Working from Home? Check out these Creative Small Office Space Ideas

Working from home doesn’t need to be boring. Instead, it can be more fun and interesting if you will become creative with your workplace. The work environment plays a vital role in motivating employees to work more efficiently and productively. Finding the perfect spot at home can be challenging.

There can be distractions, that’s why you should be careful in choosing the space where you will put your desk and accessories that your job requires. But there’s no need to worry. There are many creative small office space ideas that you can try.


Fantastic Small Office Space Ideas

Most people who are working from home typically choose to have their working desk in a room that is free from noise and other distractions. Little that they know, there are other areas in our homes which we can turn into an ideal office space. It can be a corner in the living room, or space near the window in the guest room, or a small area in the hallway. Turning a specific area at home into creative small office space ideas is possible, as long as you’re ready to unleash your creative insights. Of course, you will need to be cautious in choosing the right equipment, furniture, and tools to ensure that you will accomplish your tasks. In the case of working in a small space, you may have a limited opportunity to infuse large items. Furnishings, as well, when added in the workplace can make it too crowded, which can lead to stress and anxiety.

Below are some of the creative small office ideas that are stylish, cute, creative, and functional.   

#1 Having Multi-purpose Furniture. A working desk does not have to be the typical desk that workers are using. You can find and use a piece of furniture that has multiple purposes. It’s an ideal surface area when you’re working from home. You can keep a lot of items on furniture that can have several shelves or storage. You will surely love the idea of turning a piece of furniture into a workstation that can be your partner for efficiency and productivity.

You’ll be amazed by these multi-purpose furniture pieces.


#2 Office in a Closet. Turning a closet into a working space can be a smart idea if you want to have more privacy and get rid of possible distractions. Just a little knowledge of how to apply interior designs and to put in some furniture and equipment to use a closet into its best potential.

You can find inspiration on how to create a functional and stylish closet home office from this post shared by Fresh Home.

#3 Underneath Staircases. Too often, we underestimate some spaces in our house, such as in the underneath of a staircase or behind the couch. Well, the good news is that you can convert the area under the staircases to an ideal spot for working. You can decorate the space with items that you are fond of, so it will be a spot that will inspire and motivate you to excel at work. Use an ergonomic chair to ensure that you will avoid having back pain and neck pain.

You can check some inspirations here.


#4 Floating shelves. Floating shelves are also ideal to set up as a working station. It will also allow you to have more floor space to let you move more freely. This workstation setup will help you get rid of a bulky desk so that you can focus on your tasks. You can have a high-back ergonomic chair or a wobble chair to add comfort while working.

Check out some ideas here.


#5 Work at the Comfy Corner of the Living Room. It’s always wonderful to feel that you’re working in the comfort of your safe place. As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. Often, our living room promotes the feeling of comfort and convenience; thus, it can also be a perfect place to set up your workstation. You can choose a corner near the window so that you can have a view of your yard and the greenery outside.

You can discover some ideas from these living room small office ideas.


#6 L-Desk Setup. Do you think it will be difficult to have two or three desks to place multiple monitors for your job? Well, using an L-desk can be a great solution. It’s a smart choice because you do not have to get different tables, which may consume bigger space.

AnthroDesks L-shaped desk allows a worker to work with multiple monitors with ease and convenience. Make your working desk more ergonomic by using an ergonomic vertical mouse. Of course, you can add some creative ideas such as painting the walls with your favourite colour and putting some potted succulents on your desk.


#7 Sit to Stand Desk. Here’s another option to stay comfortable and avoid the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle due to sitting for long hours. A sit to stand desk allows you to shift between sitting and standing. Experts advised workers to practice alternating sitting and standing every after 30 minutes. This will help prevent experiencing back pain and fatigue. It will also be helpful if you will use an ergonomic chair for sitting and an anti-fatigue mat when standing.

You can check and choose from Anthrodesk’s sit to stand desks here.


#8 Office in the Hallway. Who says you can’t create a perfect workstation in a hallway in your home? Some working from home, individuals choose to have a spot on their hallways because it can be comfy and convenient. Choose to use ergonomic tools and furniture so you will be sure you will stay healthy and productive at work.

You can check some samples of offices set up in a home’s hallway here.

If you feel you’re running out of ideas to make your home office stylish, then getting some creative insights from other sources will be helpful. An article published by Real Simple website shared some decorating ideas to help you reflect your personality and inspire you to be more motivated at work. Some ideas include painting your walls with colourful hues to make it trendy, letting natural light to enter the workplace, hanging a gallery wall, decorating with artworks to make the office vibrant and energized, and adding the feel of Nature by having indoor plants or a live edge desk.

A functional and stylish office desk can be a worthy addition to any home. Working at home is already a blessing because it can offer great benefits such as convenience and avoid incurring additional expenses. In setting up a cozy small office space, you will just need creativity and some effort to achieve the home office you want and get essential tasks done.