Deluxe Gas Spring Dual Monitor Stand, Heavy Duty Mount Arms for Two 17''-32'' LED-LCD Computer Monitors

  • $129.99
  • $99.99

Customer Reviews

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Hudson Richards
Exceptionally robust, and adjusting both heights and angles is effortless.

I was pleasantly surprised by the monitor stand's quality and fit on my desk. Despite initial doubts about its affordable price, I found it to be excellent. A tip: if your desk is against a wall and you use the clamp, adjustability may be limited. I placed it 8 inches from the desk's back using a drill to keep the wall fit. Overall, I'm very happy with it and highly recommend it.

William Lee
Sturdy, Adjustable

I'm so glad I got the Deluxe Gas Spring Dual Monitor Stand! The mount arms are sturdy and hold my two monitors perfectly, freeing up space on my desk. The gas spring feature makes it easy to adjust the height and angle of the monitors, and it's made a big difference in my comfort and productivity at work.

William Chan
Experience Topnotch Quality and Versatility

I am thoroughly impressed with the AnthroDesk Dual Monitor Stand. It comes with everything needed for assembly and the materials are top-notch. In fact, I am so satisfied with this product that I plan to purchase a second one for my work desk. The stand allows me to have two monitors positioned off of my small desk while still being able to adjust them as needed. The quality of this stand is exceptional, and the assembly instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. What's more, the stand's design allows for cord management, providing a clean and organized look that I love. Everyone who has seen it in my office has commented on how much they like it.

John Powers
Sturdy, well-built, reasonably priced monitor stand for oversize monitors!

I’m amazed with the quality of this monitor arm! Extremely sturdy, easy to assemble, and you would think I paid at least twice the amount for it. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a solid dual monitor arm!

Nora Davis
Easy to set-up and sturdy

Everyone that has been in my office lately has made a comment on the monitor stand that they love it. LOL I must say I love the fact that you can hide your cords on the monitor arms! The claim of 'Heavy Duty' is certainly accurate and is exactly what you want out of a monitor mount to achieve sturdiness.