LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

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Brian Sloan Artist
Very Adjustable & Very Bright

Overall I really like this LED Desk Lamp. It is so adjustable which is exactly what I need as an artist. I am able to get the light exactly where I want it in my workspace. The light is very bright and I like how I can choose between white light, incandescent, or a combination of them all. This will definitely help increase my productivity and help me have a healthier work lifestyle because I won't need to strain my eyes at all when working at night.
The design is very sleek and modern. The USB charging port is so nice to have. I am able to charge my phone, mouse, headphones, and more all conveniently on my desk. The touch-sensitive controls are very responsive and easy to use.
The reason I am giving 4-stars for the quality is that the colored part (where the lights actually are) is not well attached to the arm of the lamp. It jiggles quite a bit already and I fear after more use it could break off. It may just be my lamp and may not pertain to all.
However, I would suggest this lamp if you are looking for something versatile, bright, and well priced!
If you would like to watch my unboxing video, follow this link: https://youtu.be/T_N10sW_PeI

I love it!

I was a bit skeptical at first because how special can a lamp really be? But THIS ONE!! I love the design that allows it to be flexible. I've only had lamps that just stands and doesn't really do anything else. I love that with this, there are different modes. I sure enjoy my warm light for evening reading and working, and that I can adjust the brightness to my preference. Another thing that's totally random, I started appreciating the long cord it came with! I was a bit confused about the setup but that was totally on me. Haha! It only has 2 parts. Other than that, it's a bit feeble and less sturdy but if it allows me all these features and more space on my desk? I love it!

Lots of Light

I love this light for my art table, it's great for filming my videos and for taking photos of my art work.

Madeline D
So sleek and fits well on my desk

The light throw on the AnthroDesk Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is so wide and I love how adjustable the base is. I'm excited to use the lamp for filming videos too since I think it'll allow me to adjust lighting colour and brightness so easily. Although it is a bit pricier ($50) than the one I used to use from Costco, I find the different light settings (you can adjust the brightness) with 3 colour tones (white, yellow and combo) makes a world of a difference (not to mention how it looks really awesome with my new computer too!) I'm also quite pleased about how the LED Desk Lamp can charge my USB devices. Whether it's my wireless keyboard, mouse, phone or headphones, something always needs a charge and it helps having such a convenient port on my desk to plug into.