Workplace Tips: How to Be Organized at Work

Working can be both fun and challenging. Your job can give satisfaction and happiness when you feel that you are accomplishing your work efficiently. However, stress can also be present when there are overwhelming tasks and deadlines. In addition, when you are working in an environment where pressure is around, you become less focused instead of being inspired to complete a job well done. One reason why a work experience can't be satisfying is that a workplace is not an ideal area to work at. That is why it is important to learn how to be organized at work to achieve efficiency and productivity. In line with that, there are workplace tips that every company owner should consider to help employees perform their best at work.


Benefits of an Organized Office 

For sure, you don't want to experience working with a messy environment. No one wants to spend long hours looking for a file that is misplaced or overlooked. But when everyone in the office has an organized desk and computer files, they will be more focused and deliver quality work results.

Below are some of the reasons why an organized office should be promoted to every member of an organization.

#1 Increases your productivity level at work. An organized workplace is proven to bring comfort and order in the workplace. Not only it aids employees to concentrate on their tasks, but it also heightens the efficiency level at their work. Just imagine if a workplace is in chaos, tools are littered, and files are not correctly arranged. Finding essential notes or documents can be time-consuming wherein the hours spent on searching can be already allotted to other important assignments. The more organized your desk and workplace are, the more productive at work you can become.

#2 Reduces the stress level. Piles of documents, loaded tasks on your list, and unorganized desk items can cause so much stress on you. When you're stressed out, you can then become irritated, short-tempered, and unable to think effectively. On the other hand, when items in your workplace are organized and labelled accordingly, dealing with them can be easier and working will be hassle-free. 

#3 Deadlines are met and tasks are done on time. There can be times in the workplace when tasks will start to pile up, and this could be overwhelming. Proposals need to be completed at the end of the day, several reports need to be submitted, some emails need to be sent, and other things that are required to be finished before the end of the week. During those instances, it is not impossible to forget a small, yet essential detail on a task assigned to you. It can be a missed deadline, a vital inclusion that should be included in a report, or an urgent email sent to the wrong recipient. All these can happen because you became too confused on what to prioritize since your surroundings are too messy and unorganized. Setting a calendar alert on your phone can help, as well as keeping a calendar on your desk where you can mark important dates or events.

#4 Promotes better communication. Being organized in the workplace can also ensure having better communication. Distractions will be avoided, and the failure of some crucial tools and equipment will be lessened. When things are not organized, having accidents can be high at risk.

#5 Builds stronger relationships with colleagues and employers. Your boss and colleagues will be happy to connect, talk, and deal with you when they can see that your workstation is organized and tidy. An organized desk is not only pleasing to the eye; it also evokes a positive impression of other people for you. They will see you as a friendly and approachable colleague when your workstation is organized, and you're not irritated or stressed out.


Workplace Tips to Be Organized at Work

For sure, all of us want to reap the benefits of having an organized workstation. Our office can be said to be our second home since we spend several hours staying on it while at work. Here are some tips on how we can be organized at work and be more productive each day. 

#1 Develop the right mindset. This is where and how we should be starting our days. A positive mindset can help us become more motivated in spending the day in an organized way. We should put ourselves in a mindset that we should focus on and on the right task and have it completed before or at the right moment.

#2 Create a planner. A guide, such as a planner, can be your partner in achieving an organized workflow. Create a planner of all the things that you have to complete, including the time that would be spent on each task.

#3 Use checklists. Using checklists to monitor your tasks will be a beneficial strategy. This will help in determining which ones are completed and which ones still need attention. This is also ideal to use for repetitive tasks to minimize errors.

#4 Take regular breaks. Taking regular breaks can help reduce the stress and anxiety you may have due to exhausting work schedules. You can go outside to breathe some fresh air. This will help refresh your mind and body and go back to work more energized. 

#5 Be smart on using technology and gadgets. Your phones and other gadgets can also be a distraction while at work. Thus, be smart on using them. Mute some notifications and schedule a time when you have to check your social media updates. Not only that, your phones, tablets, and other gadgets should be properly placed in storage in your desk or table. That way, you can have them organized and will not have an issue finding them easily when needed. 

#6 Declutter. Check your items on your desk or in your entire workstation. Are there some items that you do not need at work? Which are the things that are required for your work? It's important to learn how to declutter. Keep those items that you need for your tasks and discard those that are not.

#7 Keep storage for all your files and items. A smart strategy that every worker should learn is to have specific storage for all their files and items at work. When it comes to files saved on computers, they should have specific folders for each set of files to access them easily. For items and accessories on their workstation, they should have a dedicated space or storage, as well. Pens and clips can be put in a storage box. Folders and other documents can be placed in a filing cabinet or drawers. Not only will it be easier to find and get them, but it will also result in a clean and organized workstation.

#8 Use tools and accessories that can make your desk more organized. Thanks to technology and innovations nowadays. More and more office items and accessories are becoming available to help workers on how to be more organized at work. Aside from furniture and storage solutions that offer great features, there are also accessories such as wire organizers. It can be a simple item on your desk but can make a significant impact in making your desk organized and tidy.


Anthrodesk's Cable Management Spine – Wire Organizer

Anthrodesk's cable-management spine neatly routes cables and wires from the floor to the surface of your table. It has separate channels for both computer and electrical cords. It's an easy and smart way to protect your desk's cables, while still having a pleasing and clutter-free work area. This flexible cable management spine effectively moves and bends to provide protection and strain relief for your cables. It also features a modular design, along with segments that snap together, letting you adjust to the preferred length. It can be mounted securely in place since it has a mounting plate that easily attaches to the underside of your table, desk, or counter. Check its other features here. 


Dual Cable Clip Wire Organizer

Anthrodesk’s dual cable clip wire organizer will help solve your problem to make sure that your desk cables are well-organized and can be accessed when you need them. It works with wood, plastic, metal, glass, and more. This is your best option to get rid of messy cables on your desk and office space.

Clamp-on Power Bar Holder

Here's another item that you should have in your workstation to stay organized at work – Anthrodesk's clamp-on power bar holder. It helps you stay organized by getting rid of the clutter underneath your table or desk while keeping outlets still at reach. This is adjustable since you can use almost any type of power strip with a holder. It also has a built-in cable management feature to keep the power cord away from your desk, making it free from wires that consume space on your desk.


Final Thoughts

A clean desk contributes to a happy and pleasant working environment. That is why we should learn to practice some workplace tips on how to be organized at work. Doing so will aid in ensuring to have an improved level of productivity and efficiency in the workplace.