Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

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Abigail Taylor
Easy to install!

I put together my desk just one day ago, and it has turned out to meet all of my expectations. The assembly process was effortless, and while it's a bit on the heavier side as anticipated, it hasn't posed any issues. It's worth noting the weight, though. I'm really fond of its appearance, and its performance is excellent. Notably, the motor runs quietly, which is a definite plus.

Isabella Chen

Comfortable My Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk has completely transformed my workday. The desk is easy to use, and the ability to program different heights has made it incredibly easy to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. I feel so much better after using this desk regularly.

J. Sanchez
Surprisingly really easy to construct!

The dual motor system is a tank, it can handle lots of weight. It's easy to use and adjust and does the job!

Great Customer Service for a Solid Desk

First of all, thank you to Anthrodesk for having such wonderful customer service! My order was delayed but I received frequent updates from the customer service team, and even an upgrade on an item that went out of stock right after I placed the order.
The desk does require 2 people to setup as it's quite heavy, but certainly worth it as it seems very sturdy with very minimal wobble at top height, and the dual motor is quiet.
Love my standing desk! The perfect home office upgrade.

Awesome standing desk

I purchased this desk with 60x30 Solid Wood Walnut table-top. The delivery was done in the same week and after I set up the table in the weekend, I'm very happy with it. I used to have a standing desk in my office and with us working at home, so I can compare this table with what I used to have.

I'm very happy with the quality of the table and frame. They're of very high quality and the advantage of not having pre-drilled holes is that you can move the frame either (almost) to the end or keep them a little inside - depending on your preference and any attachments you may want to attach to the table (e.g. monitor mounts).

Carrying the table to the 2nd floor was a bit of a workout as both the frame and table-top are very heavy. Assembly is easy, but you'll need a good area as you'll need to put the table-top flat and put the frame on top of it to drill the provided screws, and then flipping it (to make it upright) will need another person's help.

It's too soon to say anything about the motor but so far (in 1-week usage), I'm pretty happy with it. I've two big monitors (with mounts) on it + 1 laptop + other stuff and it's very stable when either raising it or lowering it. It can easily carry more weight.

I'm still playing with the anti-collision feature (as mentioned in the manual - though it could be me not trying it properly), which doesn't seem to be working, but the support staff is very helpful in getting me to figure out this stuff.

Awesome table for the price (in Canada). Highly recommended.