10 Home Office Ergonomic Tips to Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

Today’s pandemic has brought most of us to shift from company-based to home-based work environments. Working from home has been shown to provide various benefits when it comes to improving work performance and establishing a successful professional career, as well. However, no matter how working at home seems comfortable, there are still some issues that require proper attention. You can still sit for long hours or perform tasks without being aware that you’re in poor posture. All these can head to a sedentary lifestyle. It’s vital to know that this kind of lifestyle can have detrimental effects on our overall health. But thanks to innovations and work trends nowadays, we can be safer, healthier, and more productive at work. There are home office ergonomic tips that can aid in avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.


Get Rid of Sedentary Lifestyle: Effective Home Office Ergonomic Tips

Who wouldn’t want the idea of working in the comfort of your home? Certainly, this is truly enticing because that would mean that you can have better control of your task and schedule. There can be more time to spend on your family and loved ones. However, it is of significant importance to ensuring that your health and well-being are taken care of.

Below are some helpful tips to alleviate the adverse effects of an inactive lifestyle at work:

#1 Stay healthy.

Your physical, mental, and emotional health are your most important investment if you want to build a successful career. That is why you must ensure to take care of your overall well being. Follow a nutritious diet, keep yourself hydrated, and sleep well. Take some rest whenever you have time- that means getting the right numbers of hours of sleep and taking a nap during the day. These will help replenish your energy. Reinvigorate yourself by staying active. Do some exercises daily. It can be some easy desk exercises or a daily workout in the gym.

#2 Promote proper ergonomics at work.

Proper ergonomics plays a vital role in creating a successful professional career. As we all know, ergonomics cover a lot of factors when it comes to the safety and productivity of the workplace. We should apply the correct ergonomics in every workstation. This will ensure that every employee is working in an ergonomic area, following proper work guidelines, and using ergonomic tools and devices.

#3 Use standing desks and desk converters.

One of the everyday struggles of any worker is the inability to switch between sitting and standing; thus, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle. The traditional work environment urges most of us to sit for more than several hours a day. According to experts, this practice can significantly affect our health and work performance. Thanks to science and the efforts of developing an ideal workstation. Ergonomic experts highly recommend standing desks and desk converters to be used in offices or workplaces. These ergonomic equipment and devices help promote proper posture and aid in combating the effects of an inactive work lifestyle. With standing desks, you will be able to stand while working on your tasks. Using quality standing desks will also prevent workers from slouching while working. On the other hand, desk converters can be easily attached to your desk, so you can sit and stand anytime you want. Using these two ergonomic products will help alleviate the impacts of a sedentary lifestyle, so productivity and efficiency will be achieved.

Browse AnthroDesk’s wide range of desk converters and standing desks to learn more about their features and how they can help solve the issues of a sedentary lifestyle.

#4 Use ergonomic accessories.

Some work-at-home individuals face the challenge of juggling themselves into several tasks in their job and chores in the house. In any way, you can be at risk of experiencing pain, fatigue, and strain. For example, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries are the usual complaints of today’s workers. It can be caused by prolonged hours of typing, encoding, and other tasks. To solve these issues, there are ergonomic accessories that can be used. AnthroDesk knows how important it is for any worker to have the right tools and equipment in the workplace. These accessories may include but not limited to, the following:

- Wired ergonomic vertical mouse

- Wireless vertical mouse

- Cable management spine for cables and wires

- Monitor mounts

- Wireless keyboard

- Ergonomic chair

There are several other ergonomic accessories that you can use. When choosing the one for your workstation, always consider the quality and the features these accessories can provide.

#5 Use anti-fatigue mats.

Use anti-fatigue mats when you’re working with your standing desks. Choose the mat with excellent cushioning, so you will be more comfortable while standing. Most workers are hesitant to use standing desks because they believe that it will just lead to fatigue and discomfort. Yes, just like prolonged sitting, long hours of standing can also pose a risk to your health. That’s the reason why ergonomic experts advise against using anti-fatigue mats. AnthroDesk offers a premium non-slanted anti-fatigue mat, ideal for transitioning to a standing desk.

#6 Promote proper posture.

Avoid slouching- that’s one of the essential pieces of advice recommended for every worker. Make sure to apply proper posture at work and home. Also, be aware of the common posture mistakes that most of us are taking for granted. We keep working and dealing with our daily activities without knowing the real culprit of our neck pain, and back pain is the way we stand, sit, move, sleep, and other activities.

#7 Take a regular break at work.

To get rid of a sedentary lifestyle, it is also crucial to take breaks while working on your tasks. The long hours of sitting or standing will keep our body inactive. Worse, this can lead to more severe health problems. Do not forget to take breaks in between your tasks. Walk around your home office, tend the garden, or so some desk exercises. That way, you can re-energize your mind to keep your focus and concentration sharp.

#8 Perform some physical exercises.

There are simple yet desk exercises that you do while you’re working at home. You can also do some stretching to make your muscles energized. You can search online some video tutorials and articles about simple desk exercises to make you feel more relaxed and active.

#9 Keep your monitor screen in the proper position.

Adjust your monitor screen at an eye-level position. When a monitor is too high or too low on your desk, it can lead to eye strain, neck pain, and even migraine headaches.

Check this article to learn more about proper desk ergonomics.

#10 Get updated with new trends and work tips.

Of course, getting the right information about the work trends and innovating ergonomic tools will help every worker. Discover new tips on how you can set up your home office – with the right tools and equipment. Follow websites that discuss ergonomics and get in touch with experts who can help you achieve a healthier work lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Working at home can be daunting, yet, very much rewarding. There can be issues such as lowered productivity levels caused by poor work techniques and tools. One major thing to consider is to learn how to prevent a sedentary lifestyle, especially if you’re working at home. Follow the tips mentioned above and start creating an ergonomic home office today.