On Better Health and Productivity: How Can Standing Desk Converters Can Help?

Nowadays, office workers and freelancers are aware that prolonged sitting can be dangerous. Since they can’t avoid to sit as required by their nature of jobs, they need to find a better way to prevent the health risks it can give, they can do various tasks such as data entry, clerical, customer support, writing, engineering, design, data entry, and graphic tasks. The downside most often experienced by workers deal with personal trials, time management, and adverse health effects. When it comes to solving health issues such as chronic back pain and fatigue, a standing desk converter can provide a big aid.


What is a Standing Desk Converter?               

A standing desk converter is an attachment that is placed on a worker's desk or table. This equipment lets you stand while working. Some people love their existing desk and don't want to give it up. However, this innovative type of desk offers convenience and better job performance because it provides various advantages.


What are the Perks of Using Standing Desk Converter for Working Professionals? 

Every working individual must be aware of how they can take care of themselves while they are on their job. They need to choose the best equipment they will use in their workplaces. One example is by choosing a top-notch quality standing desk converter.

So, do we need to consider having standing desks at work? What are the benefits they can offer? Discussed below are the answers: 

#1 Standing desk helps in reducing back pain. One of the most common complaints from office workers is having back pain due to sitting all day. There are already companies who applied ergonomics to their workplace. Using a standing desk proves that there are improvements in cases of lower back pain and other hazardous health issues.

#2 A standing desk can help boost efficiency and productivity. Since standing can make you more comfortable than sitting, you will work with more convenience and ease. Errors will be minimized, productivity is promoted, and efficiency will be assured. And because standing desks help improve the mood and energy levels, a workplace will be a more fun and a great place to work at. 

#3 Standing aids in lowering the risks of having heart diseases. Medical experts have revealed that heart health is related to sitting. They have made some studies and observations on how heart diseases can be caused by sedentary life as well. As we all know, employees are used to sitting when they do their tasks in the office. With all the results of the studies, it is concluded that spending more time on your feet is more beneficial for heart health.

#4 Standing desks help to lower blood and sugar levels. As we all know, the increase in our sugar and blood levels can be dangerous. Sitting can contribute to such danger; thus, a standing help can be one of the solutions to the issue.

#5 Standing helps lower the risks of weight gain. Weight gain is one of the common effects of having a sedentary life. When employees spend a lot of time sitting at work, they will have a hard time to do exercise and stay with a healthy lifestyle. Standing at work is one effective way to promote productivity and efficiency. Studies have shown that extra calories can be burned simply by standing at your desk, keeping you safe from various health issues. That is why using a standing desk is a smart choice.

#6 Standing helps in improving energy levels and mood in the workplace. Standing desks have a positive impact on workers’ overall well-being. They aid in promoting a work environment, which is less stress and fatigue by standing instead of sitting during the day's working hours. They can also increase the energy levels and the vigour to work as compared to sitting, which can make you feel lousy and less energetic.

#7 Standing more can help you to have a longer life. Working professionals must realize the importance of having a healthy working environment. This is not only to excel in their career, but also to protect their health and live longer. Some studies are linking prolonged sitting to an early death. This is not surprising since various medical studies have revealed that sedentary life is one of the significant causes of diabetes and heart diseases.

In line with that, reducing sedentary time will help in improving physical, mental, and metabolic health. This is why using a standing desk converter aids in alternating between standing and sitting can aid in improving people’s working lifestyle.


What are the Common Health Problems Experienced by Working People?

Employees and other working professionals spend time and effort on their job. Sometimes, they need to extend their working hours to meet deadlines and reach quotas. There are also instances that they can no longer have proper nutrition due to busy lifestyle.The following are some of the most prevalent health problems experienced by working individuals.

#1 Hypertension. Employees can suffer from hypertension due to stressful working conditions. When there is a hectic schedule, several deadlines to beat, and other medical-related conditions, they can be prone to the dangers of hypertension. When not given proper medical attention, this can lead to more severe problems.

#2 Weight gain issues. When employees lack exercise, have poor eating habits, and deal with a sedentary lifestyle, there can have an increase in obesity risks. Experts have advised that weight gain can lead to other serious health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and lack of self-confidence.

#3 Stroke. Not giving proper attention to health, as well as eating unhealthy foods can lead to a stroke. Stress in the workplace can also contribute to this. Working people must be aware of the early signs of this disease to prevent it. A regular checkup with a physician is advised.

#4 Insomnia. Changing work shifts can make employees to be deprived of a good night's sleep. When someone lacks sleep, performance in the next day will be significantly affected. She can suffer from confusion, thinking problems, lack of concentration, and unclear focus. Sleep deprivation can also be a cause of other kinds of diseases.

#5 Musculoskeletal problems. Issues such as neck pain and back pain are also common among working individuals due to their nature of work. 

#6 Depression and anxiety. There are also mental issues that working individuals can experience, aside from the ordinary physical health conditions that we know. Depression and anxiety are the most known to us. There are also problems and concerns at work. Some employees spend less time with their family because they are busy with their developing careers. When that happens, it can lead to various issues affecting their career, family matters, and their struggles.


Workers should be aware on how to take care of themselves. This can contribute to better health and improved productivity. That's why it is just and proper for them to have the best equipment and tools that will help them to become even wonderful individuals.