How Can Ergonomic Equipment Alleviate Lower Back Pain

Most of us spend long hours of work sitting on our work desk, making us prone to a sedentary lifestyle. As we all know, such a lifestyle can adversely affect our health and should be avoided. Every worker should learn how to consider making their desk a comfortable space to ensure efficiency and productivity. Making sure to have an ideal workstation will help you avoid experiencing fatigue and pain on wrists, hands, wrists, neck, and back. Various studies revealed that lower back pain is one of the common problems workers experience when it comes to work-related activities. The good thing is that there are different ergonomic equipment that can help alleviate lower back pain. Read on to learn more.


Learning About the Common Causes of Back Pain?

You might be asking, "What are the common causes of lower back pain?" Different factors contribute to this health issue in the workplace.

WebMD shares some causes of back pain, which include the following:

- Overuse injuries

- Scoliosis

- Spinal stenosis

- Disc tear

- Spondylolisthesis

- Vertebral fractures

- Pinched nerve


On the other hand, Mayo Clinic also mentioned that the following are common factors that contribute to back pain:

- Inactivity especially if you're working on a desk job

- Repetitive movements may lead to rotating or twisting of the spine

- Putting too much force or pressure on your back

- Lifestyle factors may lead to poor physical conditions


Becoming aware of the common causes of back pain will help you better understand what to avoid and how to deal with it.


Common Ergonomic Equipment and How They Help Alleviate Lower Back Pain

Thanks to the power of technology and innovation, we now have available ergonomic equipment that will help workers comfort while working. These tools, furniture, and devices are highly effective in promoting good posture and a healthy work lifestyle.

#1 Sit-stand desk and desk converters

Desk converters and sit-stand desks are proven to be excellent tools in preventing back pain among workers. This is because these ergonomic items encourage individuals to keep moving and still have an active work lifestyle, no matter how busy they are with their jobs. Prolonged sitting is said to be one of the leading causes of lower back pain due to the pressure on the back area. Unless you use an ergonomic chair, long hours of sitting will remain dangerous to your health. Sit-stand desks enable you to switch between sitting and standing, thus avoiding yourself to be at risk of a sedentary lifestyle.

#2 Quality ergonomic chair

A good ergonomic chair has different adjustable components, making it easier to find a comfortable position while sitting. You can AnthroDesk's ergonomic chair. With its features and functionality, you will surely perform better at work without putting your health at risk. The initial step in setting up an ergonomic office chair is to come up with the desired height of the person's desk or workstation. You should also determine the nature of work you have to make sure you choose the right office chair.

#3 Standing Desks

Again, sitting while at work for long periods can result in adverse health conditions, especially in the lower back. This has been the common complaints among office and home-based workers. Our bodies are not engineered just to be seated and stay sedentary. We are actually created with the system to move and stay active. Using standing desks in the workplace provide various health benefits and prevent posture-related issues. Several studies are conducted, and they revealed that standing desks effectively aid in helping workers to lessen their lower back pain experience.

AnthroDesk offers a comprehensive array of standing desks and other ergonomic items such as anti-fatigue mats, vertical mice, and others. 

#4 Wobble Chair

Wobble chairs are another type of ergonomic equipment that helps workers avoid the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Its movement helps in making the muscles become stronger and improve its range of motion. Any movement will build better bodies and enhance functionality. Chiropractors commonly recommend it for workers who want to maintain a healthy work lifestyle while maintaining a proper posture.

#5 Monitor Mounts

Another prevalent issue in the workplace is the eye strain and neck pain due to the wrong position of the computer monitor. Using monitor mounts can be a big help. You can use these items to ensure that monitors will be positioned appropriately so that you will not need to slouch and put pressure on some parts of the body.


Additional Tips To Prevent Back Pain at Work

Discipline and consistency are both essential qualities that can help people to avoid posture-related issues. If you keep on having unhealthy habits and lifestyle, then the risks of suffering from conditions such as back pain, fatigue, and headaches will be higher. Listed below are the tips you can consider to avoid back pain and other injuries at work:

#1 Promote proper posture

Be aware and knowledgeable about how to sit, stand, sleep, and other activities properly. Always promote proper posture. Do not slouch. Avoid sitting for long hours. Avoid using a chair without lumbar support; this can damage your spinal column. Make sure not to put too much pressure on your lower back and buttocks.

#2 Work in an ergonomic workstation

Make sure to promote proper ergonomics in the workplace. Always ensure that items such as a keyboard, monitor, monitor, and chair are positioned correctly. Do not make unnecessary reaching, twisting, and bending.

#3 Lift the right way

When carrying and lifting a heavy load or object, you should lift with your legs while tightening the core muscles. Keep the natural curve of your back. Avoid twisting when lifting. Do not force your body to carry or lift a load that is too heavy for you.

#4 Be aware of your body’s signals

Do not underestimate the power of being aware of the signals your body is trying to send to you. Muscle fatigue, back pain, strain, and tension are essential symptoms you should pay attention to. Neglecting them can lead to more severe health problems. 

Final Thoughts

Lower back pain is one of the common issues experienced by people working either in an office or in a home-based workspace. It is important to learn how to use ergonomic equipment and tools to prevent and alleviate pain and other health problems while working. AnthroDesk provides various kinds of ergonomic accessories and devices. These products are proven to be highly effective in promoting comfort and efficiency while working.