Converting to Standing Desks- Things You Need To Know

Designing an ideal workspace is an essential phase in achieving a successful career in your job. Whether you’re working in a company-based or a home-based company, it is of utmost significance to apply proper ergonomics to your workstation. This will ensure safety and convenience to accomplish company goals and succeed with its efforts.

One smart way to effectively design your workspace is to turn your desk into something that will promote better posture and overall health. It’s time to learn how to convert to a standing desk and get the benefits it can bring.


How Will You Recognize If You Need to Convert your Desk into a Standing Desk?

The innovative trends when it comes to creating a good workplace have made people realize that using ergonomic tools and equipment is necessary. They become more creative and resourceful in transforming their existing desks into ergonomic standing desks and converters.

So, how will you know if you need to convert your current desk into an ergonomic work desk? In case you decide, the following are some of the major basis that may not need to know:

#1 You need to have a portable standing desk since you are in a co-working space;

#2 Your current company is not implementing policies providing employees with ergonomic equipment such as standing desks;

#3 You ‘re working in a home office, and you have an existing desk that you want to improve for better ergonomics

#4 It’s hard for you to get a standing desk because of various systems furniture that you can’t quickly move in the working area

The good news about the situations mentioned above is that you can transform your existing desk into an ergonomic tool. This can help you not only to work comfortably but also promote better overall health.


Standing Desks Can Provide You With A Lot of Benefits

Today, there are various innovative solutions that you can do to convert to a standing desk. These solutions help increase your activity levels each day to prevent the dangers of being sedentary.

The principal purpose of a standing desk is to allow you to stand and sit alternately and avoid some health issues that may affect your performance.

Standing desks vary from designs, features, colours, functionalities, and brands. This is why you should be careful in choosing the best one to fit your needs. Some may be affordable because of the low prices, but it’s the quality that should be considered as a priority.

The following are remarkable benefits of standing desks for workers:

-  Standing desks provide comfort to the workers. This is because they are used to breaking the habit of sitting for long hours. Of course, prolonged standing can also be dangerous if not given proper attention. Ergonomic experts advise using anti-fatigue mats to stay comfortable.

-  Standing desks aid in alleviating health issues. Since sitting is linked to many health problems such as obesity, fatigue, back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other posture-related issues. Experts agreed that standing desks could be an effective solution for those problems.

-  Standing desks offer flexibility and excellent ergonomics to its users.


Learning More About Standing Desk Converters

If you want to be dedicated to converting to an ergonomic desk, you should consider using a standing desk converter. This is an ergonomic piece of furniture that is attached to a desk that you can raise up and down. That way, you can either sit or stand while working. It should be remembered that a good standing desk converter offers both comfort and flexibility to its users.

Commonly, standing desk converters are classified into three groups:

#1 Z-Lift Converters. This type of standing desk converters may look bulky. However, they have proven stable and durable.

#2 X-Lift Converters. One of the most common and affordable converters today. It provides a simple gas lift mechanism that either collapses or raises its lever is pressed.

#3 L-Lift Converters. Some users say that this converter is unique because of some features it has. They have a larger work surface as compared to others. This also lets you adjust the work surface as well as the screen separately, thus ensuring more efficient ergonomics.

When choosing a standing desk converter for your work, you should put in mind not to compromise on ergonomics. Investing in a good quality standing desk converter can dramatically improve your health and wellness. Make sure to take some time to when choosing the best converter from various competitive brands available today.


Reminders when Choosing a Standing Desk Converter

Once a standing desk converter is installed or attached to your existing or new desk, you will use it for several hours a day. Typically, you will engage with it for 6-8 hours a day. To make assured that you will get the most benefits of the desk, make sure that the following qualities are present on your converter.

#1 It should be easy to lift and raise. The easier you can raise and lift the converter, the more effective it is to be used.

#2 Ensure that your computer screen has the right distance from your eyes. Your converter must not be too close or too far from you. This is to make sure that your computer screen will be placed in the correct distance.

#3 Make sure that its work surface area is large enough. Your standing desk converter must be able to accommodate the tools and accessories for your work, such as mouse and keyboard. It should also allow you to conveniently reach other items such as your notepad without having pains in your neck and shoulders.

#4 Place the converter with the right distance from the tabletop. Some converters are commonly placed two inches from the tabletop. Make sure to avoid putting your wrists on the edge of the surface, so you can be free from the risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome.

#5 Have the screen adjustable from the work surface. To avoid neck pain, make sure that you can adjust your monitor or screen with the proper distance from your eyes.


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