How Can an Active Lifestyle Contribute to a Successful Career

If you think the only problem in the workplace most workers are experiencing is the tight deadlines or difficult tasks to complete, you may be wrong. Nowadays, it's more about health-related issues. Some workplaces are not ergonomically set up, making workers feel uncomfortable and experience burnout. One of the most common problems they are facing is having a sedentary lifestyle. If you're still working in a traditional office setup, you can imagine the usual scenarios – sitting for long hours each day, eating lunch in front of the computer, consuming unhealthy snacks, and employees experiencing headaches due to computer strain and artificial lighting in the workplace. To become sedentary means being prone to health problems such as having back pain, neck pain, and musculoskeletal disorders. Fatigue has also been a common complaint from workers. Little that they know, all these can be solved by having an active lifestyle. Of course, the utilization of the proper tools in an ergonomic workstation should also be considered. An active lifestyle is proven to help create a successful professional career.


Go for an Active Lifestyle Towards Building a Successful Career

Establishing a career is not an overnight workload. It requires various factors to develop a strong foundation and fulfilling results. Just like how a towering building is built, your career also needs 'bricks' and 'steel' put together to create the success you've always been dreaming of. Here's one significant tip you can apply as you go through the path of your success.

There are some tips on how to have an active lifestyle and how these will help you with your career:


#1 Choose to walk

Walking is considered as one of the best forms of exercise. When you're at home and need to go to a nearby shop or somewhere to pick up something, try walking instead of using your car. This will make you shed sweats and re-energize the body. It will be best if you can do the walking along the way where there are trees and plants around – they will help promote better respiration. When you're at work (whether at a company office or a home office), try walking some steps to give files to a colleague or your boss. Such a simple activity will help you stand up from your desk and take some time to be active. Your muscles will thank you after. If you're working from home, you can leave your desk for a moment and do some walking. Visit your garden or prepare the meals for the day. As medical experts advised, our body is not designed to become stagnant. We need to move, stay active, and be healthy.

#2 Take regular breaks when you're at work

When the clock hits 10 for a coffee break, do you stand and go to the pantry? How about when it's already lunchtime? Do you stand up and look for something to eat? When these two break time schedules strike, you'd rather choose to take a nap on your desk or eat your packed lunch on your table? Well, you may say that there seems nothing wrong about that; however, such practices can bring a toll to your health. During break time, make sure to stand up and make some movements. Such activity will contribute to keeping yourself healthy and active.

#3 Use a standing desk or sit-stand desks

Workplaces nowadays are embracing the trends of applying proper ergonomics, as well as using ergonomic products. However, make sure to choose ergonomic equipment based on quality and the features they provide. Use standing desks or sit-stand desks to make sure you will be able to stand anytime you want. They can be adjusted in just the push of a button. Some of them are programmable, making them easier to set up and customize.

#4 Create an active morning routine

Oprah Winfrey, one of the world's most influential personalities, mentioned that her morning routine includes meditation. This is to clear her mind and get rid of negative thoughts before she starts her day. However, you can also create your own morning routine. How to make it more active? Include doing some physical movements. You can do some aerobic exercises, have a plunge in your pool, or do some gym exercises.

#5 Avoid having your lunch on your desk

Having your lunch in front of your computer or even while working can be dangerous. Imagine eating your food without chewing it thoroughly. This may lead to indigestion and stomach pains. When that happens, you may feel uncomfortable and may not work efficiently. That will serve as a 'red flag' to your journey of creating a successful career.

#6 Use a walker treadmill at work

With a desk converter or a standing desk, you can easily alternate between sitting and standing easily. However, you can still stay active while sitting by using a walker treadmill. This can be adjusted to your desired speed, either for walking or jogging speed rate. Some people claim that this can also help in losing weight, but what's more significant is that it can help you stay active while at work.

#7 Do some little activities at work and home that will help you avoid become sedentary

When you feel lousy at work or at home, you should think about some activities to keep yourself active. At home, you can work on doing some DIY crafts or gardening. Do some walking, cleaning, and other chores. Instead of sitting all day during your day off, you can spend time organizing your stuff at home. On the other hand, you can also do some little organizing jobs on your desks. This will make your workplace clean and tidy and keep your mind and body active.

#8 Create open communication with your colleagues

Nowadays, virtual meetings and conferences are the chosen methods on how to communicate with your teams. Of course, getting in touch with them is a crucial thing to do, so task delegation and effective communication will be ensured. But that doesn't need to be boring. You can still leverage your meetings from being seated to infusing some little fun activities virtually. You just need to be creative with ideas such as playing games and sharing stories.

#9 Join charities and other activities with meaningful endeavours

Do you feel you're being exiled in the four walls of your home office? There are various things and activities that you can try to ease the boredom and let yourself do something with a purpose. You can join charity events or some outdoor activities. However, since we are now facing this pandemic, there's a little chance we can do that. However, you can still make yourself busy and promote active living. Find ways on how you can help. Evaluate your skills and talents. Learn how you can share a passion and how this can be meaningful for others.

#10 Choose to be happy instead of keeping yourself stagnant

Lastly, choose to be happy. Laugh and live. Live and serve others. You will thank yourself after because, with all your efforts and hard work, you can still be a part of a meaningful journey. Do not hide on your 'cocoon.' There will always be a time for you to come out and become a butterfly. In life, you need not be stagnant. You should not be dormant. Your mind and body should always be active in finding ways to be energized in doing your tasks.


Final Thoughts

Your career is not something that you will wish for, and lo! will be given to you in a snap of a finger. Creating success is neither happening in just a blink of an eye. It would be best if you worked for it- to pursue, to excel, to succeed. In creating the path for your career, make sure to remember that your mind and body will be the two most important investments that you can make. Always choose to have an active lifestyle- and start it today.