ErgoActive Mat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

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Victoria Leblanc
Solid board, keeps your body engaged when using it

I have tried multiple setups while working from home during the pandemic, but none provided the comfort and support I needed. This mat, with its combination of foam pad and wobble board, is the ideal solution. The wobble motion is gentle yet engaging, and the craftsmanship is superb. The mat's thickness and solid wood construction are impressive. I appreciate buying from a Canadian company focused on ergonomics, and their customer service was exceptional. I also purchased their wobble stool, further diversifying my movement throughout the day. Standing in my small workspace is now enjoyable, thanks to this mat. My only regret is not finding it sooner. Highly recommended!

Aiden Tremblay
Productive, Space-saving

I've been using my ErgoActive Mat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Balance Board for a few weeks now, and I'm already noticing a big difference in my posture and energy levels. The board is comfortable to stand on, and the anti-fatigue design has made a big difference in how I feel at the end of the day.

Mackenzie L.
Great product!

My legs are so much more comfortable thanks to the AnthroDesk ErgoActive Mat, which also (surprisingly) improved my back. I am no longer cramped at the end of the day. I love being able to rock back and forth because it keeps my body loose and is fun. I encourage everybody who works a desk job to do this. It was recently recommended by a friend, and I'm so thankful I found and bought it.

The must-have office accessory you never knew you needed!

Although I've been working / studying from home for over a year and a half full-time, it took me a while to commit to investing in quality office supplies (although I regret not making this purchase sooner)! I purchased this anti-fatigue balance board, along with the AnthroDesk office chair and beautiful standing desk, and couldn't be happier! I wish I would have purchased this all much earlier! At first, I was a bit skeptical with the ErgoActive 360 Mat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Balance Board, and was worried it would be a bit of a distraction while standing at my desk - however that's not the case. It's not as hard to balance on the board as I expected, making it very easy to use it for long periods, it's also nice how you can rotate / lean forward and backward to stretch your feet / legs as you stand which you cannot do as easily when standing on a regular floor. The board is well padded which is great for extended use, doesn't scratch my hardwood flooring, and is an easy item to simply plop in front of my desk and stand on (sometimes with shoes, and sometimes without shoes). I'm happy that I made this purchase and am confident I will use it all the time going forward - it seems to energize me during long days at the desk and makes a great addition to my office set up! :)

Good value for the money/situation

Cons: Could be longer for a wider stance.
Cost could be cheaper.

Pros: Helps to loosen my hips, lower back and can feel
good movement in my legs and feet.

My partner is interested in buying one for their herniated back because it feels better when using.

I'd buy one again. So far so good, solid build. Had for 1 month, no issues yet. Good with shoes, socks, bare feet.