Top Features of L Shaped Computer Desks

Some computer users nowadays are having some issues when it comes to utilizing limited working space. Especially for individuals who are working in the convenience of their homes, or those students who are learning online, finding the best computer desk can be a bit challenging. Some desks and tables are too large for a certain space, or too tiny that it can't accommodate two or three monitors needed for the tasks. This is where it becomes very helpful. In fact, they are used by a lot of workers nowadays and experience a lot of benefits.

A Quick Glimpse About L-Shaped Desks

Every piece of office furniture is created and customized based not only on ergonomics but also in the objective of facilitating an improved collaboration among workers. Ergonomic equipment, like L- shaped standing desks, is provided with features to ensure proper posture.

One interesting information about an L-shaped desk is that it can be placed in a corner, thus, using up a little space only. That doesn't mean that you can't be creative with this type of desk. You can still use some amazing desk accessories that can make your desk fancy, minimal, or styled based on your preference. You can set an L-shaped desk perpendicular to your wall where you choose to have your working space.

Office workers love these desks since they provide comfortable working space to complete their tasks. The ideal setup would have the L-shaped computer desks with an ergonomic chair, and accessories like monitor mounts, vertical mouse, and keyboard tray.

What can we get from an L-desk standing desk?

AnthroDesk, a leading standing desk retailer in Canada and the US, offers an L-Desk with Programmable Adjustable Height Controls. This type of desk is proven effective in alleviating the possible adverse effects of long hours of sitting, such as:

- Reducing pain on the back, neck, and other parts of the body

- Increasing productivity level

- Improving oxygen flow and stimulating good circulation

- Lowering the risks of diabetes, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases

- Burning more calories

- Strengthening neurotransmitter levels

- Preventing musculoskeletal ailments such as repetitive strain injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

An article from Mayo Clinic mentioned the following:

"If you're using a standing workstation, you've already made a move that might improve your health. Research has linked sitting for long periods with health problems, including obesity and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels."

Mayo Clinic also advised that when you consider applying proper workplace ergonomics, you have to make sure that you become knowledgeable on how to set up your desk, monitor, mouse and keyboard, office tools and desk accessories.


Key Features of L-Shaped Computer Desks

When looking for a desk table for your workstation, an L-Shaped desk can be one of your best choices. Here are the main features you can get from this type of desk:

#1 Ergonomic

How can you tell if your desk is an ergonomic one? It should promote better posture and can be adjusted to the right height. Some tables can be versatile; their angles are adjustable from 90° to 180°. That's the good thing with an L-shaped standing desk. You can easily alternate between sitting and standing, thus, getting rid of being stuck on a sedentary lifestyle. When an L-shaped desk is designed ergonomically, you can multitask easily and work more productively. There can also be some spaces for your invoices, papers, books, ledgers, and other items you need. If there is still an extra space, it can also be utilized for your hobbies and crafts.

#2 Practical

An L-shaped desk is a bit practical, yet can still be stylish. It can fit every corner to maximize space. Some types of L-shaped desks can be programmable, thus, making it easier to operate and handle. There's no need to require a bigger space. If the only available space for your workstation is a smaller one, then an L-shaped desk is the best option.

#3 Space-saver

This is one of the important features of an L-shaped computer desk. It should have a space-saving design. With its two perpendicular sides, it can be placed perfectly to home or office corners. Commonly, you can place two-three computer monitors on the table, along with some ergonomic accessories.

#4 High-Quality

Reliable stores and manufacturers offer computer desks with a lifetime guarantee. They are made from quality materials and created with the right specifications. It should be of top-notch quality to ensure that its use will have a comfortable and efficient work experience.

#5 Well-Designed

An L-shaped desk can be made from metal and can have a metal top. There are also other materials that can be used to create good quality desks. A well-designed L-shaped desk should be versatile, pleasant to the eyes, and can have some hubs or storages to make it less cluttered. You can also choose from various finishes that you may want. The materials used, style, and unique touches are factors that you should consider when buying an L-shaped desk. Nowadays, computer desks are available from modern to contemporary designs, so it will not be difficult to find a desk that will match your budget and style.

Introducing AnthroDesks L-Shaped Standing Desk

As mentioned earlier, AnthroDesk included on its array of standing desks an L-Desk Standing Desk with Programmable Height Controls. Since it is a standing desk, it is ergonomically-designed and will provide benefits to prevent the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

You can consider having this standing desk in your workstation because of the following features and descriptions:

- It also has a frame height of 28.3" - 50.8" (72cm - 129cm)

- It has an adjustable frame width of 47.24" - 68.5" (120cm - 174cm)

- Its width is adjustable by a telescopic mechanism

- The user can lower or raise the desk to the right height to ensure productivity and health benefits

- Its height can be adjusted by three powerful motors built into the desk legs

- It supports up to 330lbs (150kg) of weight, which should be distributed properly

- It can provide load speed that is 30mm/s (1.2''/s)

- It offers superior design and engineering that give you a clean and stylish look

- It provides stability and strength with EVEN more workspace

- It has three motor design that provides smooth and easy lifting capabilities

- The angle of this standing desk table is adjustable from 90° to 180°

- Its handset controls are composed of 2 memory presets and a 'Home' button. You just need to press the numbered preset button, and the desk will lower or raise to YOUR preferred heights

You can find other top-notch quality standing desks from AnthroDesk here.