Will You Use A Standing Desk?

The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle are now becoming a rampant concern among workers. Medical experts have revealed the various detrimental effects of sitting for long hours and living an active lifestyle. Office workers and those individuals who are required to sit to perform their jobs are at risk of acquiring diseases caused by being sedentary. It’s good to know that ergonomic equipment such as a standing desk and desk converters are now available to use.

OHS Canada, on its published article entitled “Putting a Lid on Sedentary Lifestyle” mentioned that the health risks due to sedentary lifestyles have already reached an epidemic level. A part of the article mentioned:

Perhaps everything in moderation is the best approach. For those who are seated most days, getting up with regular frequency to walk about or do some stretching will incorporate some level of physical activity into their workday. For those who have access to sit-and-stand workstations, the option to stand should be exercised with caution, bearing in mind the duration and posture of standing.”

Standing helps you burn more calories than sitting. Not only that, but you can feel healthier and fit while standing.

Why Should We Use Standing Desks?

The answer is straight and simple. Standing desks help to get rid of the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle. This ergonomic equipment will help you easily shift from sitting to standing, keeping yourself more active.

It will also help correct your posture plus the health benefits you get from standing to work and using a standing desk.

Alan Hedge, Director of Human Factor and Ergonomics Research Cornell University shared his recommendations on using standing desks. He advised:

“I recommend the 20 minutes sitting (in a good posture), 8 minutes standing (for sit-stand workstations), and 2 minutes of standing and moving as a ballpark goal for organizing work.”

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