Work in a Healthy Environment with Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats play an important role in fostering worker’s productivity and contributing to cost-saving measures of the company. They are used with standing desks, and a lot of workers have already experienced a lot of good results from it.

Anti-fatigue matting systems improve employee safety by helping to reduce slip-and-fall accidents which is a common scenario in the working place where prolonged standing is evident and fatigue gradually becomes bothersome to standing employees.

When used properly, anti-fatigue matting can deliver a healthier working environment, bring financial savings to employers and business owners, and helps produce better-quality work as workers become more efficient and productive.

Standing for a long time is tiring and several studies mentioned that standing could be dangerous for men with ischemic heart disease. Meaning it increases the growth of carotid atherosclerosis because of the extra pressure on the circulatory system.

Another problem that prolonged standing creates is the risk of varicose vein that is a great concern among women. Fine motor skills such as writing and art drawing may be ineffectively done when standing too. Therefore, it is evident now that standing all day has many risks that might compromise your health in a negative way. 


Ergonomists determined that standing to work has many health benefits but when overdone it can be tiring. It takes 20% more energy in standing than sitting. To take a stand while having a sedentary job is an ideal first step to losing weight and working in a healthier way; however, since standing uses more energy, consequently it requires more work for the legs, feet, and the circulatory system.

This is why experts recommended that in an industry that requires workers to stand for a long time, they should be provided with ergonomic anti-fatigue mats, followed by anti-fatigue footwear, and with chairs to be used during break time.

Another research conducted a study on working adults to determine the amount of productive time lost due to common work-related pain conditions during a 2-week period. It was found that workers were less productive because of the aches and pains they experience while working.

How can this health problem contribute to the productivity concern of the workers? A study found that the discomfort brought by the pain pushes the worker to move slowly, work less efficiently, and have more breaks because of the back pain and numbness in their feet. This comfort break may be necessary but when accumulated it will result in less time in working and more time spent during recess time.


Anti-fatigue mats or fatigue-reducing mats are made from a variety of materials such as materials used for carpets, rubber, vinyl, and wood. Since one of the main functions of an anti-fatigue mat is relief from aches and pains of too much standing, I suggest you invest in an efficient yet cost-effective anti-fatigue mat. You can have a more affordable option that’s still comfortable, appropriately thick and firm.

The AntroDesk's anti-fatigue mat edges won’t curl up over time and it is made for long term use. The edges of this mat are designed to never curl to prevent injury and tripping or having a falling accident.  You can use it while wearing shoes or none over long periods without making your feet ache.

This model is an 18”x30” mat that’s a little thinner and shorter than many, but perfect for space in front of a desk. This is made of a firm, ergo-foam material that makes cleaning easier and quickly dries. 

The AnthroDesk anti-fatigue comfort floor mat works best when paired with a standing desk. The use of anti-fatigue mat will gradually give out a positive result to workers’ productivity and health. It is certainly the best product available that costs less and yet saves more in eliminating work-related health problems caused by constantly standing in one location over an extended period of time.