Work tips for 2018

A new dawn comes for a new year 2018. And along with that, a ton of new year's resolution come pouring down.

Whether it’s for your health and wellness, a goal you actually want to achieve this year, or that promotion you’ve been working so hard for. We are all for it. And as cheesy as it sounds, we want our readers to be the best version of themselves. Not only this year but even the year after that!

We can and should aim for better things in life. And to do that we have to STOP dwelling on the past year. We all know it was a disaster of a year, and planning ahead this year already addresses any possibility of this year equally SUCKING. And hey, if there was a chance you rocked last year, you can always rock harder this year eh? Here’s a list of things you already know but find it hard it to do.

Look back, but don’t stare. The only way to plan ahead is to recall what you’ve achieved last year, and what you’ve failed to. I know looking back can be cringe-worthy at times, but as all we humans are, we can only correct something if we have hard evidence of us failing in the first place. Do you have that failing thought just now? Good! It just means your failure has given birth to better humility. Remember, you can only learn so much in repetitive success, but the wisdom you get in failure is irreplaceable. The energy you put into hating yourself can only triple once you finally set your mind into being better this year and actually doing it.

Manage your time.  Now that you’ve tracked your overall performance last year, it's time to come up with a daily plan. Which brings us to proper time management in case you weren’t into it last year.While having a to-do list helps you to keep track of your daily tasks, I’ve read about time-blocking and how it can replace your overloaded to-do list.  Time-blocking is essentially allocating enough time for each task vs a traditional to-do list which then clutters your mind with many tasks all sandwiched into one day. Devoting a set time for each task or tasks allows you to be realistic with your time and you keep yourself focused on what you’re supposed to be doing.
Take a break. Whenever you need to and seriously take it. I mean really take it. Have you ever considered taking a break an actual task?  I know most people don’t. Having lunch with your laptop beside you or sleeping with glasses on only because you’ve read your tablet to sleep is no way to rest. If you’re one of these examples then you’re on your way to the hospital soon. Exhaustion is a point wherein your body and mind tells you to stop and take a walk. Learn how to distance yourself from work that you’re already bummed about and stuck at for the past hour. Taking a walk around the office should help ease your mind, allowing even better ideas to come in after break.
The “five-minute rule” we found in this article actually makes a lot of sense! If you can do anything within 5 minutes of your busy day, do it. It’s basically a way of eliminating small tasks now to avoid distraction later when your out to do your big task which requires 100% of your attention and focus. It’s a proven strategy to keep counting small wins the entire day and it helps increase motivation and productivity.

To sugar or not to sugar, that is the question. This one is very controversial. I'm not even sure I fully agree with it for long term health, but it is worth mentioning. There is a lot information around the web, ("scientifically proven") as in this article has proven that the mere taste of sugar boosts your energy level when you need it the most. A fascinating take on something that many say is extremely unhealthy. 

Yes, sugar (and specifically glucose) has been “rightfully demonized”, causing insulin imbalances and obesity worldwide. However for some people who need a quick 'pick me up', some so-called "experts" have proven that a moderate injection of sugar could assist some people on a very exhausting day. Nevertheless, we are what we eat. And too much of something is always bad. Further research lead me to this article and it talks about how our body and mind correlates its reaction to what we eat. There are even a few techniques as to how we can “cheat” or “trick” ourselves into eating a huge portion when in fact it is small.

 Speaking of energy levels (and a healthier way to balance out your energy during the day), what better way to stay active at work than using our very own sit-stand desk with our anti-fatigue mat! Be the envy of your co-workers with these bad boys and increase your daily productivity while reducing the risk of diabetes (by sitting all day) and heart related illnesses (stroke). 

Seal the deal with Feng Shui

 After taking care of your mental and physical health. The best way to seal the deal is put colour in your workspace. And we're talking about the colour green. Nothing says fresh and inviting as a little green plant that also happens to filter air indoors and cleanses it. It also promotes positive energy levels wherever its placed. One of my favorites is the peace lily. In fact, NASA has recognized it as one of the top 10 household cleaning plants. The best part is, it barely requires maintenance as it fits most households, even a room without windows. 

So there you have it - your top work tips for 2018.
Now go get 'em and make 2018 a great one!