Laptop Stand - Mount with Full Motion Adjustable Arm

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Customer Reviews

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Wyatt Armstrong
This purchase offers excellent value considering its price.

It serves as an ideal initial arm option to accomplish your required tasks, especially if you're on a budget. While achieving the desired aesthetics and functionality might require some experimentation and time, I'm not particularly fond of the process involving multiple Allen keys to adjust heights and constraints. Nevertheless, once you've configured the swivel to your preference, working with it becomes much more convenient. I utilize it to secure my drawing tablet, whether I need to bring it closer for drawing or push it back to utilize it as a secondary screen.

Fiona Wong
Laptop Perfection

The laptop stand mount with full-motion adjustable arm has made a huge difference in my productivity. It's adjustable, easy to use, and has made my laptop feel like a desktop.

Lucas Garcia
I'm really pleased with it.

It was pretty straightforward to assemble and install, and I appreciated that the small parts like screws and nuts were packaged separately. It would have been even better if the packages were labelled to correspond with the instructions.

I love that it has a simple manual structure, which means there are fewer parts to go wrong, and no need to worry about any "smart" features failing. In fact, I'm so impressed that I'm considering getting another one for a different workspace.

Grady Bates
Works great attached to standing desk!

This stand is fantastic. I didn't get a before/after picture, but believe me, it wasn't pretty before. I purchased a self-adhesive cable management ties along with this stand, and let me tell you, my desk is much more organized and roomy!

Jessica H
Small Space Standing Desk

I am working from home and don't have much space. This works well in my condo as a standing desk for my laptop. Lets me get a little more active when I stand with it.