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Ergonomic Wobble Chair

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  • A fun, active chair ideal for use with your standing desk

  • Engages your core muscles and stimulates metabolism

  • Wide range of height adjustments accommodates all sizes

  • Wobble your way to better health today!

#1 Chair for standing desks

Get physical: The perfect way to stay active even when you sit with your sit to stand desk

Burn more calories: Engage core muscles and increase metabolic rate even while sitting

Height adjustable: From 25" to 33" allows a myriad different positions and accommodates all sizes

Base stays in place: Weighted and rubberized base holds chair in place

Weight Capacity: 150kgs (330lbs)

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I can't find the assembly instructions, where can I get them? 

You can find them here: AnthroDesk Ergonomic Wobble Chair Assembly Instructions (PDF)


What’s the weight capacity of the wobble chair?

Our Ergonomic Wobble Chair can lift up to 150kgs or 330lbs.


My chair doesn't engage the gas spring and doesn’t go up and down, what should I do?

To make this work, put the seat on and sit on it (bounce if needed) and rotate around 10 times. See if it can go up and down. 


My chair does not go down but rises up, what should I do?

Sit about an inch further back on the stool then press down.


How to Remove Wobble Stool’s Seat?

  1. Unsnap the plastic collar from the bottom of the seat.

  2. Run the hammer along with the metal gas spring and gently tap the seat off.

  3. Pressing down on the base with your foot can help Wobble Stool Stationary

  4. To reconnect the seat, align the seat with the tip of the gas spring.

  5. Press down firmly and snap the plastic collar to the seat frame.


Here’s a video of how to remove the seat part: 


How to remove the gas spring/cylinder part from the base?

Once assembled, the gas spring/cylinder of the wobble chair cannot be detached from the base. Any attempts would destroy or break it.