Working From Home Productivity Tips: Organizing Hacks for Your Home

One of the most significant advantages of working at home is the flexibility to create the design and setup of your office. It is vital that you learn some work productivity tips to apply while doing your tasks in a work-from-home setup. Your desk and the whole workplace must be clutter-free and organized, so you will stay focused on your jobs.

A disorganized workplace can affect a worker’s performance since it can be distracting. It would also be a big help to become knowledgeable about how to apply organizing hacks for your home and workstation.


Simple and Effective Organizing Hacks for Your Home

Below are some tips and hacks that you can apply to achieve a home office that is organized and tidy. These are also helpful since you can unleash your creativity and resourcefulness in turning old items at home into containers, designs, and other useful materials.

#1 Use a desktop organizer. Your desk plays an important role in creating efficient work results. That is why it should be organized, clean, and has the complete items that you will use for the job. It can be said that your desk serves as the centrepiece of beautiful office space. One hack to keep your working desk organized is to use a desktop organizer. It will help you avoid cramming leaving your desk essentials scattered when you’re looking for a document or a note that you need. You can have a DIY organizer from old boxes, add some decors and designs to it to make it more chic or presentable. You can also choose and order online from the various gorgeously-designed organizers. Make sure to buy a desktop organizer which is durable and fit on the size of your working table.

#2 Use Wire Organizer. Let’s admit it. We sometimes feel distracted when we notice all the items not organized on our desks. These may include monitors, mice, phones, laptops, chargers, power-saving banks, and others. Messy wires and cords should be properly hidden so they will not add stress to you. You can use binder clips and wire organizers to make sure they will not cause distraction at work. When you fail to do this, they may also cause accidents to the kids and other family members at home. 

#3 Organize your small office supplies in a tackle box. Tired of losing small desk items such as clips and thumbtacks? There’s only one solution for you to keep them. Have designated storage for them. You can create a DIY tackle box or buy a good quality one from the store.

#4 Use mason jars as containers for your pens, markers, and pencils. Collect some mason jars, glue them together, and find a perfect place in your workplace to place it. This can serve as containers for your pencils, markers, staplers, pens, and other little items. You will no longer spend time looking for these things all over the place.

#5 Hang an interior corkboard. An interior corkboard can help you save time and effort by having your notes pinned on this. For instance, there are events and reminders that you should not miss, a hanging cork board can be a big help.

If you're a work-at-home mom, you might also be the one who does the cooking and preparing of foods for the family. Have a corkboard where you can pin your recipes as well as measuring tools.

#6 Use old magazine file folders as storage. Just a little creativity and resourcefulness and you can create storage out of magazine files and folders. They can be made with various materials and designs. Put labels on them for better-organized items. You can place cans, papers, and other items on this type of storage.

#7 Turn your shoebox as storage. Don’t throw your shoe boxes; instead, turn them into creative storage for your papers, books, and other items. Cover them with wrapping paper with the designs you love. This will help keep your things more organized making your home tidier.

#8 Put a magnetic to-do list space on your fridge. Buy some magnets to organize your notes, schedules, reminders, and to-do lists of all the family members. These can be placed on the side or in front of your fridge. This will help in keeping things and activities in order without forgetting the important things to be done.

#9 Create a mail sorter. Although electronic emails are often used nowadays, mailboxes are still important items at home. To organize mails and bill envelopes, you can create a mail sorter. You make it by having a box with divisions, or sew from old clothes to make pocket containers for your mails.

There are other organizing hacks at home, which you can easily find online. There are blogs, websites, and social media platforms that feature explainer videos and articles on how to create and apply those hacks. Just be curious, creative, resourceful, and take some effort to do that. For sure, you’ll find these activities very much rewarding.


More Work Productivity Tips about Organizing

Founder’s Guide suggested ten home office organization hacks to promote better productivity. Here are important tips you should consider:

#1 Get proper seating support. Invest in a comfortable ergonomic chair. Experts advised that an ideal chair should have the correct height, lumbar support, and other features that can help workers to perform their tasks without experiencing back and neck pain.

#2 Invest in better illumination. Lighting is also an essential factor to consider to achieve a well-organized workplace. Have a natural light for your room as much as possible. However, you can also utilize energy-saving lighting equipment. An LED desk lamp can also be a good choice.

#3 Keep updated with today’s technology. Make sure that your computer and other equipment are properly working. A computer that is not working can cause issues and may lead you to bigger expenses. Upgrade your old devices and ensure that you are also updated with the new trends of technology and its uses.

#4 Enhance your technology. Of course, you should not be stagnant with the same items you have at home or in your home office. Things are changing and so are the needs and requirements for your job. Opt for devices that have new features. Now that the world is getting more inclined with technology-based applications and transactions, your workstation should be ket=pt abreast as well.

#5 Avoid blending your personal life and work. Sometimes, problems arise when there are distractions at homes such as TV shows and games. That is why it is important that you separate your working hours from personal activities. Create a boundary or set schedules of when you should be working and when you will be doing some personal stuff.

#6 Always choose the best storage options. Several storages may be required for the different items you have at home. As previously mentioned, you should have designated storage for everything. Be mindful when choosing storage options for better organization of your working space.

#7 Learn to automate and simplify processes. When tasks become complicated and the number of activities is overwhelming, what you can do is apply automation or make things simplified. Try to keep everything to a minimum. For instance, you can use an app to schedule posts on social media or in sending email. There are also equipment that have features such as timers to make tasks done efficiently with less of your supervision.

#8 Consider adding personal touch to your workplace. A personal touch to your workplace can help you become more inspired and motivated to work. If you’re a garden-lover, then you can have some indoor plants. You can also include photographs, posters, and other items that can represent your personality.

#9 Make use of zones. To promote work efficiency, you should have a specific zone for your activities. For instance, your computer desk should be placed in an area where you are comfortable working. Also, you can have another designated area if you need to record videos or create podcasts where a specific background is needed.

#10 Use a label marker. There can be various items in your working area. There can also be other things that you have at home. The more they become, the more difficult it is to organize them and keep them in place. It’s important that you have a good quality label marker for putting labels to your boxes, drawers, files, and documents.

Make sure to combine your organizing skills with your creativity and productivity. Apply some of the hacks mentioned above so you can save money and energy. Remember that an organized workplace is more than just a visual appeal. It can promote a stress-free environment and an investment for healthier and better work experience.