ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter - Extra Wide

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Eva McAllister
Well Designed Solid Product

After researching extensively, I ordered this desk converter based on reviews and features. It exceeded my expectations. Setting up and using it is effortless. It easily holds my two 24-inch monitors, despite being close to its weight limit of 33 lbs. Standing and working is comfortable for me at 5'11", with a stable locking mechanism. There's a slight wobble at max height, as expected. I added a Vivo dual monitor arm, which fits well without clamping issues. I highly recommend this spacious, sturdy, and reasonably priced desk converter. Very satisfied with my choice.

Hudson Dupont
Delighted with my stand-up desk converter!

I'm delighted with my stand-up desk converter as it has made a noticeable difference in my work-from-home setup. While the assembly instructions were a bit unclear, I managed to put it together on my own, although having an extra pair of hands might be helpful. I love how effortless it is to adjust the height, and it comfortably accommodates my laptop, monitor, and cellphone. It's a sturdy and well-built converter that fits my height perfectly (I'm 5'4"), and the keyboard tray provides ample space for my keyboard, mouse, and notepad, all of which move with me when I switch to a standing position. I wholeheartedly recommend it to others in search of a reliable standing desk converter.

Caleb Thompson
Spacious and sturdy standing desk converter

It effortlessly accommodates two monitors, including a 28" and a 24" screen, while offering ample working space and a generously sized keyboard tray for comfortable mouse and keyboard use. The ease of adjusting its height and its significant benefits in preventing strain on the back and neck make it a highly recommended investment, especially for programmers and avid readers seeking a versatile and ergonomic workspace solution.

Alice King
No More Back Problems!

Got this desk to allow me to stand sometimes since my back was starting to hurt quite a bit. Easy to lower and easy to make it higher. Would definitely purchase again!

If you don't stand for something...

Bought a fancy desk at the start of the pandemic and immediately regretted not buying a standing desk.

I've been using the converter for a week or so, and it's really reduced the load on the base of my spine. Posture feels better, and if I feel like sitting it takes sub 5 seconds to swap to a seated position.

The one thing I'll say is that if you have a screen mount with a C-clamp, it can be tricky to find positioning (depending on the clamp size), and the desk itself is relatively thin. You're better off using a mount with a grommet (and the desk has a specific hole for that purpose).