Top Accessories For Standing Desks In 2023

Are you considering changing your work environment to improve productivity and reduce stress? Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular in offices across Canada, as they help provide improved ergonomics and a healthier working lifestyle. This trend is expected to become even more dominant in 2023, with many innovative accessories being introduced that can take your standing desk setup to the next level. In this blog post, we will be taking an in-depth look at some of the must-have accessories for standing desks that will be available in 2023 – allowing you to maximize comfort, organization, and convenience while keeping up with the latest trends. Read on to find out which ones you should consider.


Treadmills provide an effective workout solution at home or in the office by allowing users to walk or run while they work. In addition to running, treadmills often come with other features that help enhance your fitness routine. If you're looking for a standing desk conversion kit, consider a treadmill that features incline and decline adjustments, allowing you to mimic walking up and down hills while standing still. Variations in speed are also available, allowing any user to simulate sprints in their standing position. The combination of standing and varying speeds makes it easy to build strength and endurance without leaving the comfort of your workspace. By providing an all-in-one standing/fitness solution within reach, there's no need to sacrifice efficiency for health ever again.

Wobble Board

A wobble board is perfect for standing desk users looking to add extra balance and stability. Its unique combination of dual firmness baseplate technology, in addition to its rounded edges, offers a variety of ergonomic benefits. Studies have shown that standing for long periods can lead to leg fatigue and even lower back pain, making the wobble board an ideal way to support your standing posture. These features also give you improved control over any standing tasks you may be performing, allowing you greater freedom of movement while standing that would otherwise be more difficult. In short, these specific features provide a range of physical health benefits while still providing the classic standing desk experience.

Anti-Fatigue Mats 

Anti-fatigue standing mats are designed to provide standing desk users with comfort and support. Not only can standing desks help improve focus, productivity, and posture, but anti-fatigue mats enable individuals to remain standing for long periods without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. High-quality standing mats are made from foam materials that respond to the contours of the feet, which helps promote circulation in the lower body and reduces pressure in critical areas. Further, anti-fatigue mats typically come with bevelled edges to avoid slips and tripping hazards, plus they're often equipped with anti-microbial surfaces to prevent germs from spreading--a great option for those who utilize standing desks in a shared office space. With these features and benefits, anti-fatigue mats can dramatically improve workplace safety while providing users with much-needed comfort while on their feet.

Clamp-on Charging Station. 

Clamp-on charging stations can deliver a number of valuable benefits to workstation setups, such as standing desks. Not only do they provide secure and convenient positioning for your devices, but they also have unique features. For example, the adjustable arm allows you to adjust the holder according to the size of your device or smartphone, making them incredibly versatile. Furthermore, depending on the specific model you purchase, some clamp-on charging stations come with multiple USB ports so that you can charge more than one device simultaneously without sacrificing space on your desk. All in all, these helpful station accessories are a great choice for standing desk workspace setups.

Triple Monitor Mount

Having a standing desk can make all the difference in your productivity; however, it can be tricky to maximize the potential of one while keeping your workspace organized. A triple monitor mount resolves this issue by providing a range of features designed specifically to support your standing work lifestyle. For example, using flexible arms or clamps, most mounts adjust easily in different directions and distances. This allows you to position your screens at eye level, irrespective of the height of your standing desk, to reduce strain on your neck and back. Triple monitor mounts are also often sturdier than regular dual monitor alternatives for when heavier screens need to be handled. All this makes multiple mounting monitors with a standing desk a much smoother experience overall!

Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray is essential to a standing desk setup, allowing for comfortable usage for hours at a time. Key features to look for when selecting the right one include adjustment range, padding level, and tilting abilities. Many offer height adjustability from between four and thirteen inches, as well as tilt capabilities to adjust the angle of the typing surface up to fifteen degrees. Different types of padding can be found in most trays, including gel-like material that moulds to your wrist shape or molded texture paddings that provide reliable cushioning with no added heat buildups during extended use. With all these features, you can be sure that your standing desk setup will be comfortable and ergonomically optimized for optimal usage throughout even the longest days at work.

Adjustable CPU Holder For Under Desk Mount 

A standing desk is an essential choice for many people looking to improve their workday comfort and setup. But adding an adjustable CPU holder for under desk mount to your standing desk configuration can take it to the next level. This simple addition to your standing desk provides several essential benefits, such as improved accessibility, greater portability, enhanced protection against dust and debris, and improved air circulation. With its adjustable mechanism, this holder quickly adjusts to fit almost all CPUs for the optimal organization, even in the tightest spaces. Investing in an adjustable CPU holder for under desk mount enhances your standing desk experience!

Final Thoughts

When setting up a standing desk workspace, you must consider the type of accessories you'll need for optimal comfort and convenience. Clamp-on charging stations provide secure positioning for devices as well as multiple USB ports; triple monitor mounts enable adjustable arms or clamps for eye-level viewing; keyboard trays offer height adjustability and tilt capabilities with various types of padding; and an adjustable CPU holder can help improve accessibility, portability, protection against dust and debris, and air circulation. All these features are essential when creating a comfortable workstation setup that will make your day much more productive! With all these options available in the market today, anyone can find the perfect accessory to complete their standing desk setup!