Office Lighting Tips and Tricks: How to Light Your Work Space

While it is essential to choose the right chairs and desks for your office, office lighting is also crucial; it has a significant impact on our eyes. Poor lighting, no matter where you are, is quite annoying and stressful. It can also be a safety and health hazard as it will bring accidents and injuries if the light is too bright or dim. 

Too much brightness from fluorescent lights while working is terrible as it will strain the eyes and sometimes trigger migraines. Dim light can also make it difficult for the eyes to see and will trigger stress. It can also make your eyes water and feel have a burning sensation.

It is essential to look at how office lighting is being situated, whether in an office setup or home office space. If you are a remote worker, there is a big chance for you to design your own office space. While you pay attention to the style and ergonomics, it is also essential to include the proper office lighting.

Office Lighting Tips and Tricks

Assess Where the Light Is Coming From

It is equally important to take a look if your office space or home office has natural light. If the light is coming from your window, then you have a lot of natural light. Having this is advantageous, as this positively affects your mood and behaviour, which an artificial lamp cannot always provide. Take advantage and move your desk close to a window if possible. Natural light is also more suitable for the eyes.

Fluorescent lights used to be the office standard, and many living the cubicle life can feel like they don’t have a choice. Part of the problem is that office layouts often are not designed to properly spread sufficient light (within the right spectrum) for each cubicle. One solution is to change the view in your office space especially if you are working on a laptop or a computer.

How Light Sets the Mood in a Room

In a home office, good sound light and ambiance are a must to make you feel more productive. The workstation must not be too bright nor too dim. Once your eyes are strained, you will not engage in a correct sitting position. The light should come from above and focus on the work surface.

You may be surprised to know that our bodies respond to light; it can increase hormone production, which can trigger changes in our mood, aggression, and appetite.

It is best to resort to natural lighting as this improves our state of mind and productivity. Some studies show that low productivity often occurs when people are feeling less active due to dim lights. They tend to be more sleepy than people who have good lighting installed in their office.

Moreover, harsh lighting is terrible for productivity as well. A solution to this is to opt for more natural light or other lighting systems that have been proven successful to enhance focus and increase productivity. And as a bonus, many of these newer lighting systems (like LED lights and panels) use far less energy than past systems.

Every Light Has a Different Story

If you are a person who focuses on reading, writing, cooking, or sewing, you need a light that focuses on your task. Task lighting is the perfect light as the light contrasts with the rest of the space.

If you are in a cubicle, you can modify the set up by installing a personal light. Just keep in mind that you must be very careful as if your cubicle is not big enough, you might end up bothering someone else. 

Many office workers are resorting to a different and modern type of office lighting. Lights are more focused on their workspace because they can control the amount of light that they need to receive. 

An adjustable or articulated desk lamp can put light exactly where you need support on a variety of tasks. Accent and decorative office lighting in a home office set up improve the character of your office. Accent lighting draws attention to the object, while decorative lights provide visual effects.

AnthroDesk offers a LED desk lamp with a USB charging port that not only focuses on your office lighting needs but it can also be a decorative light. This LED desk lamp has a modern design with touch-sensitive base controls. It also has a USB charging port where you can charge your phone, tablet, or. 

Natural and flicker-free LED light protects your eyes and lowers stress. Energy-efficient 10W LED bulb comparable to a 60W incandescent. It has a flexible multi-directional base, which allows you to locate it in the perfect position. It will make your room appear ambient and stylish, making it a suitable place to work in either an office or home. 


Without proper lighting, we would be left in the dark, literally, and since as human beings, we are not nocturnal creatures, investing in good lighting is common sense. You may not think that a lack of light or proper lightning affects your physical and emotional health, but it does. 

When you work in poor lighting conditions, you end up straining your eyes because it takes more effort on their part to see what you are doing. Thus, if your eyes suffer, so will your brain. You may experience headaches, which leads to poor concentration and before you know it you find yourself less productive and more frustrated. 

With everything we do, we should always think about how it may affect us in the long run, and if it does negatively affect us, we should come up with ways to fix it. 

Finally, if you’re looking to make a few changes to your office lighting, we wholeheartedly recommend that you check Anthrodesk’s products, which are always efficient, health-oriented, and always keep your needs in mind as a customer.