Workplace 2020: Why Choose Programmable Standing Desks?

It's always exciting to know that there are always emerging and innovating trends when it comes to today's workplaces. We can benefit from new technologies, as well as the equipment we use to perform our tasks.

Standing desks, for instance, have aided a lot of individuals who would like to fight the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Programmable standing desks are now also available, which makes it easier for users to operate and utilize them in their work.


Advantages of Programmable Standing Desks

We should be grateful for the continuous innovations applied to equipment in the workplaces – such as the programmable standing desks. It would be helpful if we will find out the advantages of using programmable standing desks in our workplaces. 

#1 You can adjust programmable desks automatically. Let's admit it. Most often, we need to multitask at work. We take calls from customers, jot down some notes, find files from the computer. Such situations call for some automated solutions. By using a programmable standing desk, you can easily adjust your working desk. Raise it or lower it with just a press of a button. Typically, you will only hold and press the button until the desk is adjusted to your desired position. In short, programmable desks are easier and more convenient to use. Therefore, you can switch between sitting and standing with no hassle. Programmable desks are also effective in allowing your body to move, thus, preventing the effects of prolonged sitting or fatigue caused by long hours of standing.

#2 They have programmable presets. Programmable standing desks have preset levels that you can program for your preferred desk height. These can be applied while standing, sitting, or even desk cycling. You can switch to other positions by just pressing a button.

#3 Programmable standing desks provide a higher weight capacity. Some workers need more complex technology when it comes to their office set-up. For instance, if you are required to use multiple monitors in your job, you can use a programmable desk. Lifting those computer monitors will be easier, so you will not force your body to adjust them to your desired position.

#4 You can also set automatic reminders with your programmable desks. Some programmable desks also provide a feature that you can have a reminder to notify you when to shift positions. You can program a specific time interval on sitting and standing before working in a day. This will ensure that you will not be stuck in a sedentary position. Therefore, a programmable desk will not only feature convenience for its users but also serves as a personal reminder system.


Some Downsides of a Programmable Standing Desk

Just like other items that you can buy and have, there are also some negative points of programmable standing desks. However, this doesn't mean that they are not a good investment. In fact, they are.

Here are some downsides that you will notice with programmable standing desks.

#1 Programmable standing desks have more mechanical elements. At first, you may find a programmable desk to be complicated. This is because there are more components as compared to manual standing desks. There can be some motor issues or problems with its electronics. That is why you should check reviews to get informed on the quality of the standing desk. 

#2 Programmable standing desks can be more expensive. Since there are additional components and features in a programmable standing desk, they can be a bit pricey than other types of standing desks, such as manual crank desks.

#3 There can be noise while adjusting the desk. Some brands of standing desks can have a louder noise during adjustments when compared to a manual crank desk. However, you can choose a quality standing desk to keep the noise to a minimum level.

#4 Programmable desks can't be adjusted without power supply. Programmable desks require electricity to be adjusted. You'll need to wait for the power supply to be restored to be able to continue making adjustments.


Advantages of Standing Desks

We may all be aware of the dangers of prolonged sitting. This can affect how we perform in our daily jobs and other activities. According to some experts, standing desks provide various benefits such as the following:

- increases physical activities at work, home, and other areas of life

- helps in burning calories in the body

- improves focus and concentration

For more information about the benefits of standing desks, read this article. 

As mentioned before, using standing desks can also pose some drawbacks. Here are some of them:

#1 You may experience fatigue while standing. First-time users of standing desks stated that they experienced tiredness and fatigue while standing. This is because the body may not be used to several hours of standing. The transition should be done in a slow manner until your body gets used to it. 

Another way to avoid experiencing fatigue is to use ergonomic anti-fatigue mats. They can help you feel relaxed and reduce the feeling of tiredness while standing.

#2 Having varicose veins. One common effect of prolonged standing is having varicose veins as well as atherosclerosis. When neglected, they can bring discomfort and may lead to worse health conditions.

#3 Backaches. Standing for long hours can lead to experiencing backache and discomfort in your feet. Ergonomic experts and medical professionals agree that the best solution for these aches is by alternating between sitting and standing at work. To effectively do that, ergonomic equipment such as programmable standing desks can be a big help.


Top Programmable Standing Desks By Anthrodesk

As one of the leading retailers of quality standing desks and ergonomic accessories in Canada, Anthrodesk offers a programmable standing desk for your needs.

Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk

  • AUTOMATIC AND AFFORDABLE: Switch from sitting to standing in seconds with the push of a button!
  • Effectively adapts to user’s needs: Width adjustable to fit a range of desktops. 
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Four programmable presets to store your perfect height
  • REVERSIBLE LAMINATE TABLE TOPS: Choose your favourite colour from our Black/Mahogany or White/Maple Tops options.
  • VENEER TABLE TOPS: Choose a real wood veneer top (Textured Grain Oak Veneer, or Smooth Black Walnut Veneer).


Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

  • WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS: We offer a seven-year CANADIAN warranty on ALL parts (electronic and mechanical) for this standing desk
  • POWERFUL LIFT SYSTEM: Dual motor design for smoother, quieter operation, longer life, and greater desk weight capacity (up to 300 lbs)
  • ADAPTS TO YOUR NEEDS: Width adjustable to fit a range of desktops. 
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Two programmable presets to store your perfect height, plus a home button for a standard sitting position.
  • REVERSIBLE TABLE TOPS: Choose your favourite colour on our Black/Mahogany and White/Maple tops.
  • VENEER TABLE TOPS: Choose a real wood veneer top (Textured Grain Oak Veneer, or Smooth Black Walnut Veneer).


L-Desk Standing Desk with Programmable Adjustable Height Controls

Ergonomically designed for your work needs, our L-Desk Standing desk can be your great choice. Check its features below:

  • Designed with L-Shaped for your comfort
  • Considered as our top of the line model
  • Offers adjustable width feature to fit a range of desktops
  • It provides three-column motors that give a powerful, fast, and quiet lifting experience.
  • Our tabletop options include two 60" x 30" table tops for a work area of 90" on the longer side, 60" on the shorter and a depth of 30".