Promoting Workplace Ergonomics: How These AnthroDesk Products Could Help

Promoting ergonomics in the workplace is one of the best things every business owner should consider. This will help them to prevent health-related issues that most employees might experience. Even medical experts such as chiropractors and doctors warn the public on the adverse effects of sedentary work and lifestyle. Not only can you be prone to back pain and neck pain, but it can also lead to several health conditions that may hamper greater work results. When an employee works in an uncomfortable environment – where tools and equipment are limited - it can be a big risk to the goal of achieving higher productivity and efficiency. There is no wonder, application of proper ergonomics (which refers to the correct way of how people work in their environment) must be on the top of the list of companies today.

Common Issues in Today's Workplaces

A workplace is not limited in the four corners of an establishment. It is also a place where both employers and employees share smart insights. It is where they craft business plans and implement the best possible decisions. Of course, everyone is expected to play a part in giving meaningful contributions. However, performing tasks in the workplace can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. Besides, other issues may occur in the work environment. It is vital to get familiar with them so that every member of the organization can give the proper measures in solving them.

Some problems in today's workplaces may include lack of communication, harassment, low drive and motivation, gossip, performance issues, bullying, discrimination, poorly-designed workstations, and other things that may hinder a person's ability to excel. Among these problems, the most common that companies should pay attention to is a poorly-designed working environment. Imagine a person who's assigned various tasks for a specific deadline. However, that employee may experience a hard time completing the tasks because he is not comfortable with his workstation. He's been suffering from back pain and neck pain due to a chair with a hard seat or a computer screen set up on a too-high table. All these scenarios can also happen to other workers in their respective jobs.

It is imperative to provide employees with a comfortable and ergonomically-designed work environment. It will allow them to avoid the dangers of prolonged sitting and standing. A working space with the right tools and equipment also provides safety and promotes better health.


Featuring 10 Anthrodesk Products to Promote Workplace Ergonomics

To achieve a workstation that is both creative and ergonomic, you should be aware of what tools and materials are going to be helpful. To give you a clear idea and enlighten you about the multitude of benefits they can bring, here are 10 AnthroDesk products to consider.

#1 Sliding Standing Desk Converter

Do you need to adjust your monitors to its appropriate position, but you're hesitant to buy a new desk table? Worry no more because you can actually find a device that can work effectively with your existing desk. AnthroDesk's standing desk converter is one of the ideal devices you should have for your work. It is easy to use and can be assembled fast in less than 15 minutes. You can just release and re-apply its locking mechanism to adjust its height from sitting to standing, thus allowing you to get rid of You will not need to worry if it will hold your monitor strongly because it does not have clunky springs that may lose elasticity. There is also a support tripod which is included in the package – for free.

#2 ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter

Here's another device that you can attach to a new or an existing desk. ErgoSpring standing desk converter is a space saver because it is ideal for retrofitting workspaces. You will not need to buy a full-sized standing desk which is not practical if you have limited space. Another advantage it has is that it can be set up in less than 10 minutes with the help of its easy to follow guide. Using this Gas-Spring technology device can also be an effective way to adjust from sitting to standing, making yourself free from the adverse effects of being sedentary.

#3 AnthroDesk's Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk

Standing desks are ergonomic equipment that is now becoming famous in most offices. It is automatic and you can shift from sitting to standing in seconds in just a push of a single button. Besides, it has a width that can be adjusted to fit different options of desktops. You can choose your favourite colour of tabletops such as white maple tops and black mahogany tabletops. It contains four programmable presets to keep the perfect height required.

#4 L-Shaped Standing Desk

Need a table to accommodate multiple monitors? AnthroDesk's L-Shaped standing desk is the perfect desk you should have. It is comfortable to use and with us at AnthroDesk, you can expect to have an L-Shaped desk to be on top-notch quality. It is composed of three column motors that provide fast and powerful, yet, quiet lifting capability. Its width is also adjustable to go well with various types of desktops. This AnthroDesk's standing desk is available for tabletop choices including two 60" x 30" table tops for a workstation of 90" on the longer side, 60" on the shorter and a depth of 30".

#5 Egofit Walker Treadmill

Need to be still active while sitting on your job? This Egofit Walker Treadmill will be a big help. You don't need to worry that it will be distracting during your work hours since its noise level is under 70Db. It can hold a powerful 130kg of weight and is adjustable from walking to jogging speed level that is 1km/h-5km/h. It also has ergonomic fixed incline remote power controls. Not only that, but this treadmill also has maneuverable wheels for better convenience. It comes fully assembled, making it a reliable device to make you stay active while working.

#6 Premium Anti-Fatigue Mat for Sit-Stand Desks

AnthroDesk's Premium anti-fatigue mat is a high-quality mat that is perfect to use for sit-stand desks. It is comfortable with its high-density foam core with extreme cushioning. You can choose from various sizes available from 32" up to 70" long.

#7 Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Spending a lot of time on the computer can cause pain and discomfort to the hands and other parts of the body. Not only that, working on tasks related to using a mouse or keyboard can also lead to having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS) and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

Do you spend a lot of time on the computer? Our vertical mouse can help prevent injuries associated with the continuous use of a mouse as it allows your arm to stay in a more natural position. A vertical mouse is proven to lessen the strain on your wrists and arms. The use of a tempered ABS material makes the mouse more durable than other plastics used on traditional mice. It contains an LED Light indicator which changes colour based on the user's selected DPI. 

#8 Ergonomic High-Back Office Chair

Some jobs require sitting; thus, we need to use a quality chair with great features. AnthroDesk high-back ergonomic chair can be your best choice. It will help to reduce the detrimental effects of sitting on your overall health and wellness. This chair offers the proper balance of support and comfort. It also features fully adjustable settings to allow your head, arms, and back to be more comfortable. It has a mesh backrest that keeps you cool even if you need to sit for several hours at work.

AnthroDesk's ergonomic chair is one of the best ways to help reduce the adverse impacts that sitting can have on your health. It also provides you with the right balance of comfort and support. It has fully adjustable settings that make this chair your own, allowing you to move your back, head and arm supports. The mesh backrest lets you stay cool, even if you sit for many hours at a time.

#9 Dual Cable Clip Wire Organizer

It's time to make your desk more organized by keeping everything secured and in the right place. Wires, cables, and small supplies may cause your desk to become messy and overwhelming. This can lead to loss of focus and poor concentration on tasks, and your productivity level might be at risk as well. AnthroDesk's dual cable clip wire organizer can be used to prevent your computer cables and electrical wiring to cause an accident. They can be organized and clipped on either the side of the table or under the desk station. In that way, you can keep your workstation cluttered-free.

#10 Cable Management Spine- Wire Organizer

Another desk accessory that can help you achieve a clutter-free workstation is AnthroDesk's cable management spine - wire organizer. It holds wire and cables to keep them in a more organized manner. Since they are kept in this spine organizer, your desk will be tidier and free from possible accidents.