Ergonomic Wobble Chair

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Ethan Brooks
This chair is sturdy and stylish, adding a modern touch to any office.

I got it in blue, which adds a nice pop of color to my desk setup. The chair's heavy base prevents tipping while seated. The seat is initially firm, similar to a bike seat, so it's advisable to take breaks when first using it. With time, the seat becomes more comfortable but remains on the firmer side. Assembly is a breeze, though adjusting the height takes some practice—pressing the buttons beneath while applying pressure helps the gas spring catch for height adjustment. At 5'3", I found the lowest height setting optimal. This chair promotes good posture as its backless design necessitates using your core for support. The slight side-to-side wobble eases tension from extended sitting. Overall, I highly recommend this chair for a modern home office or workspace upgrade.

Daniel Lee
Great product!

This product has been a fantastic addition to my home office. It encourages active sitting and has helped me improve my posture. The chair is easy to assemble and adjust to the perfect height. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to add comfort to their workspace.

Fantastic chair.

This is high quality, and makes my time spent at my art easel so much easier as it facilitates ease of movement and quick ‘up & down’ off chair while taking weight off my back and feet. It’s height is adjustable to go from a kind of leaning on it to a sit position as I desire. Helps reduce fatigue while not stifling free movement. Love mine

Brian Sloan Artist
Love it!

I have never used something like this before but was happily surprised with how much I like it!
I spend a lot of time at an easel and at a desk and I wanted something with a little more flexibility while still promoting a healthy lifestyle. This chair answered both of those needs. I instantly felt my core being engaged when sitting on it, and it moves great to be able to give me the angles I need while painting.
If you want to watch my unboxing and video review, here is the link:

Works Great

I am pleasantly surprised with this Wobble Chair, I do love it. It's well constructed. I thought I would have trouble sitting on it but it's fine.