Desk Ideas for Your Office: 10 Ergonomic Product Additions to Your Workplace

When it comes to creating an ideal workstation, there are various desk ideas that you can consider. It can be minimalist, sophisticated, complex, and ergonomic. Part of the goal to achieve an ideal workstation and desk setup is to include items that will help promote productivity and efficiency at work. They should help in giving an impact to generate positive results from all the efforts of a worker’s tasks and assignments. In line with that, it is also a significant thing to remember that there are quality ergonomic products that can be great additions in the workplace. So, if you’re someone who is looking for such products, this article is for you.

10 Ergonomic Products You Can Add for your Dream Desk Design

We all want to work in a place where comfort and convenience can be achieved. The way it is set up and organized plays an integral part in creating a desk design that is perfect to generate positive work results.

Good to know that there are ergonomic products that can be added to your workstation, and ten of them are listed below. Offered by AnthroDesk, these items are of high quality, affordable, and can help promote a healthier lifestyle.

#1 Ergonomic Chair

Say no to back pain and fatigue while working by using a good ergonomic chair. Not only that but using an ergonomic office chair can also help prevent the bad effects of poor posture such as strain and neck pain. An ergonomic chair should have the features that will make you comfortable and productive with the job. It should have lumbar support, armrest, head support, and its height should be adjustable. You can check AnthroDesk’s ergonomic office chair to view its features.

#2 Desk Converter

A desk converter is another helpful tool that every worker should consider adding to their desk. It can be attached to your existing desk, so there’s no need to buy another table. Not only that, but desk converters also help in avoiding the various bad effects of sitting. With this ergonomic equipment, you can easily switch from sitting to standing, thus, helping you to get rid of a sedentary lifestyle.

AnthroDesk offers a wide range of desk converters, all of the great quality and amazing features. You can check our product listings here.


#3 Heavy-Duty Triple Monitor Mount for LED/LCD Monitor

There are times you will need to use several computer monitors at work. Instead of using several tables or desks, you can use a heavy-duty triple mount that can hold up to three monitors. This is fully adjustable since its arms can be adjusted by -90° to +90° tilt, 360° swivel, as well as 360° rotation to create an ideal screen positioning. As we all know, setting up computer screens with the correct position will help avoid pain and soreness in your back, neck, and shoulders. With the help of a monitor mount, you can ensure that your desk will be free from clutter and will have enough space for monitors and other desk accessories. This is durable because it is made of solid steel and designed to support three computer monitors, weighing 22lbs each.


#4 Wired/Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Avoid the risk of having Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by choosing ergonomic vertical mouse over the traditional mouse. A vertical mouse can be wired or wireless, both are designed to keep the natural position of your arms. It is composed of a DPI button that allows for 1000-1600-2400-3200 DPI configurations. There’s also an LED light indicator that switches colours depending on your chosen DPI. It also has a tempered ABS material that makes this ergonomic mouse more durable compared to the materials used on traditional mice.

#5 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This set of mouse and keyboard is designed for those workers who prefer to use portable devices that can help in achieving efficiency and convenience. The keyboard is portable and compact which makes it a perfect companion when you travel. It will be easy to carry just like a tablet, laptop, smartphone, and other devices. There’s no need for you to hunch over your laptop when typing or working with your tasks.

#6 Standing Desk

Standing desks are now becoming the hottest trend when it comes to using ergonomic equipment in the workplace. These items can help promote better posture, thus, making you safe from the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. AnthroDesk provides several standing desk products where you can effectively choose from.

#7 Cable Management Spine – Wire Organizer

AnthroDesk’s cable-management spine neatly organized cables from the floor to your table or desk, with exclusive channels for your electrical cords. It's an effective and practical technique to protect your workstation cables, making your desk free of clutter and looks beautiful. You will just slide each cable through the slot into one of the four channels in the cable manager, and you’ll keep yourself safe and free from trips and other accidents. This is truly one of the simplest yet innovative ergonomic accessories that you can have in your workstation. 

#8 Anti-Fatigue Mat

When using a standing desk, you should also use an anti-fatigue mat. This will aid in switching from sitting to standing to prevent fatigue due to prolonged standing. With this anti-fatigue mat, you will feel more comfortable. AnthroDesk’s premium anti-fatigue mat is available in different sizes and you can choose from 32” up to a massive 70” in length.


#9 Wobble Chair

Here’s another helpful equipment that is needed in the workstation- AnthroDesk’s wobble chair. Using this chair is a perfect way to stay active while sitting. It can also aid in burning more calories as well as increasing the metabolism of the body even while sitting. Its height can be adjusted from 22” up to 33” with different positions to accommodate various sizes.


#10 Treadmills

Stay active and healthy while working on your tasks. AnthroDesk’s treadmills are reliable and powerful since it can hold a weight of up to 130 kg. Worry not about it being a distraction since it operates quietly with a noise level of under 70Db. You can easily adjust its speed from walking to jogging (1km/h – 5km/h)


Final Thoughts

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you can add new items to your workplace. However, make sure that they will be useful with your tasks and help achieve the work results you want. Include ergonomic equipment and accessories