Workplace Tips for Graphic Designers: 5 Desk Ideas You Can Try for your Workstation

Do you also find yourself left in awe while staring at a logo, a brochure, or any other enticing marketing materials? Have you ever thought about how they are created? Those are products of creativity, imagination, skills, and expertise of graphic designers. A graphic designer creates visual concepts and turns them into marketing materials, by hand or with the help of computer software.

These marketing materials are used to inform, inspire, and catch the attention of the customers. Graphic designers have the task of developing the entire layout, design, and applications of techniques you come up with compelling ads, reports, magazines, and brochures.

Of course, the workplace where they work also plays a vital role in developing their amazing masterpieces. Read on to find some workplace tips for graphic designers, as well as some desk ideas they can consider.


Types of Graphic Designs

Whether you are an amateur designer who's looking for graphic design services, learning the different types of graphic design will be a big help. These are the following:

#1 Visual identity graphic design

#2 Marketing and advertising graphic design

#3 User-interface graphic design

#4 Publication graphic design

#5 Packaging graphic design

#6 Motion graphic design

#7 Environmental graphic design 

According to, there are some essential skills a person should have to become a good graphic designer. The following are the skills most employers and agencies are looking for graphic designers:

-Creativity. Having a creative and visual eye for designs is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a great graphic designer.

-Communication skills. This skill is also essential to have a better understanding of a specific project.

highly trained and understands how fonts are made and utilized is going to be a more effective designer."

-Adobe's creative apps. Skills on using software and tools will also be helpful if you're creating highly enticing graphic designs.

-Interactive media. This refers to the design products that actively communicate with an audience using various tools such as animation, video, text, video games, audio, and moving images.

-Coding skills. A graphic designer can level up their skills if they know about coding or a better understanding of coding programs such as HTM and C++.

-Branding. A graphic designer should have "business skills" and abilities to understand the client's requirements. They should also know how to keep the branding of a business using various forms, such as social media and other platforms.

-Delivering presentations. Graphic designers must also be a good storyteller. They should have the ability to present their designs to their target audience.

-Portfolio. Every graphic designer should have a compilation of their works and designs. This portfolio should serve as their resumes.


What Should a Workplace of a Graphic Designer Look Like?

There are three common types of working environments where graphic designers can perform their tasks.

#1 Graphic designers can work as an in-house graphic designer. This work setup means that a graphic designer can be employed in an established organization. A graphic designer can be either working on single or group brands and projects from the agency.

#2 Graphic designers can work as an agency graphic designer. Graphic designers can be hired by outside clients to create designs for them. In this type of work environment, graphic designers usually work with different brands. These projects can be contractual, project-based, or long-term projects.

#3 Graphic designers can work as a freelance graphic designer. A freelance graphic designer can work as a freelancer. Their work can also be composed of conceptualizing, designing, and marketing. For some workers, this is a better setup since this can work in the comfort of their own schedule.


5 Desk Design Ideas for Graphic Designers

A workplace plays a significant role for graphic designers to achieve successful projects. A desk setup can be minimalistic, stylish, contemporary, or modern.

Below are five desk design ideas that can inspire graphic designers to create amazing projects.

#1 Get this minimalist office design from Digital Infusion. If you like to have a minimalistic style of the workplace, then this desk design will be a great choice for you. You can also add adorable picture frames of your favourite photo subjects so that you will be more inspired and motivated. You can customize this design using an LED lamp, an ergonomic chair, and a vertical mouse. You can also check some types of standing desks, specifically a live-edge desk, to add a unique feel in the workplace.

You can use this design idea and more from this post.

#2 A highly refreshing work desk by Dabito. Love plants? Do you want to work closer to Nature? Then, this desk design is perfect for your graphic design job. Check this design here. To customize this desk setup, you can use a desk converter and an ergonomic chair. These ergonomic tools will ensure that you will have a healthier and more comfortable experience while doing your job.

#3 Office in the Bedroom. Some graphic designers set up their offices in some areas at home, often in their bedrooms. Do some colour matching with your wall paint and some accent on your desk. You can design the desk here. Make sure to include ergonomic items such as a vertical mouse, a desk converter, and an ergonomic chair. All these can help you prevent musculoskeletal problems.

#4 Workspace Design by Linda Gavin, Photographer. Surround yourself with creative masterpieces such as paintings, books, pens, and even some of your favourite collections.

Check the desk design, and more here.

#5 Simple and gorgeous workspace idea. Choose your favourite colour to be painted on your wall. Or, choose to have a colour that is pleasant to the eyes, a colour that makes you feel refreshed, calm, and inspired. You can also consider using an L-shaped desk, for more space and better movement while working.

You can check the design here.


Additional Workplace Tips for Graphic Designers

Working on conceptualizing, designing, and presenting can be daunting and challenging sometimes. However, expect that the results of all the efforts will be rewarding. Here are some helpful tips that can help graphic designers become more productive and efficient with their jobs.

#1 Stay healthy by choosing good food, getting enough sleep, and avoiding stress.

#2 Avoid being sedentary by ensuring to have proper posture and staying active while at work

#3 Use ergonomic tools and equipment to prevent possible health issues in the future

#4 Create a work-life balance by making sure that taking care of yourself as a priority

#5 Never stop learning; creative inputs and concepts are innovating, and they are just waiting to be unleashed and discovered


Final Thoughts

Being a graphic designer can be an interesting and challenging task. However, they are today's most sought-after profession. If you're an aspiring graphic designer, make sure that you design your workplace setup carefully because it will serve as your haven in creating your masterpieces.