Work At Home Tips Amidst Coronavirus Threats

The world today is in a battle against an unseen enemy. A plague, as what many people say, is now bringing chaos and pain as people get sick or die in several countries. COVID-19 or the new coronavirus has been affecting millions of people in terms of health, economics, and social aspects of life. As this coronavirus spreads, more business owners have implemented the work from home policy to continue their business operations and help their employees, too.

Even the largest tech companies, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter, have announced that their employees will be working remotely. This sounds promising because when you work at home, you will foresee this as a convenient and comfortable way to be working on your personal sanctuary using the power of technology. However, today’s technology does not always work for everyone working at home. There can be various distractions that can impede your productivity and efficiency level. This is why we should all be aware of the work at home tips amidst the coronavirus threats.


Effects of CoronaVirus to Today’s Workers

COVID-19 is continuously and exponentially spreading. One of the biggest sectors that are affected by this pandemic is our workforce. To ensure safety and protection of employees, work at home arrangements are now applied by most companies. It was a big sigh of relief to those workers since they can continue to work and earn money to support their families. However, there are also reports stating that some companies are shut down or implementing lockdown to make sure that the virus will not infect more individuals. The current situation, due to coronavirus, can also lower the level of motivation of the employees, which can reflect on their work results. The stress it brings can possibly destroy the self-esteem and psychological strength of a person to keep going. The fear of the pandemic will continue if we will not focus on the right things to do. If you’re one of those who are now working from home, these tips will surely help you amidst our battle against COVID-19.


Work at Home Tips in the Middle of the Coronavirus Threats

Working while in the middle of a pandemic can be exhausting, frightening, and even cause to think negatively. The following are some helpful work at home tips to consider to stay inspired and productive while working at home.

#1 Appreciate your job. The first thing you should do and must never forget is to be grateful and appreciate your job. Despite the trials that we are facing now, we should still focus on the positive and find the silver lining of what is happening. Be thankful that you still have your job, and you are still able to do your tasks. Working at home should also be viewed as a promising opportunity to continue providing products and services to help other people. The more appreciative and grateful you become, the more motivated and inspired you become at work. 

#2 Keep excellent communication. A good means of communication is essential when you’re working remotely. You should use a tool or platform that will help you and your colleagues when having conferences, meetings, collaboration, and task delegation. This will also help in ensuring that any problem that will arise in the business will be given adequate and prompt solutions. Check your email regularly as well as tools such as Skype. WhatsApp and Slack. Your team can also utilize the power of project management software for an easy and hassle-free communication process.

#3 Choose to be productive. Your mindset should be like this: working at home should be a time to be more productive with your job. This is because you will work in a more comfortable environment; thus, you can be more focused on your job. However, there can still be distractions which you should learn to avoid. Keep track of the things that you need to accomplish. There should be a task list or a to-do list so you can easily monitor which ones are completed and which ones are not yet. Be aware of the deadlines and aim to complete them earlier, so in case there are edits and updates to be made, it will be applied the soonest. Monitoring your productivity will keep a smooth workflow, and you will not have issues while working at home.

#4 Learn new skills. Now that you’re working at home, you will save more hours that you used to have for commuting. This is the perfect time to enhance your knowledge by learning new skills. Why not try to learn a new programming language, for instance? You can also watch videos about online marketing techniques or how to start a new business. You can also enhance your writing skills or even your passion for art. Working at home doesn’t need to be boring or make yourself confined in a four-walled working space.

#5 Enroll for an online course. Learning new skills to improve your knowledge doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. There are available online courses where you can enroll, such as Udemy and others. There are also tutorial videos on Youtube that can help you acquire the competencies that you like. Most of these are free, and some are paid depending on the type of courses. You can also subscribe to a coaching session of reliable influencers in the niche that you want to learn.

#6 Read and be updated with the news. Staying at home doesn’t mean that you should cut your connections with what is happening out there. It’s actually the time you should be more informed and updated. As the pandemic continues to spread, you should also learn more about it as well as the precautions and treatments possible. Follow and read government news portals and other reliable sources that are delivering correct information. By reading, you can also get some information that can help you get more insights that can possibly help you at work.

#7 Stay healthy. Of course, one of the best tips that we should have is to stay healthy, especially during these times. It’s not only about eating healthy foods for the body or using a standing desk to prevent a sedentary lifestyle. It also includes some essential reminders about cleanliness and safeguarding everyone’s health. Washing hands, for instance, which is known to be the first shield of defence against germs, should always be practiced.

#8 Apply ergonomics and safety measures in your home office. Your workplace should be safe and comfortable to work at. Experts advised having a dedicated part of your home to be your workplace. It should be an area that is free from noise and other possible distractions. Also, it must be free from potential injuries. Apply office ergonomics, from setting up your desk correctly, choosing the right chair, and positioning your computer monitor. All these can help prevent posture-related conditions such as having back pain, stiffness of the shoulders, neck pain, fatigue, and wrist injuries.

Another way to make your work area more comfortable is to have a personalized office desk. You can add some decorations and other items that will make you more persevering and inspired to work for your job.

#9 Do gardening during your break time. Take regular breaks so you will not put tension and strain on your muscles. This is also an effective way to avoid being sedentary. If you still have free time, you can do gardening. It is a relaxing and fun activity and surely worth the effort. You can plant vegetables that can help your body stay healthy, or take care of ornamental plants to beautify the surroundings. Gardening can beat the stress away, and you’ll feel more relaxed after tending the garden.

#10 Always find a silver lining from what is happening now. Everybody may feel bad about what is happening right now. The threats of coronavirus to our lives are enough reasons to worry and become afraid. However, we can’t be forever like that. While the government and the frontliners are doing their part, we should also do our part. It is the time when we should have the courage to face this kind of situation. It can be frustrating, but we should always strive to find how we can be positive-minded. Create healthy and productive morning routines. Have a mantra that will uplift you each day.


Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, we are now in the middle of a battle against the coronavirus crisis. All of us should be willing and ready to fight this pandemic with any weapon that we have. Be thankful if you’re allowed to work at home. It’s a blessing that we should all be grateful for. Use technology wisely and be more inspired to perform your job and duty. Stay healthy and make the most of your work a home opportunity. Most of all, do not forget to pray, because, hand-in-hand, we can win this battle together.