exercises. These exercises include but are not limited to jogging, walking, running, dancing, and some types of aerobics. Of course, not all of these can be done in the workplace. It is why it’s great to have a treadmill. Walking on a treadmill can help you build up bone density keeping them healthy and strong.

#9 Using treadmills can help in lowering blood pressure

Walking is considered one of the best forms of exercise. It can help increase blood flow, thus promoting good circulation. Therefore, walking on a treadmill at your workstation will help decrease the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure. Make sure to incorporate using the treadmill for more comfortable work experience.

#10 Utilizing treadmill increases creativity

There are studies which revealed that exercise could be related to creativity. In research conducted at Stanford University, it was found out that participants who use a treadmill in a comfortable way are able to think more creatively than those who are not. This may be because walking as a form of exercise can help maintain focus and concentration.


Some Cons of Using a Treadmill in the Workplace

Of course, everything can have both strengths and weaknesses. In the case of using treadmills, the following are some cons that can be experienced by its users.


- Treadmills can consume additional space in the workplace

Treadmills may require additional space in the workplace, especially if you will choose to have a combination of treadmill and desk already. It would be best if you first got the measurement of the area where you are going to place the treadmill before making any purchase.

- It can be a distraction for your colleagues

When employees are not yet aware of the benefits a treadmill can bring to their health, this can be a distraction for some of your coworkers. But, treadmills used in the workplace are customized and designed to be quieter as compared to the usual treadmills. This will help you and your workmates concentrate better on the tasks assigned since there is less annoying noise in the working area.

- It will necessitate time to get used to walk and work simultaneously

Beginners who will use treadmills may find it uncomfortable to use at first since they will work while walking on the device. However, learning can be easier, especially when you start getting used to it. You need to practice and keep consistency in using the treadmill.

- You must need to have comfortable shoes when using the treadmill

Aside from your office shoes, you may need to invest in more comfortable and specialized shoes for treadmills.


To sum it up, treadmills are definitely a big help in promoting better health and wellness in the workplace. Its features can empower you to stay fit and ailment-free while being productive at your job. There’s no need to allot additional hours in going to the gym since you can have walking exercise in your workstation. Investing in this ergonomic equipment will be one of the best decisions company owners can do for their employees.