2020 Work Trends: Standing Desks and other Ergonomic Items That Will Be Up for the Game

Our workplaces and the way we work are amazingly innovating. From high-end technologies, discoveries, and trends, we observe the significant impact of these factors on the success of various industries today. There has been dramatic progress when it comes to customer service, merchandising, service businesses, e-commerce, and marketing. Various trends and improvements are noticeably creating opportunities for people and their skills.

In an article posted by Fast Company in December 2019, people enablement was given highlight as one of the continuing trends when it comes to the workforce. It is also stated that there are three core points of people enablement:

- Impact and value; wherein every member of the organization feel that they are recognized and valued

- Professional growth; all members of the workplace from subordinates to superiors will grow and learn professionally

- Awareness and alignment; everyone will be kept posted with the company's objectives, strategies, and processes 

There are other interesting trends that workers will face this 2020. That's why we must be ready to acknowledge as well as keep up with them.

Key Trends of Workplaces this 2020

The following are some of the exciting trends that are expected to be experienced by our workers this 2020.

#1 Employee wellbeing will be a priority. The previous years have shown a noticeable awareness of burnout and stress in the workplace. Both are known to have adverse effects on employees' health and work performance. Experts have suggested that practising mindfulness can help in fighting the detrimental effects of stress and burnout. Various techniques can be implemented to help employees relax and acquire a better focus on their jobs. These techniques can also create improvement in job performances, productivity levels, and employee satisfaction.

#2 Remote work will continue to offer significant opportunities for workers. Working remotely and freelancing have been two of the biggest trends that we have witnessed in the past years. This 2020, it will continue to soar. Globalization and cultural diversity will also be a big part of most companies' workforces. More and more companies will choose to hire remote workers because it is more convenient and cost-savings. Task delegation will be more on virtual processes, and various skills of remote workers will be unleashed.

#3 Flexibility in the workplace. Flexible workspaces will continue to be a big thing this 2020. This trend has contributed to the success of various companies in previous years. Flexible workplaces provide workers with an environment that is suited for them – whether it's a workplace closer to their home, or at the comfort of their travel haven. Also, flexible working hours will be provided to the workers. This can increase the level of employee satisfaction and lead to the achievement of the company goals.

#4 Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a popular talk previously. Its introduction to the business world has created a buzz that leads to more innovative solutions. AI has played a vital role, especially in customer service operations. This helps in creating a seamless process that lowers human intervention. With the help of Ai, efficiency and accuracy can be ensured. Some other company transactions wherein AI provides support involve administrative tasks, hiring, scheduling, monitoring, and analytics.

#5 Chatbots. When it comes to providing quality customer assistance, a prompt and accurate response must be ensured. There can be issues and queries from customers, and they should be answered fast and accurately. Chatbots become the amazing partner of businesses in providing reliable customer services to clients and customers. These chatbots can also be utilized in other processes in the business, thus, making work for people a much easier one.

#6 Office Design and Functionality. We all know that technologies and innovations play significant roles in creating a workplace where workers can work more comfortably and efficiently. Workplaces will have wellness-based designs. Business owners will give focus on investing in ergonomic equipment to give their employees the things that will contribute to better work performance. They will create programs that will promote happiness and satisfaction among employees. Workstations will be located in dynamic spaces that can provide professional growth and improved physical health.

Also, ergonomics will have an integral role in creating a safe and healthy environment for workers. Utilizing ergonomic equipment such as sit stand desks, converters, ergonomic chairs, and standing desks will be a big trend in the workplace. Aside from that, ergonomic accessories such as a vertical mouse, anti-fatigue mats, keyboard tray, monitor mounts, and desk lamps will also be essential items in the workplace.

#7 Sustainability. Companies will also infuse sustainability in their workplaces. They will be more mindful of using environment-friendly materials. Employees will promote a healthier lifestyle and wellness-focused community areas. They will have an aim to have a greener working environment. Companies will also emphasize innovative technology efficiency while taking care of the environment. Every employee should learn how to value and make use of today's technology to create a more flexible and safer working environment.


Helpful Tips to Cope Up with the Changes in Today's Work Trends

Keeping up with the trends is both challenging and rewarding to employers and employees. They should be working together to be aware of how these trends can help create a great work environment.

The following are some of the valuable tips on how to cope up with these trends and be part of the ever-changing work challenges.

#1 Create amazing work experiences among employees. Job stability and compelling work experiences are just some of the target's employees would like to achieve. Company owners should strive to make their work environment a place where amazing experiences can be acquired. The happier the employees are, the more loyal and committed they can be. Employees who acquire great experiences at work become more purposeful in developing self-growth and established careers. 

#2 Make sure to utilize the power of innovations and technology. We must be thankful that today's technological innovations are becoming an essential factor in every company's success. Take, for instance. Artificial Intelligence is now playing a crucial part in most company's endeavours. They can help in delivering better results when it comes to customer service, data analysis, monitoring, and marketing. Employers should be open on including AI in their work process to aid human processes. This can result in accuracy and better planning purposes for the business.

#3 Allow flexible hours and remote working. Since one of the trends to watch out for in 2020 is flexibility, managers and business owners must be aware that they can effectively implement a flexible working environment. In terms of remote working, there should be effective task delegation, communication, and monitoring of the work progress. This can be solved by using project management tools as well as reliable communication software.

#4 Encourage workplace wellness. A healthy working environment is a promising area of improvement, success, and results. Employees should apply measures on how they can work healthily – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Stress and burnout can be some common factors that may affect one's health and performance. Thus, employers should be open to how they can provide wellness programs and good working conditions to all the members of the organization. 

#5 Apply ergonomics. Workplace ergonomics must also be applied to all companies. This is to ensure safety and security for the employees. This can be achieved by using ergonomic equipment and accessories. Employees should also be aware of how to promote good posture, acquire better sleep, and healthy work habits.

#6 Encourage social activities. Employees should not only be confined within the corners of the work environment. They should also have time spent outside for social interaction and activities. Companies should have a team building, outing, or get-together of all the members in the workplace. These activities can create better relationships among employees, as well as building camaraderie at work.

#7 Promote mindfulness. Employees should also learn how to promote mindfulness in the workplace to prevent the effects of stress and anxieties. Meditation, according to some experts, can be an effective way to help combat anxiety and burnout.

#8 Recognize employees and their contributions. Every employee would love to be recognized for their efforts and contributions. This can help them boost morale and self-esteem. They will be able to do more and aim to become more productive at tasks designated to them.

 #9 Be updated. Of course, both employers and employees need to be updated with all the trends and changes in the workforce. Keeping posted with all these trends can help in taking the most proper action in achieving the company's goals.


The way we work will always change. However, such changes can be innovative and will bring good results, such as being more productive and efficient. That is why we should be more vigilant and open to changes. We should always be ready for developments and improvements to make our workforce prepared for any challenges.