The One Thing You Need To Know About An LED Desk Lamp

An LED desk lamp is one of the commonly known light fixtures and it is often found in an office, school, and in residence as part of the study room, work table or even used as a dim light such as the LED desk lamp by AnthroDesk.

There are many variations of light fixtures created for use with special functions in lighting for the automotive industry, aerospace, marine, and medicine. Desk lamps are usually small and are used to optimize lighting experience either when reading or working on the desk. The great benefits that an LED gives increases the demand for LED desk lamps. There are modern and contemporary designs to choose from. The choices will always include the price, functions, durability, design, and also the quality of the product as shown here.

LED lights are compact and do not flicker or strobe. This lessens eye strain while working and increases a person’s attention while working. Another benefit of having an LED desk lamp at home is it increases productivity according to a study published in the journal Energy Policy.


LEDs are safer to use because of its plastic housing. There less fear of broken glass when using an LED desk lamp. Some LED lights are fully sealed and shielded from dust and insects that can gather inside the unit. This hygienic feature is an advantage when LED lights are utilized in hospitals, food factories, and other related organizations that require health and sanitation practices.

The risk of burn and fire hazards is lessened because an LED produces a cold light. In effect, installing LED lighting can reduce the costs of insurance. Dr. Victoria Revell is a chronobiologist at the University of Surrey and has this to say "a lot of benefits can be affecting our health when sufficient high level of light is received at an appropriate time of the day." She added that ‘lights can benefit our alertness, mood, productivity, sleep patterns and many aspects of our physiology. Light is critical for our health and wellbeing.’


An LED light produces maximum brightness immediately when switched on. The LED light bulbs are robust making it suitable in vibrating and other hostile environments such as streetlights including the traffic lights. LED lights can be dimmed, allowing for much more control of the light inside the room or the space on top of a standing desk converter. It also cost less than the traditional lightings and it is maintenance free. Aside from the longer lifespan, energy conservation and saving more money, an LED lighting is a greener option for office design or home improvement.

This LED desk lamp is dimmable, allowing the user to control the light produced by an LED and at the same time, encourages the user to be productive and stay alert while working or reading.