5 Ergonomic Accessories for an Office with Limited Space

Remember the saying, "less is more?" It can also be applied when you want to create an office's ideal setup with limited space. Smaller space should not be a hindrance in creating a workspace that will help you become more productive and work-efficient. Whether it's a small space in your home in a company office, you can still make not an organized and efficient working haven by maximizing your resources, equipment, and tools. Make sure that you can still make it ergonomically organized. One effective way to consider is to use ergonomic accessories.


Advantages of Working in a Workplace with Limited Space

For some people, working in a small office can be dull or may be at risk of burnout. There is a limited space to move, walk, and do some basic activities. Most of the things can be minimal. However, there are also good points that can be acquired. First, a worker can be more focused at work. Distractions can be limited. There will be a sense of being concentrated on the work assigned. You will feel that the entire space is your own. The results: you can be more productive, and your efforts will be reciprocated with efficient results.

However, studies are stating that an office with limited space can be dangerous to workers' health. This potential harm may be due to limited areas where you can move, thus, leading to a sedentary work style. This is where using ergonomic accessories and equipment is definitely advised.

An article published in Medium.com, "How to Maximize the Use of a Small Office on a Tight Budget," shared some tips on how to make the most of small office space. One interesting part of the article stated:

"Get rid of clutter around your office space. This slows you down physically as you try to find items in the office. It also slows you down mentally. Having a clear desk and office space helps one to think and be creative at the same time. Clutter distracts one mind from concentrating on tasks ahead, and this reduces output. Have important artifacts in your room that help to stimulate your mind and get rid of anything else that you don't need around the office."

The same article also mentioned choosing paperless file management. It mentioned:

"Think of how much space your current office is being used to hold files and documents. Most transactions are digital, and you can decide to go paperless. This will save you so much space. Instead, you can turn the filing rooms and spaces to be used for other things around the office."

Remember that a small office can be 'big' in delivering great work results. All you need to do is come up and follow effective tips to make it safe, efficient, and productive.


5 Ergonomic Accessories that you can Include in an Office with Limited Space

It's exciting to know and try how you can turn a small space into a spot of your journey to success and career building. If you have already chosen a space (whether at your home or in a commercial establishment), you should never forget to include the following ergonomic accessories. Little may them seem, but their features and uses will definitely be big time!


#1 Standing Desk / Desk Converters

Standing desks and desk converters are included in the most important must-haves in your office. They come in different designs, materials, and features. All you have to do is find a reliable company offering these products and get the best quality desk converters and standing desks.

Standing desks aid in creating a healthier work experience. Users of standing desks can alternately sit and stand, so they can keep themselves active at work. Some standing desks are programmable, and some are manually operated. They can be adjusted to your desired height, so you can ensure that proper desk ergonomics are applied. You can check AnthroDesk's top-quality standing desks here.

If you are already using a table and would like to make it ergonomic, you do not have to buy a new one. You can use a desk converter and just attach it to your table. It is also ideal for an office with a small space since you will not have to add more tables.

Browse AnthroDesk's range of desk converters here.

#2 Ergonomic Chair

When choosing an office chair, you should not base your choice on the design or what's on the trend only. Always consider ergonomics. Various health problems are related to using a poorly-designed office chair. It should provide comfort instead of back pain and neck pain. There should be good lumbar support, headrest, armrest, and totally ergonomic design. You can check AnthroDesks ergonomic high-back chair here. It features a high back swivel with angle and height as well as an adjustable armrest and headrest.

#3 Anti-Fatigue Mat

 When you're using an anti-fatigue mat, it is advisable to utilize a good quality anti-fatigue mat. This will help keep yourself free from strain and tension while standing. As the name implies, this accessory helps reduce fatigue due to hours of standing. Therefore, it will make your experience with using standing desks a whole lot more satisfying. AnthroDesk offers several types of anti-fatigue mats to choose from based on your needs.

#4 Ergonomic Mouse

This small ergonomic accessory can play a significant role in achieving a great work experience. Office workers often experience health problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injuries, and other strain-related issues. Choosing an ergonomic vertical mouse over traditional mice will save you from possible

issues in the future. An ergonomic mouse allows its user's arms to be kept in a more neutral position. AnthroDesk's wired ergonomic mouse uses a tempered ABS material that makes the mouse durable compared to a traditional mouse made from plastic.

#5 Cable Management Spine

 An office with limited space should be kept tidy and organized. There are various decluttering tips that you can apply. To avoid accidents and issues, some accessories can help your office be free of wires and cables. AnthroDesk provides several ergonomic accessories that can keep your office more organized. Take, for instance, a cable management spine- wire organizer helps to route cables, wires, and electrical cords neatly. It can be mounted securely on your table, or even on the underside of your desk.


A workplace- whether big or small- can be organized and set up for creativity and productivity. Make sure to apply proper workplace ergonomics including using ergonomic accessories. They will help you work more comfortably and effectively.