Tips on Choosing The Best Desks for Writers

It may seem like ergonomic equipment such as standing desks are breakthrough equipment and modern tools in the workforce. However, they have been used for a long time. Standing desks are being used by famous statesmen, painters, and writers. History shows that standing desks have already helped people in working with their crafts and passions. Today, a lot of employers and employees are acknowledging how standing desks can be a great way to unleash their creative insights and smart ideas. Today, there is a multitude of ergonomic equipment that is introduced for professionals. When it comes to writing, the best standing desks for writers must be appropriately chosen.


What is a Standing Desk?

Also known as a ‘stand-up desk,’ a standing desk is designed to support working while standing up. Standing desks can be manually operated or programmable. They come in various features, variations, and styles. These types of desks are known for the following benefits of standing:           

#1 Burns more calories and promotes better metabolism

#2 Increases productivity levels of employees

#3 Promotes better blood circulation compared to sitting

#4 Lowers blood sugar level

#5 Aids in lowering the risk of acquiring heart diseases

#6 Reduces back pain and neck strain

#7 Promotes better posture

#8 Allows you to become more active at work 



Famous Writers Who Use Standing Desks

As previously mentioned, standing desks had been used by some writers years ago. The following are some of the famous writers who made standing desks a part of their journey of success in writing.


#1 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry W. Longfellow is a famous poet and author known for his works like the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride.” According to a biographer, Longfellow has alternated between sitting and standing at a desk he used in writing.

#2 Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway is a novelist and journalist who said to have also benefited from the idea of

using a standing desk. In the book entitled, ‘Pacompa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir,’ AE Hotchner, a biographer for Ernest Hemingway reveals Hemingway’s set-up in his home in Havana, “He never worked at the desk. Instead, he used a stand-up workplace he had fashioned out of a bookcase near his bed.”


#3 Stan Lee

A famous comic book writer, Stan Lee, is known for creating popular comics like X-Men, Spiderman, and Fantastic IV. A study reveals through a photo of Lee outside his house. The picture also shows standing at a desk with a typewriter. Lee also advises, “Always write standing up — good for the figure — and always faced the sun — good for the suntan!”


#4 Charles Dickens

The famous Charles Dickens was quoted telling this: “Prowling about the rooms, sitting down, getting up, stirring the fire, looking out the window, teasing my hair, sitting down to write, writing nothing, writing something and tearing it up…” It is said that Dickens’ workstation has books around, as well as a standing desk where he comfortably writes his masterpiece.


#5 Lewis Caroll

One of the best works of Lewis Caroll is the famous ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ His biographer mentioned, “Standing at the upright desk he always used while writing, he managed to breathe life and laughter onto the dry leaves of paper that lay before him.”


#6 Thomas Wolfe

Thomas Wolfe was a well-known American novelist who wrote novels, stories, and other literary pieces. Due to the difficulty of finding a perfect chair for his height, he often wrote standing up. He actually utilized the top of his refrigerator as the desk where he created his masterpieces.


#7 Vladimir Nabokov

Nabokov was a well-acclaimed Russian and American poet, entomologist, novelist, poet, and translator. Brian Boyd, Nabokov’s biographer, mentioned that the writer usually works standing at a lovely classic lectern in his study room.


What to Look for Standing Desks?

Writers today are becoming more aware of how to value their health as they create written pieces. Today’s writing and publishing industry keeps on growing and innovating. However, they can be challenging as well. That is why being comfortable while writing is critical. Using ergonomic equipment can be a good idea.

A standing desk provides benefits to the writers when it comes to working more efficiently. Also, it can aid in preventing health conditions that may cause adverse effects to the body. When choosing the best standing desks for writers, the following tips must be considered:

#1 Consider the desk height. Find out how high your desk will be based on your height. However, it will be better if you can get an adjustable height desk, so you can have it easily adjusted if you’re going to work while sitting or standing.

#2 Study the workspace in your office. If your desk is small, then you should look for a standing desk or a standing desk converter that will fit in the space. It is imperative to consider the space available in the workstation so you can choose the type of standing desk to buy.

#3 Consider the accessories you will need with your standing desk. It is also vital to consider what accessories you should use with your standing desk. This is to guarantee that you will have comfortable and productive working experience. Some of the top accessories you should have are ergonomic mouse, keyboard tray, walking treadmill, desk lamp, laptop stand, and cable clip organizers.

#4 Do you need a full desk or a convertible one? Writing can be done in the comfort of your home office or somewhere else during your travels. Thus, you need to decide if you will get a complete sit-stand desk or a converter that you can just attach to your desk.

#5 What is your budget? Standing desks come with different styles and variations. Thus, expect to have them as well at different prices. Some may be more expensive than others. However, you should put on top of your qualifications the quality of the standing desk you are going to buy. Make sure it will be a good investment and that you are going to make a good purchase for your money. Check the brand as well as the warranty it provides.


Best Standing Desks for Writers

Anthrodesk offers quality standing desks and converters to make your writing experience better. Here are some types of standing desks that you may consider:


#Electric Starter Standing Desk

This standing desk provides easy up and down controls that give you flexibility and comfort. It is ergonomically-designed, so it’s easy to set up and use. This will be perfect for writers who are sometimes experiencing pressure when working on their manuscripts. There’s no need to worry about the complex settings of the desk because this electric standing desk is easy to set up.


#Programmable Single Motor Standing Desk

In just a push of a button, you can switch from sitting to standing with this programmable single motor electric standing desk. As a writer, you need to give your full focus on what you’re writing; thus, comfort and convenience must be included in your top concerns.


#Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

Writing can be more fun and comfortable when you choose to use a programmable dual motor standing desk. It’s easy to assemble and has a home button for a standard sitting position.


#L-Desk Standing Desk with Programmable Adjustable Height Controls

If you’re a writer who is also fond of multi-tasking, then this L-Desk standing desk can be the perfect one for you. It can be adjusted to accompany a range of desktops that you will use. Its shape allows you to move more comfortably, thus contributing to your productivity.


#Desk Converters

In case you already have a desk for writing and want to keep it, desk converters are the most ideal for you to buy. A converter can be easily attached to a desk. This is also ideal if you have some books that you want to place on your table. You can also choose a full standing desk converter that can be easily adjusted to your desired height.



Final Thoughts

Writing can be a daunting yet rewarding activity. It can be a channel for your passion and also a way to earn income. That is why, you need to invest in good equipment that will help your writing activity easier and more comfortable. When choosing a good standing desk for writer, there are some factors that need to be considered, such as quality, price, installation instructions, and other shipping options.