Open Box Accessories Under $50 that Will Upgrade your Workstation

Are you looking to upgrade your workstation on a budget? If so, some great open-box accessories under $50 can give you the added features and performance you need. From better monitors to extra port options, these items are sure to take your setup from “functional” to “fantastic!” In addition, because they come with an open-box guarantee, you don't have to worry about shelling out cash for something that may not meet your expectations. Read on to learn more about the best open-box accessories available right now and make an informed decision on what upgrades will help keep your workplace both productive and stylish.

A monitor arm to save on desk space

If you're looking for an open-box accessory to save on desk space, consider a monitor arm. A monitor arm is a great organizational tool that fits onto the back of your desk and holds one or two monitors in place, allowing you to position them just right for a comfortable experience. Plus, it eliminates the need for additional desktop stands or arms cluttering up your workspace. With a monitor mount, you can easily adjust your monitor's height and angle with minimal effort while keeping cables tucked away – perfect for achieving maximum comfort while working.

A standing desk converter to avoid sitting all day

Sitting in the same place all day can lead to decreased physical activity and muscle fatigue. A standing desk converter is an open-box accessory that helps to curb unhealthy sitting habits. By placing it atop a traditional desk, one can keep their choice of workspace while alternatives to sitting regularly are available. Not only does this open-box accessory help avoid unhealthy sitting habits, but the ability to adjust the table height gives users of any size a customized work experience! With a standing desk converter, you can stay productive and prevent unhealthy side effects of sitting all day.

A laptop cooling pad for better performance

Tech fans, why not invest in an open-box laptop cooling pad today? A laptop cooling pad helps to reduce any unnecessary heating of the device and ensures optimal performance. Featuring a range of fan speeds, air intake designs, and ergonomic angles to fit your laptop's needs, these open-box accessories are perfect for anyone looking to further optimize their computer’s performance – all at an unbeatable price. With such great features and low costs, why wait any longer?

A task light to help you see what you're working on

If you're looking for an open-box accessory that can help you tackle tricky projects, a task light  is exactly what you need! Perfect for use in garages, workshops, and workspaces of all kinds, this unobtrusive device uses powerful illumination to help you focus on the project at hand. Whether preparing for assembly or repairs, a good task light can make all the difference by ensuring clarity of vision. Invest in your open-box accessories wisely to make sure your workspace is as stocked as possible with essentials - your task light is only the beginning!

A wireless mouse and keyboard to cut down on cable clutter

Whether you're a gamer or an office professional, open-box accessories like a wireless mouse and keyboard can be an excellent way to cut down on cable clutter. A reliable wireless mouse and keyboard eliminates the need for unsightly wires running around your workspace and reduces the risk of tripping over cables. Furthermore, open-box devices are typically sold at deep discounts so you can save some money while creating a cleaner more efficient setup. If you're looking to open up space in your home or office area, try investing in open-box accessories like a wireless mouse and keyboard to maximize convenience without sacrificing quality.

A desktop power station for convenience

A desktop power station is a must-have open-box accessory for any modern home or office. Not only does it make plugging in everyday devices easy and convenient, a desktop power station also helps keep wires and cords organized and tucked out of the way. With features such as individual switches to reset each outlet, surge protection safeguards, and extra USB ports, desktop power stations make essential items like phones, tablets, computers, and lamps easier to reach without crunching up cords. All of this convenience also makes it perfect for entertaining – no more hunting around in drawers or behind furniture for outlets! Discover the convenience of a desktop power station today.

An anti-fatigue mat for maximum comfort

Transform the way you work with a high quality anti-fatigue mat. This open-box accessory helps to reduce fatigue and discomfort by offering essential cushioning and support for your feet. It also helps to improve posture, circulation and energy levels - perfect for those who stand for long hours at work. With thoughtful design features like non-slip backing, edges that won't curl, and an easy-to-clean surface, this anti-fatigue mat is sure to be a welcome addition to your workspace.

An adjustable CPU holder to free-up floor space

An open-box adjustable CPU holder can help open up floor space for any workspace. This piece of equipment is designed to make bulky and obtrusive desktop computer towers easily accessible while freeing up available moveable space for other activities. By securely mounting the tower behind or below the desk, the open box accessory allows additional storage room in areas where the tower may have previously been hindering foot traffic. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, this open-box solution offers an easy way to regain the manageability of open spaces in both commercial and residential settings.

A monitor mount document clip for better productivity

Staying organized while working can be a challenge. A monitor mount document clip is the open-box accessory you'll want to add to your setup for improved productivity. Place this clip on your desktop monitor and it will keep all of your documents, reports, and files within easy reach, freeing up valuable space on your desk and allowing you to post notes or reminders right in front of you where they can't be ignored. It even hold worksheets securely so that they stay open at the desired page without slipping and dropping off your screen. Get the ultimate in efficiency and convenience from a monitor mount document clip—start organizing today!

Where can you shop for open-box accessories?
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Final Thoughts

Open-box accessories have the potential to revolutionize your workspace and make it more efficient, organized, and comfortable. Whether you're looking for a way to reduce cable clutter or want something that will help you stay productive throughout the day, these open-box solutions can be just what you need. Invest in one of these accessories from AnthroDesk today and experience firsthand how much easier life can be with an improved setup at home or work!