Can Standing Prevent Premature Aging?

Even if you exercise regularly but still sit for long periods of tine in your day’s work or at home, the benefits of your workouts may not affect your health. A study indicates that spending more time standing can make you live longer. Sitting less is associated with the increase in telomeres.

The action of telomeres allows cells to keep multiplying and avoid aging. Although aging is inevitable, it is still best to prepare for aging and be proactive that you promote standing more than being sedentary.

Sitting for too long has health hazards especially when you spend most of your time sitting and watching TV or doing computer works in your desk job. Studies recommended shifting between sitting and standing in a regular interval. You can use a standing desk to encourage you to stand more and be productive. The list of benefits of standing and the use of standing desk is unlimited.


Standing is Linked to Anti-Aging

You may not know it but standing according to a study can be the key to make you live a longer life and can prevent your DNA from aging.  Researchers found spending less time sitting down can actually extend your lifespan.  

Lifespan is linked to the length of your telomeres which sit on the end of chromosomes in cells - DNA storage units in the body. Telomeres are responsible for stopping your chromosomes from fraying, clumping together and scrambling your genetic code.

Participants of a study in Stockholm were assessed using a diary and pedometer to measure how many footsteps they had taken each day. They were given a questionnaire to determine how long they had spent sitting down. The study showed relevant information that sitting down for an extended time greatly affects the length of telomeres even if the respondents are healthier because of regular exercise.

It is safe to say that the less time you spent sitting, the longer your telomeres are and the greater is your chance of living a more productive life.