12 Ways You Can Try To Find Your Life's Real Purpose

Ever wondered what your life’s purpose is?  To find it, you must learn what you're passionate about doing most and how to make the most of it. 

Your goal is not only to find what you should do but also what makes you feel good when you make accomplishments through it. It should be something that makes you happy and fulfilled.  

If you are now on a journey of finding your purpose in life, then the following ways will help you unlock it: 

1. Determine what you want your life to be 

A few years from now, looking back at your life will help you establish the kind of life you want. How you visualize your life and surroundings will affect your mindset and the actions you will take to succeed. Take a glimpse at your present life, and evaluate the things that you should do and improve. There can be doubts, but what's important is to start taking action today.

2. Evaluate the things that you must abolish in your life 

If you are currently having doubts about your capabilities or struggling with negative thoughts, it is time to eliminate them. Get rid of procrastination and laziness. Instead, be positive in life and be more reliable in facing trials. 

Create a plan and stick to it. Remember what you want in life and use it as motivation in creating massive success in your life and career. Find out the ten things that may hinder you from creating success, make a list, and put it somewhere you can see it regularly.

3. Find your inner passion

Your passion is the energy that makes you excited when doing the things that you love. This is something that ignites that feeling of greatness when you accomplish something worthy of your passionate efforts. 

Finding your inner passion lets you live your purpose since it is rooted in that feeling which your heart desires most. Once you've found your passion, you will be inspired to share it with other people and create fantastic life changes.

4. Create a vision

Every person must have a vision in life because it will help you focus on what to do and where to go. If you don’t have an aim and you are not prepared for what’s about to come, you will likely fail and not achieve your goals. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, if you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there.

Remember that we are here in the world for a reason, and it is our moral duty to create a better world for ourselves and others. Therefore, we must be prepared to have a clear vision in life. 

When we say vision, it doesn’t have to be something enormous or unrealistic, like becoming the next president of your country. It could be something simple such as furthering your education, going forward with your dream of having your own business, volunteering, or anything else that you think would add significant value to your life and help you grow on a personal level. 

5. Define and uphold your values 

It is crucial to know your values and stand by them. Values are the driving force that helps us create our daily decisions. If you recognize that driving force, then you can better understand yourself, and you w able to live with purpose, integrity, and authenticity.

6. Know your strengths 

Knowing your strengths, skills, and capabilities will make you stand out and believe in yourself more. Your strengths and unique abilities will discover and unleash the other areas of your life that can be worthy of doing something better. When you know yourself and what you are good at, you can achieve success and fulfillment.

7. Read inspirational and motivational books 

Read books that will inspire you. With all the things you can learn from them, you can utilize those lessons to live yourself to the fullest potential. 

Read so you can improve and expand your knowledge as well as your creative inputs. This will help you learn wisdom from the book, but it can also be a way to develop better ideas and further your creativity. 

8. Keep a journal 

Writing down your thoughts, plans, and creative ideas will help you explore yourself better. Keep a journal, whether it's for your grateful thoughts or ideas of your visualization. Keeping a gratitude list will help you become more inspired to value life a little more. Writing can help you unleash a part of yourself that can't be seen in daily encounters. When you do this, you will be able to create another way of finding your life's purpose.

9. Travel as much as you can

When you travel, you can create amazing experiences in your life that are worth having. The more places you see, the more people you meet, and the various cultures you discover, the better you become. Why is that so? Travelling offers new ideas, inspiration, and learning in life. 

This is also a way of challenging yourself to be more independent and moving from your comfort zone. As you travel, you will see how the lives of other people differ from others. That can also be another effective way to find your purpose in the life you're living today.

10. Try to ask yourself an important question 

A specific question can create a significant change in your life. Think of a challenging question that you can ask yourself and use it as a challenge. 

For example, an example can be like this: "What is your top priority to become successful?" "What career would you like to pursue?" 

What will you prefer, money or recognition? Whatever will be the answers to these questions can help you find the purpose in your life.

11. Pay attention to how other people appreciate you 

The way you communicate with other people can be a way to find your life's purpose. Listen actively to what other people are telling you – whether it's feedback or praise. 

All those points will be beneficial ways on how to know yourself better. The more you listen to what people are telling about their views on you, the better you determine what can make you happy.

12. Talk to strangers and build healthy relationships with other people

The world is a great place to establish meaningful relationships with others. Meet and talk with your neighbours and other members of your community. You will surely learn valuable information and things from them that you can apply to become better in life. Make an effort to meet someone new.


Finding your purpose in life is one of the most meaningful things you can do if you want to succeed. Your purpose will serve as your blueprint to follow in search of becoming a better version of yourself. 

However, while on the path of self-discovery, try to avoid comparing yourself too much with other people and their path in life. 

While it is human nature to compare ourselves with other people, and healthy to a certain degree, do not try to become someone else, you are your own person, and you have your own path in life. 

The most important thing that you can do for yourself is to stay true to who you are while chasing your dreams and finding your true purpose.