How To Achieve a Personalized Desk in an Ergonomic Workplace

When working in an office or home-based working area, it is best to consider having an ergonomic workplace. To add comfort and happiness while working, you can always have your desk personalized by adding certain items and features. This will give you a higher level of productivity and ease at work while keeping a healthy and injury-free ergonomic workspace.


Setting Up An Ergonomic Workplace: What To Consider

Various important items must be present in a working area to work comfortably.

#1 Your Chair 

Ergonomic office chairs (or wobble stools) are used in most workplaces nowadays (as opposed to non-adjustable, non-ergonomic chairs). Since we are sitting mostly in our daily work, it will help choose a high-quality ergonomic chair. This will help support our spine and back, thus, preventing posture problems.

Below are the things you need to make sure your chair has:

Adjustable seat height

An adjustable chair will be beneficial in achieving a comfortable working experience. This type of chair allows your thighs to be parallel to the floor. Also, it will keep your feet flat on the floor. It will not even be hard to reach the keyboard and mouse once your chair is at the right distance from your desk.

A comfortable cushion

 Your chair should have a comfortable cushion to sit on. Sitting on a hard chair will cause discomfort and may lead to lower productivity at work. This can also cause some types of body pains, so make sure to have a cushion on the chair. You can also opt for breathable fabric for better comfort.


Your chair should also have armrests where you can put your arms when you aren’t typing. Your arms should be lowered so that your shoulders are relaxed and your elbows are bent at around 90 degrees angle.

Lumbar Support 

A chair with lumbar support will help the lower back, thus preventing pains and other issues.

#2 Your Desk

The type of desk that you will use in your working area will create a massive impact on your productivity. It should be in the right position, and they should provide comfort, too. Since more and more individuals are learning the sedentary lifestyle risks, ergonomic desks have also been introduced. 

There are standing desks, converters, and sit-stand desks, which help the worker do their jobs while standing. When it comes to desk height, first measure the chair’s height, the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. 

#3 Monitor

Some monitors are not highly adjustable on their own. Ergonomists always advise to set up your monitor of about 2-3 inches down from your monitor top casing at an eye level. Besides, keep your monitor to be an arm’s length away from your chair.

#4 Keyboard and Mouse Placement

The rule is simple. Do not place your mouse and keyboard too far from your reach. If you seem to be extending your arms too far to reach for the keyboard, then something needs to be changed. Also, there are ergonomic mouse and keyboard, which are specially designed to bring comfort and efficiency to the users. 

You may place your mouse and keyboard at the height where your elbows are bent at or almost 90-degree angle. This placement is helpful to make sure that you are not bending your wrists forcibly when typing. 

#5 Your Desk Accessories

There are essential items and accessories that you should keep on your desk. Things such as paper clips, staplers, pens, and others should be reachable. This will help to make your work more efficient without wasting time and other resources. 

Important Reminders To Improve Work Performance 

Having ergonomic tools and equipment in the working area is not enough. As a worker, you should also do some practices and keep healthy habits. You need to be mindful of your overall health so you’ll not suffer from any health issues. 

The best thing that you can do is be mindful of your body’s posture and position. If you are used to slouching over your desk, it is time to correct your posture every time you find yourself not sitting with your back straight.  

#1 Take care of your posture

Like we mentioned before, taking care of your posture especially when you work an office job is imperative. So, with the risk of sounding like a broken record: avoid slouching on your desk and chair. This may sound easy for some, but most of us do it without noticing it. You may sit with the back at about a 100-degree angle to your legs. Being aware of our posture will help us work better without having the risk of getting neck and back pain.

#2 Have your elbows close to the body while keeping your wrists straight. 

This is important, especially if you are reaching for items on your desk. If you feel you are overextending your arms when reaching for stuff, then something needs to be changed. 

Your mouse or keyboard, for instance, maybe in the wrong position. Check your desk and overall workstation. Make sure they are ergonomically arranged to ensure that you will have a level of productivity and efficiency.

#3 Keep your shoulders and back relaxed

A common problem in the workplace is experiencing tensed shoulders and back muscles. They should be relaxed so that you can perform well. For example, your keyboard should be placed at the right level, wherein you will not need to use the armrests. 

Of course, we all know that working, such as typing, for long hours, can make the arms and shoulders tense. This is why you should take some breaks from time to time to avoid such issues.


Making Your Desk Personalized For a Better Working Experience 

The more you feel comfortable at work, the better the results you will produce. Do you know that you can add some items that can help you get more motivated with what you’re doing? Having an aesthetically pleasing and organized office is one of the best things you can do to boost your motivation. Yes, that’s right. Here are some ideas you can try. 

#1 Put some daily affirmations on your desk 

Positive affirmations are phrases that can help you boost your level of motivation. They can remind you that you are capable of doing amazing things, despite the pressures and deadlines. 

It can also be your favourite quote that will lift you up when you’re starting to feel burnout. You can print them, and then frame or paste them using post-it stickers. Seeing them on your desk or workstation will remind you of your passion for work. 

#2 Add plants to your desk

Succulents and other indoor plants are perfect desk decor. Not only can they give a visual appeal, but they can also help you breathe fresher air. According to some studies, plants help ease stress and anxiety as well.

#3 Add some personalized decorative items 

There are times that you may feel tired and burnout on the tasks you’re doing. That’s why it will be helpful to feel good seeing some inspiration in your working area. A photo frame with your family or loved ones will be a great idea to have. You can also have something that can make you smile. It can be a craft or any small item that will bring delight to you. Whatever you decide to add to your office, make sure it is something that inspires you and makes you feel good about yourself. 


A working space is where we spend most of our time in a day. Thus, it should be comfortable, clean, organized, and a source of creative inputs. Make sure your desk is ergonomically-designed, so it will be convenient to work at. You can also have it personalized to get some boost of motivation and inspiration while working.

We may not have the offices of our dreams, with large windows and extremely spacious rooms; however, a little goes a long way. A smaller office can make you feel just as good if it is neat and frequently organized. If you decide to personalize it a bit, even better. It will make you like it’s a small part of you, and you will do your best work there.